Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, July 12, 2021

A little Zen garden

Hello dear readers,

For a long time, I wanted to make a little Zen garden miniature but somehow didn't find the right time to do it.  One of Birgit's Christmas 2020 gifts was a tiny Budha which is perfect for this kind of project. (Thank you again dear Birgit).  Searching for inspiration I found many photos of miniature Zen gardens.   I  picked three photos out of several on the net in order to decide which one I like best.

Of the three, I like the middle one best although it'll be more difficult to make. (Especially the stone burner.)  It will be a challenge and I'll have to try hard to do one similar to this.

I intend to make it a vignette, and already cut and glued up a wooden box for one of the four wooden frames in my stock.

Size of the box 12.5 cms width,  9 cms. length. 4 cms. depth.  Made from popsicles and tongue depressors wooden sticks, glued to cardboard and cut to size.

Four ladies at the home center are following my tutorial for making a real-size toilet rolls holder from burlap fabric embroidered with wool.  I spent a few hours making a model and finished it.  It will keep them occupied and happy for a few days. 

Meanwhile, I'm planning the next miniature for them to make after they finish this.


I'm going to make a miniature one like this for the dolls' bathroom.

I wish all my followers and readers an enjoyable, well-deserved summer vacation. Stay safe and happy. Blessings!


  1. Oh the Zen garden sounds like it will be a lot of fun. For the stone burner, you could try sculpting it with wet cardboard maybe or layers like paper mache?
    I was thinking of those egg carton bricks and how they'd be a good texture for it. Mixing sand with paint is another way I read can give you a good texture that looks like stone.

  2. I just love the idea for the Zen display, Drora! This is going to be so much fun to follow!
    Can't wait to see the creative ideas you'll include and the ingenious things you'll make for it!
    The TP rolls are such a neat idea! I am excited to see yours in miniature!
    Hope you are enjoying the season, too! Stay safe and productive!

  3. Muy buena idea para tu nuevo proyecto, me encanta el tema, seguro que disfrutarás mucho y ya tienes un comienzo que promete. El porta rollos también un gran reto hacerlo en miniatura. Feliz verano, cuídate. Besos

  4. An original project. I'm curious to see the evolution.

  5. I love all those inspiration photos, Drora. I would have a hard time choosing. I may have to save those pictures in case I want to do something similar in the future. I look forward to seeing how it progresses. - Marilyn D.

  6. Un tema muy original. Seguro que conseguirás una bonita escena.

  7. I'm with Marilyn... all three candidates look so lovely that it would be fun to create miniature versions of them. Let me know and I'll sent you two more buddhas for Christmas - and if we're lucky and the mail companies are doing a good job you might have them at Easter. *LOL*

    I really like what you've done so far with the cloudy background and I really like the stitching motif. Looks like a fun project for those of your ladies who are still able to enjoy stitching. And as we all know - since the pandemic toilet paper is so much more appreciated that it truly deserves a lovely holder like yours.


  8. Todas las imágenes son muy bonitas, pero me ha encantado especialmente la tercera.
    Estoy segura que aunque la que has escogido sea más difícil, conseguirás que quede genial. Estoy deseando ver los avances.
    El cubre papel higiénico es muy bonito.

  9. Todos los proyectos en miniatura son grandes retos. En nuestras
    cabezas las ideas se ven faciles pero luego dan guerra para llevarlas a buen fin. Lo importante es el empeño que ponemos y que no nos rendimos.
    Será una gran escena seguro.
    Un saludo

  10. Lovely to read your post, Drora! I'm enchanted by the idea of a Zen garden and I'm sure yours will turn out perfect, with Birgit's little Buddah as the centerpiece. I'm enchanted by the slender white figure in your first photo, I hope I come across one like it in real life one day.

  11. Muy bonito el nuevo proyecto y las labores también.. Espero los avances. Un abrazo

  12. Estaré atenta, tiene muy buena pinta este nuevo proyecto.
    Feliz verano.

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