Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hanukkah and Chruistmas gifts (2)

Hello dear readers,

After the long wait,  nothing was lost or damaged.  I am very happy to show you the beautiful gifts from two great blog friends and one beloved granddaughter.

The first parcel arrived on Sunday. It was brought home from the post office by my daughter Galia. it was the parcel from dear Birgit.  You can imagine both Birgit's and my relief at its arrival. Nilly, my other daughter, surprised me by coming to visit a little earlier.  A visit from both daughters at the same time was a cause for celebration.  We sat down and happily opened the parcel, drawing out treasure after treasure.  Then we had tea and devoured the marzipans before I had a chance to take photos.

Craft stuff and delicious"have-been" marzipans.


Solly:  Why didn't you stop them? The three of them shamelessly ate all the marzipans and left nothing for us.            

Baalatova:  While they did it,  I silently confiscated the beautiful glass robin. Like you, it also has wings.  You'll be able to have a lot of fun flying around together. We'll keep the robin.

 from the German Christmas shop of Käthe Wohlfahrt


On Monday, Faby's parcel Fabiola awaited me in my post box with the lovely handcrafted items by Faby.  I'm very sad that my own gifts for Faby haven't reached her yet.


Another parcel for Hanukkah, I received from my granddaughter Tali who for the time being lives with her husband and 3 little kids in a charming and very beautiful city, Utrecht in Holland.


I haven't started yet on a new BookNook. While waiting for the strict lockdown to be over, and having plenty of new lake shells from the Sea of Galilee, as well as seashells from our Mediterranean sea beach, I decided to make more shell items.  I also made some flowers again and used beads for 3 of the flower vases in the photo below.

I also used Birgit's craft supply to make a little tree.  The tree trunk is a Rosmarin branch and smells lovely.  I touched it up with a diluted brown acrylic paint, when dry, I stuck to the branched pieces of the ground green foam.


I wish you, my dear readers and friends, a nice weekend and good health with blessings.


  1. bonitos regalos, disfrútalos ...

  2. Disfruta de todos tus regalitos, son preciosos.
    Un saludo

  3. Muy bonitos los regalos .
    Me encanta como ha quedado elárbol

  4. Hey dear! Loved your post and allready followed your blog, i want invite you to visit and follow my blog back <3


  5. Oh Drora, how nice to read that your daughters came bye to see you and you finally received your Christmas package of dearest Birgit. Hehehe, I had to laugh when you told us about the marzipans: thankfully we can still see the empty box, wherein they travelled, as proof you've actually got them LOL! Oh that poor soul, Solly ;).
    Your Christmas robin is beautiful, Drora, Birgit knew you would love it and she spoiled you so much. Faby has sent you her lovely selfmadegifts too, enjoy.
    Ah, your granddaughter lives here in my country, in The Netherlands, how nice, she sent you also lovely miniatures, enjoy them too.
    Good to notice you're making plans for next mini projects, such as collecting shells again, making mini flowers and you've even made a mini tree with the help of Birgit's craft supplies, fantastic, keep on going, and stay busy!
    Stay safe, take care, dearest Drora.
    Blessings and have a nice weekend too.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Drora,me alegra tanto que hayas podido coincidir con tus dos hijas y tomar un te con ellas, además disfrutando de los deliciosos mazapanes de Birgit!
    Que bien que los regalos van llegando, la espera es muy larga, pero al fin puedes disfrutar de ellos!
    Deliciosas tus pequeñas obras con conchas y el árbol te quedó fantástico!!
    Cuídate mucho.

  7. Lo bueno , se hace esperar, o eso dicen. Es todo muy bonito y más lo es , la visita de tus hijas, menuda sorpresa. Y los mazapanes, seguro que estaban muy ricos, no dejasteis ni uno. Disfruta de esos pequeños tesoros. Un beso y gracias por comentar en mi blog. Cuídate Drora

  8. Por cierto, soy Eva (tatalamaru) , ignoro por que no sale mi cuenta, lo siento.

  9. Beautiful gifts from Birgit and your granddaughter. I'm very happy that my gift has finally arrived.
    Your new handmade miniature are amazing, especially the flowers.

  10. Que maravilla de regalos Drora, pero me han encantado los utensilios de madera, son fantásticos.
    Y que bien haber podido disfrutar de la compañía de tus hijas.

  11. What a lot off lovely gifts
    Have fun with it

  12. Can't wait to see them flying around together. Such lovely gifts!

  13. I'm still so happy that our gifts finally arrived... especially regarding that my package to you started its journey November 13th! But what matters is that it arrived safe and sound and with the most perfect timing, how lovely that your daughters were there to help you with the marzipan. And dear Solly should not be sad, Baalatova was very smart to take her hands on the robin, the two will have fun flying around together. And it's great that the craft stuff inspired you at once, the little tree turned out awesome and using this rosemary twig is a very smart idea.

    And all the other gifts... my, you have been spoiled - but you truly deserve to be spoiled. And now my fingers are crossed that your package to Faby will arrive soon.


  14. Cuántos regalos y qué buena noticia tu reencuentro, me alegro de corazón! Veo también que no desaprovechas el tiempo y que disfrutas pese a todo del encierro. Gracias por compartir tus avances, ver cosas bonitas también hace que nosotros
    disfrutemos en medio de esta horrible pandemia. Cuídate mucho

  15. מתנה לחג המולד יפה ומרשימה. ברכות ממני באינדונזיה.

  16. What wonderful gifts!! It is a bit stressful waiting for the gifts to arrive and worrying that they have been lost, because they represent so much hard work and joy to give. . I hope your present arrives soon. I love all your seashell creations and the tree.

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