Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Home for Solly (Part 4)

Hello dear readers, I heard Solly softly murmuring to himself, "Why bother making me a fireplace? I'm a bear afterall, I have a thick fur that warms me in the winter, on the contrary, I love it when it's cold and I can sleep as much as I want to. This made me change my plans. Instead of a fireplace I made Solly a bookcase, Solly loves to read.
Solly's bed with his favorite pet toy. (toy made by Pilar, http://miniaturasenmimundo.blogspot.com/) \\The bed is made from poppsiclesticks, tongue depressors, and tiny wooden beads. It had to be very low to fit the limited height space. (Bed cover by Maria http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.com/.)
I made the table using wooden disk and a knob. On the finished table are a cup of tea with its teabag on a soucer with a biscuit a tiny teaspoon, and a jar filled with honey all made by Jodi(http://my-miniaturemadness.blogspot.com/) as well as the book mark inside the beautiful book made by Pilar.
Almost all the wonderfuly made books in this bookcase are made by Pilar. The book and the beautiful bronze statue are made by Rosa Maria (http://contrastes-rosamaria.blogspot.com/), and stand side by side on the top shelf.
There still is a lot of work awaiting me. More books on a wall shelf. A seat for Solly. Wall hanging pictures. flowers and plants. At least I'm very happy to display the beautiful gifts received from the top talented artists in Blogland. THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS, PILLAR, MARIA, JODI, ROSA MARIA, BIRGIT!!!! SOLLY JOINS ME WITH HIS OWN THANKS.
I am sorry for still not able to make links the old way. Not enough time and patience to study the new Google changes. No wonder people get tired of posting. I wish you all a lovely rest of the week with blessings


  1. Hi Drora! Solly's Home is looking beautiful! You are very wise to listen and hear him say he is warm enough in his fur! The bed is beautiful, the crochet spread is gorgeous and just the right colors! The books in the shelf are perfect! His house might be small.... but it will soon have everything a small Angel Bear would need! :):) Solly is looking very Happy... but Birgit's Bears are great at that! :)

  2. What a good idea to have a bookcase, this way you can add a lot of accessories. Great bed and the house is becoming very cosy and gorgeous.

  3. Solly´s home is coming out beautifully with all the gifts from talented miniaturists. I can see how happy he is about this beautiful place you are building for him. xxx

  4. Hi Drora! Solly's place is coming right along! I am so glad he got to have a lovely book shelf filled with books and things made with love from blog friends! As long as you have a good friend and a good book, life is beautiful!

    The way you designed the matching table is ingenious! I am so honored that Solly will enjoy the tea and biscuit while contemplating his day each morning. You have also made his bed just perfect for the upstairs space! It is charmingly inviting, and looks so comfortable that getting into bed each night will be something Solly looks forward to!

    I am excited to see more of the accessories you will decorate Solly's place with! I know he will be excited to show off his new home to all your visitors, too! Hugs!

  5. Muchas veces pasa eso Drora, que tienes pensado poner algo y cuando estás realizando el trabajo surge otra idea, la de la estantería está genial. Te quedará un lugar muy acogedor para Solly. Besos

  6. Drooooraaaaaa... stop working!!! Let drop everything - and check your e-mail-box... I'm going to send you a picture as soon as I've finished this comment. Perhaps you remember - there's some kind of a running gag in my beary's houses: They all have a version of the collage on their walls which is the header of my side-blog. Solly needs his own version in his home - no doubt about it. *smile*

    I've enjoyed this post so much - you're building a dream house for the little darling. And how good that he reminded you that he doesn't need a fireplace (I'm convinced you'll find a very good use for it *wink*). A bookcase is so much better for storing wonderful books and other accessories - and Solly is so lucky that he will have so many outstanding miniatures made by talented friends in his house. And of course the most wonderful pieces of furniture made by you just for him. I can almost hear him say "I'm for sure the happiest beary in the whole wide world"... ;O)


  7. Esta quedando una casita encantadora para Solly.
    Pensaba que la escala iba a ser 1:48 pero viendo la estantería con el busto de Rosa ¿Qué escala resulta?
    Un saludo

    1. Hola Marian,
      La caja se compró confeccionada. Mide 20 x 25 cm y podría haber sido perfecto para una escala de 1/24", lo hice apto para 1/16" para acomodar a Solly.
      Hugs, Drora

  8. Solly tendrá una casita perfecta!

  9. Solly estará felíz en esa casita maravillosa que estás creando !!!!

  10. This house is very nice. Solly will be very happy.