Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A new reason to keep on celebrating Christmas

Hello dear readers

Yesterday more wonderful gifts arrived, this time from Nina in Germany.  After being delayed for over six weeks, probably buried under heaps of other parcels somewhere in the mail storerooms between our two countries the parcel luckily reached its destination.

The photos below show what I nearly missed.

A periwinkle 2020 calendar, A lovely Christmas card, lots of yummy cookies, chocolates and marzipans, a miniature snow sled and other cute ornaments.

Edible dragon's eyes for Baalatova.

Here is Baalatova inspecting them

Of all these four edible yummies, I am only allowed to enjoy two.
Baalatova forbids to touch the eyes and my 4 years old great-gran-daughter
doesn't want anyone to eat Santa Claus. She says he is a good man who
brings gifts for children.

Nina's parcels always include something smelling good.  This time a dried orange slice and cinnamon a very aromatic combination.  Also a cute jar of hand cream. I think I saw a mini version of this jar on Nina's blog.


Another late arrival was a parcel I mailed to Fabiola, earlier than usual in order that it gets to her for her birthday (17 December). It didn't, not on her birthday nor on Christmas. Last week,  Faby
informed me that it arrived, I hope undamaged.  These are what I sent.

At the bottom of my previous post, I showed two necklaces. I found out that their size (1/12" scale)
will be too large for my project. It will be necessary to "shrink" them into, 1/24".
To do this I had to make the black velvet display form smaller, and cut smaller pieces from the

I have to make more of these velvet coated small display forms. Does anyone know the proper English name for them? I'll take photos to show you how I make them.

We had a few chilly days, enough for me to catch chilblains on my fingers which are swollen, blue, clumsy and ugly.  Very slow with my work right now.

Wishing you all pleasant and warmer days with blessings.


  1. All's Well That Ends Well and I would have to agree with Shakespeare that the saga of the missing parcels ended on a Very Happy Note!
    Time now to rest easy and to enjoy Nina's gift

  2. Sounds like the last gifts have trickled in... Now the January diet can start, haha! How wonderful to be blessed with all these little surprises, and the gifts you sent look lovely too. When you have time, it would be instructive to see how you made the jewelry stands (I don't think they have a different name in English). They look very realistic and would work equally well in a shop display or on a dressing table in a dollhouse.

  3. Very very beautiful gifts!!! Greetings

  4. Dear Drora, good to read that the gifts of friends still arrived at your place, sometimes I wish they could tell us where they have been during all the past weeks... ;)!!
    The wonderful (and delicious) gifts of Nina are so sweet, enjoy all. I love seeing the picture of Baalatova staring at those big angry looking eyes, brrrr creepy ;O!
    Take care for yourself, dear friend, it's painful but let your fingers recover well, so we can see more of your selfmade miniature works.
    The reducing of the display and the necklace worked out well, they look great.
    Blessings, and warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Hubiese sido muy triste que esas maravillas se perdieran y nadie pudiera disfrutar de ellas.
    Por suerte están todas a salvo en tus manos y entre tus tesoros.
    Un saludo

  6. Sometimes it's nice to have Christmas continue for a month or so after the holiday! Especially if your January has been dreary. Such lovely gifts.

  7. Todos los regalos son preciosos , los que has recibido y los tuyos. Has hecho un buen trabajo con los collares

  8. Preciosos y deliciosos regalos de Nina! Que bien que llegó,por fin,tu regalo a Fabiola!
    Los collares son preciosos Drora,dignos de una princesa!!

  9. Celebro que todos tus regalos llegaran al final a su destino, Drora y recibirlos cuando pensabas que se habían perdido siempre da una ilusión añadida :) A tus detayes de terciopelo para exponer las joyas yo siempre les he llamado expositores de joyería, no sé si tienen una denominación especial en inglés o basta con traducir. Te quedan divinos en las dos escalas. Un abrazo, Drora

  10. Que alegría haber recibido por fín esos fantásticos regalos.
    Me encantan tus joyas y los expositores. !!!

  11. Beautiful gifts from Nina. Baalatova is so interested.
    Thanks for your gifts, I really appreciate your little treasures.
    Your necklaces are so elegant and precious.

  12. Somehow the very slow service of the mail companies have positive aspects - it makes the Christmas season last longer and receiving wonderful parcels is still wonderful in January. If it wasn't for the nervous breakdowns and the daily hopeful view into the mailbox. *sigh* In the meantime my gifts for Faby also arrived - let's still keep on hoping that yours for me will finally get here.

    I'm sharing your happiness of receiving Nina's precious gifts because I know very well how lovely they are. So good that they finally arrived. And the picture of Baalatova planning how to use the dragon eyes is hilarious. Btw - although your great-grand-daughter is right about Santa Claus it would be good to think this over… this guy is made of Lindt chocolate… one of the best chocolates around… ;O)

    So good that Faby finally received your wonderful gifts, it would have been such a pity if they had been lost. And I really look forward to see how your making your jewel displays - but please take care of yourself and your fingers. Here in Germany it's much too warm for January.


  13. ,Dear Drora

    I am so glad I included the cookies and marzipans since you are
    :-) !!not allowed to eat the dragon eyes or the chocolate Santa
    .The photo of Baalatova looking at the eyes is hilarious

    .By the way, the black flower is a writing board
    .You can write on it with white chalk

    .I made the tiny candle after being inspired by your tutorial
    .So thank you for that

    .You have sent really lovely minis to Fabiola
    .She is very lucky

    .Hope your fingers get better soon
    .It is too cold here also

    Take care

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