Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hanging flower baskets

 Hello dear readers,

A few weeks before celebrating the 8 days of Hanukkah,  Kids in the kindergartens all over the country make menorahs to bring home to their proud mothers.  

These menorahs are usually a piece of long wood with nine round candle containers glued or nailed on it (with teachers' help). Day 1, the server candle, called the SHAMASH is lit and when it burns it is used for lighting the first candle. On day 2, the server candle is lit and then it lits two candles and so on until we reach the last day 8 when the server lits all the 8 remaining candles  The server candle always stands higher or apart from the r

And why all this information?  It's the time craft stores carry small candle containers of various shapes and materials in packets of 9 pieces and these are very useful for miniatures. Last year I bought metal containers which are in reality jewelry findings. I made my hanging flower baskets from them. 

I painted the metal bead caps used cotton crochet twine instead of metal chains which were too heavy. Now I have 9  hanging baskets. It was time-consuming but calming. 

Tomorrow for the first time in a long while, I'm going out to see what the craft shops carry for Hannukah this year.

Here are pictures of Hanukkah menorahs made by children.

Still working on the opposite wall of my Book Nook project.  I'm taking things slow and easy.

Blessings and good wishes to all.  Stay safe and healthy! 



  1. Una gran idea usar los abalorios como cestas para las flores,te han quedado preciosos Drora!
    ,espero que en tu salida encuentres lo que deseas!
    Cuídate mucho! Que bonitas las menorás de los niños!

  2. Thank you for telling us about the Shamash and the 8 menorahs, which are neeeded for celebrating the Hanukkah! How wonderful that the children in the Kindergartens make these themselves, I love seeing the pictures.
    These festive holidays can often offer us, miniaturists, supplies for crafting, that's right :). I like your hanging baskets, they're so cheerful in these dark times, it's lovely work. So, your first visit outdoors, after a long time, will be a pleasant one: buying miniture supplies. Enjoy it to be outdoors, dear Drora, after such a long time, but be careful :)!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. Drora, que originales esas cestas, me anoto esa idea.Y ese centro de mesa lleno de velas, es ideal.Cuídate mucho.

  4. I recognize those jewelry findings! I've used those too. Love your little flower baskets. The menorah's look so pretty!

    I hope you have a Happy Hanukkah!


  5. ¡Hay tradiciones tan bonitas en todos los sitios!!! Muy bonitos los cestos colgantes

  6. Oh how I miss the days when my kids would proudly bring home their masterpieces and present them to me! It was always such a wonderful peek into their creative souls! I love that the kids in Israel are allowed to honor their religious traditions in school, too!
    Your basket idea is brilliant and the tiny flowers are just so lovely to see this time of year!
    Best of luck and fun with the book nook!

  7. Gracias por compartir un poquito de tu historia.
    Las macetas colgantes han quedado preciosas y con un bonito colorido.
    Un saludo

  8. A brilliant idea, those hanging baskets look great. I hope your expedition out to the craft shops had given you loads of materials and ideas. Dear Drora, keep safe and crafting 😊 xxx

  9. Wat leuk dat kinderen dat op school maken
    bedankt voor de informatie
    Je hanging baskets zijn erg mooi

    Groeten en blijf gezond Veel plezier met het maken van je book nook

  10. Thank you for telling us about your traditions, it's always interesting to learn about foreign feasts. Your basket with the flowers are gorgeous.

  11. Las cestas han quedado preciosas, y la idea genial !!!
    Espero que encuentres muchas cosas en las tiendas.
    Una bonita tradición, y además decorativa.

  12. Your hanging baskets are awesome, what a wonderful way to be occupied producing results as beautiful as these! ;O) And I really liked to hear about the Menorah and the meaning of the 9th candle, very interesting. It was also very lovely to see the versions made by the kids, my, their parents and grandparents will be so proud.

    Good luck for your treasure hunting in the stores - and take good care of yourself!


  13. ,Dear Drora

    !Your hanging flower baskets are gorgeous
    ,I like that the baskets and string are all the same colour
    .but the flowers are colourful and mixed

    .I hope you are doing well
    Please say hello to Baalatova for me as I missed Halloween
    .in blogland this year

    ,Take care and have a very pleasant sunday
    Nina & the Riversiders

  14. Your hanging baskets are very beautiful. A few years ago you sent me one and I put it in one of my creation.
    The story about the Menorah and the candle is very interesting. I like to know the feasts of other countries.
    Take care my dear friend.

  15. Wow! Your hanging baskets are awesome. Thank you for telling us about your traditions. Blessings and good wishes to all. Online Flower Delivery Dubai