Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Treetop House tutorial

 Hello dear readers,

While still enclosed at home, I started playing around with the craft materials Birgit gifted me.  First I made the tree for Birgit's little house then I made another one from the Rosmarin twigs in stock. This time I decided the tree to have a house on top with a ladder to climb up. I had some laser cut house embellishments, that I turned into little wooden houses with the use of Birgit's popsicle sticks. It was so easy to make that I want to share how it's done for any of you who want to make one for the garden around a country-styled dollhouse.

Materials - Easy to find

The little house embellishments are very cheap laser-cut slices. I got them from Aliexpress, 18 pieces,  3x6 different house shapes for about 4.00 US$, including shipment delivered to my home post box.

The foliage foam is one of Birgit's gifts.  It saved me a lot of work.  Before, I used to make the foliage myself by tearing teeny-tiny bits of pre-dyed thin sheets of foam which served quite well.

The ladder is made from two long thin round bamboo sticks with light brown painted pieces of Rosmarin twigs.  The tree is also a Rosmaring twig.

Here is how the houses look inside.  I added pieces of the popsicle sticks Birgit sent me. 

I cannot decide which house looks better on the platform ( made from the white craft stick. This house slice was blank.  I glued on a door and a window, cut from both ends of a coffee steerer.

Also, I haven't made up my mind regarding the color of the treehouse.  Maybe, I'll just stain it to make it look more weathered. 

I hope someone finds this tutorial useful.

Today I received my second shot of inoculation - Hurray! I'll have to wait a week before I can meet my family without wearing a mask.  But, according to regulations we all have to wear masks outdoors.

I wish you a nice weekend with lots of blessings.


  1. Such sweet little houses! I hope your week goes fast so you can see your family soon.

  2. Great work!!! the tree house is so cute. I hope you'll be able to see your family soon.

  3. What wonderful tiny houses, Drora, I like the find of placing one of them in a tree, so cute. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.
    So good to read that you got vaccinated already, I so hope you can soon see your family. Take care, dear friend.
    Blessings to you and I hope you'll have a nice weekend.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. Fabuloso.
    A partir de un regalo surge una maravillosa escena.
    Seguro que Birgit estará contenta con ello.
    Celebro que tu vacunación ya este completa y puedas volver a una vida más o menos normal.
    Un saludo

  5. Me encanta tu mini escena Drora, es preciosa, y gracias por el tutorial.
    Es estupendo que ya hayas pasado la segunda fase y puedas ver en breve a tu familia, en España por desgracia van muy lentos.

  6. Ha quedado una escena preciosa! La casita de Birgit con el árbol, acompañada ahora con la casa del árbol que has hecho, es una combinación fantástica!!! Muchas gracias por el tutorial es muy claro!
    Me alegra mucho que ya estés vacunada, en una semana podrás hacer una vida normal dentro de lo posible y sobre todo ver a tus familiares sin problemas!

  7. Me alegro mucho que ya tengas la 2º dosis. Y lo mejor es que haya más seguridad para poder estar con la familia.
    Me encanta lo que estás haciendo con las casitas.

  8. Привет, дорогая Дрора!
    Я рада, что вы получили вакцину.
    Ваши домик выглядит великолепно. В создали замечательную сцену. Домик Биргит выглядит очень хорошо вместе с вашими домами!
    Пусть все будут здоровы!

  9. Good vaccination! So,soon, you can see your family.
    Your new creation is amazing and thanks for the tutorial.

  10. What a lovely project! Thanks for the inspiration... and the well explained instructions. I'm really glad my modest gifts brought you into a creative flow... ;O)

    And it's great news that you got your second shot! You can be thankful that the vaccinations go this fast in your country.


  11. Wow...I love the scene. You did a good job

    Hug Xandra

  12. Dear Drora, this tiny tree house you have built is adorable! It is wonderful that Birgit's materials are so useful..... she knows what to send! I am glad to hear you got your vaccination shots! That is great news!
    Stay well and keep making minis!

  13. Qué bonito queda gracias por las explicaciones. Y me alegro que ya estés vacunada. Vi en televisión, que en Israel fueron rápidos, aquí en España no es así, tenemos para rato. Un beso