Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, June 12, 2021

A very rewarding cause

 Hello dear readers,

Working with old folks is very rewarding.  I now have four ladies who very enthusiastically follow my tutorials and together we managed to create these miniatures within a few meetings.

All the flowers were made by the a/m ladies. I showed them how to stiffen the green crochet thread with glue, cut it into stem lengths and, then glue on the sepals and the flower petals.  (see my tutorial here).  All the pitchers were made by me recycling advertising posters.

The stand was also made by me.  I hope it will attract some of the gentlemen to make the next ones. So far, I supplied all the materials, from my own hoarded piles. An opportunity to get rid of a little trash for a good cause. Three pairs of chopsticks, 6 lollipop sticks.  

Our next project is going to be a knitting basket.  I made this one as a sample. 

June became a difficult month for me.  On the 26th of June 2020, I lost my beloved husband,  The 4th of June is my birthday.  I am not ready yet to celebrate my birthdays without my partner, especially this month that I became 90. Life goes on, I don't feel my age and I can only count my blessings, still on my feet, able to do some volunteer work, surrounded by a loving family and friends. I have a great supply of books to read and miniatures keep me busy and interested.  I don't drive a car anymore,  twice a week I go to a gym, exercising to keep fit. And yes, although I always found it hard, I still cut and saw wood for my crafts. 

I wish you all, my readers and friends, a lovely Sunday with blessings.



  1. Hi Drora! Oh, how nice that some of the ladies have created the flowers, they fit so lovely in your selfmade wonderful jugs.
    I hope for you that some of the gentlemen will help you making some of the stands, that would be a nice collaboration.
    The knitting baskets will be such a lovely project too, perfectly suiteble for the creative ladies.
    I can so imagine that June must be a very difficult month for you, especially since your husband died last year, so I completely can understand you don't like to celebrate your anniversary. BUT I never would have guessed that you are at the respectable age of 90 already, oh my!!! You are so very clever and modern since you are on Facebook and even blogging too, despite the difficult changes of Blogger, dear Drora, how very, very good of you, chapeau!! Yes, it is very wise to stay busy, as you self say, very wise and I am glad you can. Making minis is a good example and stay in contact with the people of the elder care. They will love seeing you there.
    Blessings to you, dear Drora, I wish you strength, good positive thoughts and a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs, Ilona X

  2. Dear Drora you are an inspiration in so many ways! To be 90 and still living the beautiful and active life you live inspires all of us to do our best with the time we have left here on this beautiful Earth. My heart sinks when I think about having to be without your husband, and to have to carry on without him. Spending our whole lives with our beloved, going through all our good times and bad, our best and not so good times of growing into the people we'll become. It means everything, and becomes more dear and more precious with each passing year. All I can offer is to thank you for showing us all how to go through this kind of loss with the grace and generosity of spirit that you have. You truly are inspirational, and I hope that in spite of having to go through it without your husband, your 90th year will be the best one yet. Happy Birthday!

  3. They are lovely and I'm glad to hear that you are safe!

  4. Woo querida Drora 90 años! eres fuente de admiración que tengas este espíritu tan joven y te mantengas tan activa. Comprendo tu tristeza pero la vida sigue y estar rodeado de tus hijos y nietos será un consuelo.
    Genial los trabajos de las señoras, seguro que con tu entusiasmo se unirán muchos más. Feliz domingo y muchas felicidades aunque no lo celebres. Besos

  5. Your students are very talented and they have an excellent teacher. I would never have believed that you are 90 you're a model to us. I can understand very well that it is a difficult time and at the same time life goes on, that's what I feel and it is strange with ups and downs.

  6. Oh Drora, felicidades doblemente. Por tu cumpleaños y por mantenerte con esa vitalidad.
    .Has conseguido que esas señoras hagan unas preciosas flores

  7. I'm sorry that this month is not good for you. I hope it gets easier in time. You're more active at 90 than I am at 50. I love all the flowers, they're so pretty and perfect to me.

  8. My very best wishes for this very special birthday! And although I understand very well that you don't feel much like celebrating it (according to my own experiences these sad memorials are always extra sad - not that you wouldn't miss your dear one all the other day but at memorials it's even harder) I still want to wish you all the best and above all health. You are a very special lady, even more when regarding your age. It's amazing how fit you still are but I suppose it's because you are still curious about life and have lots of interests plus a wonderful family. And it's amazing work that you do with the old people - the flowers are beautiful and I keep my fingers crossed that some gentlemen will start to build stands and shelves to participate in the fun. And wow, the knitting basket looks awesome, the ladies will have loads of fun when you'll teach them how to do it.

    With best wishes - hugs

  9. Dear Drora, you are an amazing person and a remarkable human being, you are such an inspiration!! I hope June treats you well and you find peace in all those things you lovingly do and in the love that surrounds you. The flowers your "students" made are beautiful, so you are also a great teacher, well done! xxx

  10. Unas maravillosas creaciones, tienes unos buenos alumnos, pero también ellos tienen una gran profesora.
    Es digno de admiración tu espíritu activo a los 90 años.
    Un abrazo

  11. Dear Dora
    my best wishes for this very special birthday
    You are a amazing person! And a great teacher. I
    love all the thing you´ve made with
    your laydys.
    A big warm hug

  12. me admira tu vitalidad y ganas de hacer cosas de manera que sólo puedo felicitarte por tu cumpleaños ...!!!

  13. Drora, I just read your post and first I have to tell you that the paragraph about your age hit me like a punch! I thought you were somewhere between 60 and 70... Surely your finger slipped on the keyboard when you typed 90???
    We live in a time when we are not really becoming old anymore. In a way it is a blessing, if only medical science can progress to the point where we grow older without pain or impairment. Lately, I am suffering from severe arthritis pain. I'm scared to take the prescribed medication too often, because of all the possible side effects but it makes me depressed that I can't move in the carefree way that I was used to. I fully intended to reach my 100th birthday still riding my bike and doing all the things I love to do. I guess that I have to learn to age with grace and accept that my body won't keep up with my mind forever. You are certainly going a great job of staying active.
    Now with impertinent comments about your age behind me, I have to congratulate you on your students' work. The pitchers with flowers are stunning! And I love the little shelf. I've had the pattern for making pitchers forever. I think it is time that I combine it with your lovely flower tutorial and make something to add colour to the dreary winter days here in South Africa.
    Wishing you a lovely week!

  14. Woww Drora.
    Felicidades, aunque pensé que eras más joven ya que estas muy activa en redes y siempre dices que vas a trabajar con personas mayores.
    Te felicito por toda esa energía y que te acompañe por mucho tiempo aún para que sigas sorprendiéndonos con tus ideas.
    Un saludo