Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Home for Solly (Part 3)

Hello dear readers All my plans for working on Solly's home were postponed. I had to tidy and clear my work surfaces, (Kitchen table, Dining table, even kitchen counter) to allow room for family celebration of my birthday and our Pentecost Holiday. Now the surfaces are tidy but the work is slower as it takes time to find the necessary items that were close at reach before. The floors are from cardboard. They need a coat or more of Mod Podge before being glued on.
Alas, this home is somewhat small for my dear Solly, but Solly is satisfied and prefers sitting on a cushion, Japanese style. I made a table and fireplace from bits and pieces. I'm not sure about their final color, Light green or beige. Any suggestion will be welcome.
Besides a huge quantity of chocolates, I received some very precious gifts. The first from Rosa Maria http://contrastes-rosamaria.blogspot.com/ A little parcel, beautifully packed with treasures. The photo cannot show exactly how exquisite this precious piece of lacework is. The threads are featherly light like spider webs and the tiny bobbins are a marvel. THANK YOU DEAR ROSA MARIA FOR THESE PRECIOUS GIFTS AND MOST OF ALL FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP.
From my two darling daughters I received this electrical organ. First I had to get used to playing on a narrow 5 octave instrument. My right and left hands collided on several points. After a few days of practice it's no longer a problem. I can play by ear any melody I know. My fingers are no longer as agile as they used to be when I was young and played classical music on my piano (sold 70 years ago and was the downpayment of our first home). Pop music is all I can play now.
I wish you all my dear readers, a pleasant weekend with blessings.


  1. 🎈🧁🎁 ~ Happy Birthday Drora! ~ 🎁🧁🎈 If there is ever any good reason to have to put our projects away, a family visit is the best one! Especially when you are the guest of honor! It was so thoughtful of Rosa Maria to send birthday gifts - they are lovely! The keyboard from your daughters is a fantastic gift, especially for you who are, not surprisingly, musically talented, as well! When I was young, I could play simple songs by ear, too. I haven't tried for years, though, so it is probably a lost skill now! What a neat thing to have sold your piano in order to secure a future with your husband. Young love! 💗

    Solly's home is looking charming! I love the way you have made the tile floors, and the fireplace is very clever! I think green would look very complimentary with both the yellow walls and the tiles. Good luck finding all the craft supplies again! Sometimes I think "clean" is synonymous with "lost", lol!

  2. Solly's home is gorgeous. Lovely gifts.

  3. ¡Que fantástica celebración! estoy de acuerdo contigo, lo mejor es el rato que has pasado con la familia y el fantástico regalo que te han hecho; rememorando tu primer piano que significó tanto en el comienzo de tu matrimonio.
    De vez en cuando viene bien recoger todo y comenzar de nuevo, eso sí rápidamente se vuelve a llenar. Estás haciendo un trabajo en cantador para la casa de Solly. Me alegro que llegara a tiempo mi pequeño detalle, un fuerte abrazo querida Drora.

  4. En primer lugar, felicidades por tu cumpleaños.
    Seguro que fue un gran día y por lo que veo lleno de sorpresas.
    Sorpresas maravillosas en cuanto a miniaturas se refiere.
    Un saludo

  5. aunque ya hayas cumplido los años te deseo igualmente toda la felicidad del mundo...!

  6. A nice home for Solly. Lovely gifts.

  7. Aaaaahhhhrrrrgggghhhhh... if you could see my face now! Deep red blush because of shame and embarrassment... Dearest Drora, I am very sorry that I forgot about your birthday.

    But luckily Rosa remembered and spoiled you with a piece of her amazing lace work. Stunning, what a gift! And what a darling gift from your dear daughters; it's great to hear that you're having fun with it. And about only playing Pop Music... well, back then Mozart was in a way Pop Music too if we remember that Pop comes from popular. So what about for example the Turkish March... or maybe the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (that's slower) - I bet you can do it!!! ;O) But in all honesty, have fun with your keyboard.

    And what a pleasure to see Solly so happy in his developing home. And what a modest little fellow, I need to tell a certain beary around here about Solly being content with sitting in Japanese style. I already love the fireplace and I'm with Jodi, I too think green would be a good choice, corresponding with the flower tendrils of the wallpaper. And perhaps you could add some flower tendrils to the fireplace before painting it, you know, creating the illusion of carved wood... but well, whatever you'll do - I know it will be awesome in the end making a little beary very, very happy.

    Best belated birthday wishes from me - and above all health!

  8. Muchas felicidades con retraso. El regalo de tus hijas es fantástico, y me alegro que te hayas acostumbrado a él.
    La casita de Solly es una monada, estoy deseando ver el resto.

  9. Dear Drora. I've been quiet this year because I have lots going on but late at night sometimes, I manage to catch up with my blog reading and see all the wonderful things you're making. I'm in Germany for a few months and I would like to make contact with you privately. Would you kindly send me an email at megbear99(at)gmail.com?
    Megan from South Africa

    1. So sorry dear Megan. It's only today that I saw your comment. I already sent you my email address with hopes that you got it.
      Hugs, Drora

  10. ¡Qué bonitos regalos! Felicidades por tu cumpleaños. Admiro que seas capaz de tocar el piano y mas de oido.