Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Bench for the Book Nook

 Hello dear readers,

As I mentioned before,  the bench I ordered arrived in time but was too small.  I had to create another. .  All the materials are from my stash.  Sometimes it's good to be a hoarder.

There are only balsa sheets for sale here.  I buy craft plates that can be cut with a sharp knife.  Usually, I work with craft sticks but sometimes a wider or thicker piece of wood is necessary and I cut it from these plates to the size I need. The seat is from the plate, the back is from the square piece of embellishment cut exactly in half and glued together as you see in the photo.  Then, glued between two pieces of 3 mm wooden sticks.  The sides are from the small triangle wood embellishments and the 4 legs from the end of chopsticks.

Waiting for the glue to dry.

Waiting to be painted.


Self-crafted bench versus bought bench

This is for all the wonderful talented knitters among us

The following photos feature the work of a 91 years old British lady who knitted, during the lockout, a miniature hospital for raising funds for 3 local hospitals. I have still trouble with inserting a link. I hope this time it will work.  Here.

Isn't she amazing?

Please keep on taking care of yourselves and your families. Stay safe!


  1. , me gusta mucho el resultado. Y lo de la anciana es impresionante, menudo trabajo. cuidaros mucho. Shalom un banco muy logrado, a pesar de la falta de medios

  2. que bonito te quedó el banco y que buen trabajo nos enseñas ...graciassss

  3. .Drora,que bonito el banco.Cuídate mucho.Un beso

  4. Has hecho un maravilloso trabajo con el banco, mucho más bonito que el comprado!!! El trabajo de esa anciana es digno de asombro!!!
    Cuídate mucho Drora.

  5. You did a great job on the bench, Drora, it looks so much better than the other, bought bench.
    I agree with you that this 91 year old Birtish lady has done a fantastic achievement, WOW, a complete, very detailed hospital ward, this is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing!
    Stay safe, take care for yourself, dearest Drora.
    Warm hug, Ilona

  6. Bonito resultado respecto al banco.
    Por aqui la situación es cada vez peor. Los casos COVID se multiplican diariamente así que nos cuidamos mucho.
    Un saludo

  7. Te ha quedado un banco de exposición!!! Me gusta mucho más que el que compraste y ese trabajo que has compartido es una belleza... como las manos dulces que lo tejieron. Ojalá este virus maldito deje de cebarse con nuestros mayores! Cuidate mucho, Drora! Un abrazo

  8. El banco te ha quedado espectacular!! Has hecho un trabajo precioso con el, me gusta mucho mas que el comprado- En cuanto al trabajo que ha hecho esa señora de 91 años, es precioso, una labor muy bonita y humanitaria.
    Besitos y cuidate mucho

  9. That bench is gorgeous! You're so creative, you amaze me constantly.

  10. Your little bench is perfect! You’re a genius for selecting materials and shapes.

  11. El banco ha quedado precioso!!! En cuanto al trabajo del hospital a ganchillo es impresionante

  12. Prachtig bankje en wat een mooi haakwerk. Groetjes Xandra

  13. El banco ha quedado genial, mucho más bonito que el comprado.
    Gran talento el de la señora de 91 años.
    Cuídate tú también.

  14. Your bench turned out awesome - although it's sad for the money you've spent but it was still good that you had to make your own bench, it looks so much more better!

    And thanks for introducing this amazing lady to us! This is stunning in every way - the whole scene itself, the fact that (almost) everything is knitted, that all is for charity... but above all when considering the age of this lady. Chapeau!

    Keep on having fun with your book nook and take good care of yourself!

  15. The bench is very well made and beautiful, you are a very resourceful lady. Thank you for the link and the knitting work, it looks amazing, I´ll take a look. Take care xxx

  16. Has hecho muy buen trabajo con banco. Y el trabajo de la señora es fantástico.. BSS

  17. Lovely bench and what an achievement for the 91-year-old lady!

  18. Your bench is very beautiful. This old lady made a fantastic creation.

  19. That bench is superb. You have written well-researched content and pick excellent wording. Keep on having fun with your book nook. Thank you for this blog. This for very interesting and useful.
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