Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Passover and Easter 2021

Hello dear readers,

We are right in the middle of our 7-days holiday, Pessah (Passover).  It is also the end of the first term in school with a 3-week holiday and we get to enjoy our young ones visits.  Although we still expect some rainy days, spring is here in full splendor.

I had a wonderful family Pessah dinner at my daughter Galia's home. I made little gifts for my beloved family members.

I made 6 of these bunnies in a nutshell tiny scenes.

At a local disposable dinnerware store, I found these transparent egg-shaped boxes which help keep the little scene dustfree.

I also made about a dozen flower arrangements in little blue clay vases. 

Another transparent box, the only shape left at the store but serves well as a dust cover.

Yesterday a new surprise Easter gift arrived from a very generous sweet blog friend.  It made me very happy.  As soon as I take photos, I'll post about it.

I wish all my Jewish friends a marvelous Passover and all my Christian friends a marvelous Easter!

Happy Holidays with blessings!



  1. Happy Easter Drora Hugs Britt

  2. Happy Easter and I hope you're having a good Passover too! I love your little vases and flowers. That shade of blue is a fave of mine. And the little bunnies are so cute in their eggs. Awesome idea!

  3. How lovely that you got to enjoy Passover with family, and I bet they were so happy that you made them such special gifts! The covers are perfect and the tiny flower arrangements are such a boost of cheer to the soul! Continue enjoying the festivities, Drora!

  4. Hi Drora! Your little scenes are adorable and the covers are a great idea! I am glad to hear you are able to get out and see family again! This is wonderful news! But stay safe! Happy Passover!

  5. Que bien que hayas podido disfrutar de una cena familiar Drora, y que bonitos regalos les has llevado!
    La primavera con su luz y su naturaleza en pleno despertar nos anima e inspira!
    Feliz Pascua!

  6. What a beautiful little gifts you have made. Good to read that you enjoyed your daughter's dinner. I wish you a pleasant passover with the family

  7. All of our little mini scenes are so lovely, your relatives will love them! The covers are a very great idea, because dust is our biggest enemy ;).
    I am so happy for you that you are able to see and meet again your family, Happy Passover!
    Stay safe, take care, dearest Drora.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Lovely gifts for your family! A Very Happy Easter to you!

  9. Preciosos obsequios para tus hijas, esas reuniones tan difíciles de hacer espero que lo disfrutaras. Felices Pascuas también para ti. Besos

  10. Tus flores y cáscaras de nuez son tan lindas.
    Seguro que tus hijas están encantadas.
    Feliz Pascua.

  11. Happy holidays!!! Lovely scenes and flowers.

  12. Drora, you are probably one of the last blog readers) all the former miniaturists have abandoned their blogs, moved to Instagram. Thank you for continuing your blog and visit me)))

  13. You made very beautiful creations! I am impressed!!! I don't work very well with small things. My eyes are not as good as before. Happy Easter to you!

  14. Happy Passover to you! It's so nice to hear you've had a lovely family meeting - although it sounds a bit strange to us around here, we're far away from getting back to this kind of normality. *sigh* And I have no doubt your gifts caused many "oohs" and "ahhhs" - and I know what I'm talking about being the very happy owner of one of your bunny scenes including the very clever "dust protector".


  15. ,Dear Drora

    !Happy Pessah

    I am glad to read you were able to meet your family
    .and give them such wonderful gifts

    .I love how detailed your rabbits in a nutshell are
    ,The tiny door in the back, the cute little steps
    !the lovely miniature blossoms and of course the bunnies

    .Your flower arrangements are gorgeous
    .How sweet of you to think of dust covers for your minis
    It's very practical and makes the bunny scene look even more
    .like an Easter ornament

    *I wonder who sent you an Easter parcel... *smile

    ,Happy Holidays from the Riversiders

  16. Your nutshells scenes are adorable. And the flowers are so beautiful.

  17. Feliz Pascua.
    Espero que hayas aprovechado cada reunión con tu familia y que todos estén bien.
    Las miniaturas son adorables, seguro que les encanto.
    Un saludo