Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Volunteer work

Hello dear friends.

The daycare centers here for the elderly have reopened. Being an elderly person myself, I can understand the need to be busy and volunteered to work at one of the centers twice a week starting in April, after the Passover holiday. It will be good for me to have something I love to do. In the meantime, I am preparing a few workshop plans, considering that the center has a very limited budget for creative supplies.

I'm thinking about small attractive scenes that people love to make and receive as gifts. for example, stands.

This one only uses two pairs of chopsticks, two bamboo skewers, and acrylic paint.  It can be displayed for shoes or cakes, etc.

This stand is also made from scratch. Some pieces of wood scraps, a few thumbtacks, and acrylic paint. The baskets are very easy to make, especially the ones made from jute. The ladies I met are great knitters and also do very fine crochet works.  The gentlemen will be happy to do some wood cutting.

For the next few months this will be enough.  Later on, I hope I'll have more plans.  Any ideas for easy beginners miniature crafts will be very welcome.

After the long months of the epidemic enclosures, when it was impossible,  I managed to get a very nice maid to help me with the house chores.  Together we have been spring cleaning and throwing away tons of junk. She will be with me once a week and slowly the house will return to normal. I am also happy to see more of my family. The grandchildren seem to have grown up all at once.

There was very little time lately for minis except for visiting and enjoying the new posts in my favorite blogs. 

I wish you all good health and happy crafting with blessings and hugs.


  1. ,Dear Drora

    .How wonderful that you will be volunteering at a daycare center

    .The stands seem like an easy and non expensive idea
    I love the two examples. The colour is very nice for spring and
    .looks great with your gorgeous plants on them or the baskets
    The baskets, shoes and purses look spectacular and not at all
    .easy to make

    .It's good to hear you will be seeing more of your family
    .The lockdown in Germany is tough and there seems no end to it

    .It's great that you got a maid to help you with some chores
    .Me and my family are getting help too
    Some family members are sick and I cannot do all necessary
    .chores on my own
    .It will be a great relief

    .Have a pleasant week and stay safe

  2. seguro que en la guarderia estaran encantados con esta estupenda idea

    1. vaya traduccion horrible

      a ver si traduce correctamente
      seguro que guarderia buena son las palabras

  3. Maybe you could take a look at Kris Compass's site? https://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com/ and see if any of her tutorials are simple enough to work with? I love her stuff, I'm constantly looking things up. Like how to make a stovetop!

  4. Hi Drora! It is wonderful to see a post and to hear the great news that you'll be volunteering! The stand is an excellent project to start with, and will give the folks at the center a nudge to thing of creative ways they can use them to display all sorts of tiny wonders! I bet if you start having them collect caps for plant containers, you can get them making paper plants just as soon as the stands are completed!

    I'm also so happy to hear that you are able to visit with family and friends again! We all have so much to catch up on together! I get to see my kids and my brother Friday, and I am so excited and have butterflies in my tummy!

    It feels great to purge the old junk, and I am glad that you have a helper! My daughter and I are sharing a great gal, too, who helps us keep things tidy and organized. It really helps to motivate you when you know you are not alone!


  5. Drora, es una gran noticia que vayas a ir de voluntaria a los centros de personas mayores! Enriquecerán tu vida y les alegrará muchísimo! Es bueno estar entretenido, crear cosas con tus propias manos y ése stand es una buena opción para comenzar!Seguro que más tarde se te ocurrirán más cosas para hacer, e incluso ellos te aportarán ideas.
    Que maravilloso que puedas disfrutar de nuevo de la familia! Nosotras de momento los vemos de dos en dos, ya que sólo nos podemos juntar 4 personas.
    Está muy bien disponer de ayuda en casa, te ayuda a coger perspectiva y tirar todo aquello que hemos acumulado y que no necesitamos en absoluto.

  6. I'm so glad to read that you can go back and do some volunteer work in the daily carecenter for elderly people! Your plans, for making simple miniatures and planned workshops will be a big treat for all of the elderly people who have missed so much the human contact from outside.
    I'm also happy to read that you've found a fantastic maid for the household chores, who is kind and helps you with sorting out things. It's nice to have a good contact with the people who surround you daily. But I am most happy to read that you see more of your family, enjoy (and I know you will certainly do!)!!
    Here we still are in lockdown since the 15th of December, now it will be until the end of March but due to a very slow vaccination program I think the lockdown will get extended for some time, since the numbers of contaminations are inclining.....so self-isolation will go on and on, I haven't seen my grandson (in person) for more than a year now. But I try to stay positive, the pandemic started, so it will also end some time, we just don't know when.
    Happy crafting, dear Drora, blessings and warm hugs from me,

  7. Celebro que estas animada para volver un poco a la normalidad, espero que disfrutes de esos talleres y creéis cosas hermosas.
    El mueble se ve maravilloso y tan sencillo de hacer que ...¿quien sabe?
    Un saludo

  8. Dear Drora - what a kind and wonderful thing your are doing to volunteer at a seniors' care home. What people are missing so much right now is contact with other people and I am sure they
    will be absolutely delighted to have you come and share your time and talent with them. I agree with Sheila that Kris Compass's site at 1 inch minis would be a good place to fins small projects. I am glad things are easing up a little in your area. Here, on the east coast of Canada, we have been very lucky with not very many cases and very few deaths. With spring coming we will soon be entering our own Atlantic "bubble" which will allow people to travel among the 4 Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. People are really looking forward to that. I hope we are all able to travel again soon, although I understand the need for caution. God Bless and stay safe! - Marilyn D.

  9. Es una noticia estupenda que ya puedas ir a una residencia y trabajar con ellos estas bonitas ideas
    Y lo que es mucho mejor que puedas ver a toda tu familia sin restricciones

  10. Es fantástica Drora esa iniciativa, poder crear y enseñar a la vez. Seguro que todos lo disfrutaréis mucho.
    Has hecho unas bonitas minis y las cestas son muy lindas.
    Me alegra que puedas ver a tu familia nuevamente.

  11. A great thing to be able to volunteer at a care home.
    And it is also great that you have been able to resume a normal life. In Italy we are still far behind.
    Your stands are wonderful.

  12. It's great to hear you'll be able to continue with your work in the daycare center soon, I have no doubt the ladies and gents will be very happy to see you back teaching them new miracles. The idea with this stand as a project is a good one, I bet you all will have fun. And for future projects I would suggest to think "bigger" - why not teach them how to create your beautiful flower arrangements... but with bigger punches and not in 1:12 scale? Perhaps it would be easier for them to handle pieces less tiny and the result would still be awesome.

    I'm also glad to learn that you got yourself help in the household, a very good decision. When my aunt returned home after her serious heart attack we also talked her into getting her help with the household - the best thing she could do.

    Have fun with your volunteer work, seeing your family again and hopefully soon with new miniature work!


  13. I'm gad to read that you'll be a volunteer at the daycare center this way you'll see people and share your passion for miniatures. The stands are great and I'm sure that people will be delighted to make them.

  14. Dear Drora, I think that volunteering is a fantastic idea, it will keep you busy and the creative juices flowing! I so admire you, I admire your craftiness, your resourcefulness and your generosity always thinking how to help and what you can give. Please take care and have a great weekend.xxx

  15. Your stands are so clever and simple to make - and so attractive, especially with the lovely baskets. I'm so happy to know that you can see more of your family. Take care.

  16. the crochet work. Thank you so much for your kind words about Mary. Have a great weekend. Blessings,
    Penny What a great post, Drora! I really like the

  17. Luckily this hobby requires more creativity than money! Love the little baskets,! It's great to be able to meet people again. Not possible yet in our neck of the woods.

  18. Un gran trabajo , los muebles expositores son geniales , podrás poner tus trabajos como las flores y de cuerda. Me alegro que puedas ver a tus nietos ; es cierto que crecen rápido. Disfruta de del fin de semana, cuídate

  19. How nice Drora that you are going to do voluntary work. Nice distraction for you and fun for the people who come to follow a workshop with you. It's great that you have someone who helps you tidy up the house. Gives a good feeling. Wonderful that you see your family more often. Those are the things I miss the most. The visit of family and friends. Have fun preparing for the workshops and stay healthy. Hug from Xandra

  20. It is fantastic that you're starting to see signs of the pandemic restrictions easing up, Drora! Here in South Africa we don't know whether we're coming or going. People are getting back to their normal lives and doing whatever they want, disregarding the government's dictions, simply because they're tired of being told what to do. It is very dangerous because we are entering a third wave of sickness and the hospitals are already full to overflowing. But, I think Covid is becoming like the weather, people get tired of me talking about it all the time!
    I love the idea of volunteering at a senior centre and I will be thinking of projects that you can do inexpensively.
    It is also good that you can be with your family on a more regular basis, kids grow up so quickly, you don't want to miss out on too much.

  21. These stands look great. Love how easy they look to make. Wonderful job!!! Mini huggs, Conny