Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Black velvet display forms for necklaces

Hello dear readers,

My fingers have almost recovered. I made some new necklaces for the jeweler window showcase and took photos of the display forms while I made them

For Baalatova's witch hat, I bought from the local craft store, a small length, 30 cms, of a self-adhesive black velvet sheet.  I have enough of this material left for making the display forms and more.

From both the velvet and a recycled cereal card I cut a strip  2.5 cm (1") wide and 20 cm (8") long.
Then I stuck the strips together.

I made a card template, laid it on the backside of the two-sided strip and with a pen drew lines around the template.  See photo

I cut the forms and went over the joint lines with a black sharpie. I also painted the backside card staff with the sharpie.  To enable the form to stand up,
I glued a narrow strip of card behind the template. See the photos below.  You can paint the strip if you want the back part to be seen.  When this narrow strip is bent a little outwards it makes the form stand upright.

The necklaces are made from earings bought at the "One Shekel" stores.  Earrings provide a lot of mini possibilities. The metal is thin and can be cut with regular nail scissors.  The stones are nail ornaments, also bought at the Shekel store.  Since then, the One Shekel stores doubled their prices but haven't changed the name.

Have a marvelous weekend with blessings!


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    .Prachtig gemaakt de standaards en sieraden

  2. I'm glad to read that your fingers have almost recovered, Drora, it's hard to work on whatever you want with painful fingers.
    The displays for the jeweler windowcase look great, thank you for sharing your excellent tutorial with us.
    The result of the jewelry is fantastic.
    Have a lovely weekend. Blessings.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. Your jewelry shop is going to have mini window shoppers lining up! Beautiful work.

  4. This is so clever Drora and I love how you were able to avoid almost all waste with the way you flipped the pattern!
    You also made the most out of the earrings and nail art stickers and have a real eye for jewelry making! I am excited to see these all displayed in the little shop window!
    So much fun!

  5. How simple and effective, Drora. Thank you for sharing the process with us. The tip about using costume jewelry earrings is also a good one, I must look and see what I have in my stash!

  6. Unos diseños muy lindos.
    Gracias por el tutorial

  7. Drora,me gusta mucho como te han quedado,tanto los expositores como los nuevos collares!!

  8. Te han quedado genial, una idea estupenda y los diseños muy apropiados. Gracias por el tutorial, buen fin de semana:-)

  9. Una idea fabulosa y quedan genial.
    El mio se ve maravilloso.
    Un abrazo

  10. está claro : joyería en marcha ...!

  11. Really, really clever and so attractive!

  12. Thanks for sharing this with us, it's fascinating what you're making out of these simple materials and the cheap jewelry findings (btw your remark about the One-Shekel-Store refusing to call itself Two-Shekel-Store made me grin). Fantastic displays with wonderful jewelry - I'm looking forward to see those in your new shop.

    And I'm really happy to hear that your fingers are better now - great news!


  13. Tus expositores se ven genial, pero cuando veo el proceso que has seguido sabes que pienso? Viva el ingenio, Drora!!! Un abrazo

  14. Qué bonitos collares. Me encantan los expositores, Es muy yngenioso

  15. Drora, muchas gracias por el tutorial.Tus expositores han quedado fantásticos, y las joyas muy muy bonitas.Un beso

  16. Lovely jewelry! We made some also in our club meeting last week.