Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Greetings from Solly

Hello dear readers

This is just to let you know that Solly is being well taken care of. He's on
best terms with Baalatova who lets him play in her garden and even bring
friends over.  Solly is the best listener.  He can listen for hours without
interruption to Baalatova's endless stories.

Solly with friends on his way to Baalatova's garden.

Haven't touched the kit this week.  I was looking forward to going on with the
project but came home each day late and tired.  Instead, I had to comply with
a dear little girl's wish. This beloved little girl happens to be my great-granddaughter,
Shani. (Dana's cousin)

About 9 12-years old girls are invited to Shani's birthday party. Shani wants a
gift for each and thinks they'd love a pipe-cleaner puppy and kitty.

With Solly's help and encouragement, I managed to finish the puppies. I hope to
have the kitties ready in time for the party.

A warm welcome to my new followers and thank you very much for your interest.
Wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.


  1. OMG these are so adorable and will no doubt be a hit at her party! She is lucky to have her talented great grandma in her life!!!

  2. How perfectly CUTE Drora! and such a great idea to give one to each of her birthday guests!

  3. Solly se nota contento con sus amigos!!!
    Que ilusión les va a hacer a las niñas los pequeños cachorritos!!!

  4. Dear Drora, it sounds that your Solly has the same good manners, as all the Bears have ;) . To my own experience I know that these sweethearts can encourage and comfort well someone very well.
    Your pipecleaner puppies are so sweet to see I'm sure the girls will love them.
    Have a lovely weekend with blessings. Hugs, Ilona

  5. Hello Drora,
    Those little puppies are such a terrific party favor. They are adorable.
    Big hug

  6. Happy Birthday! With these adorable puppies, it will be successful

  7. Such sweet party favors! The girls will love them!

  8. Drora!!! Me han enamorado todos esos perritos! ♥ Y también esa niña que piensa en regalos para sus amigos el día de su cumpleaños Me alegro de que tengas a tu lado alguien tan dulce como ella :) Un beso

  9. Me siento muy feliz de ver al elefantito en tan buena compañía!!! La idea de tu nieta de regalar perritos es maravillosa. Habrá sido un gran trabajo pero será estupendo ver la cara de felicidad de los niños

  10. Ohhh, que monadas, muy lindos sin duda... un beso.

  11. Your darling great-granddaughter must be a little lady of great taste... what a fantastic plan for a party giveaway, her little friends will be over the moon with these cuties. And I'm very happy to see Solly getting along so well in his new home… and even with Baalatova! ;O)


  12. A great idea! Your little puppies are adorable.

  13. Que lindos cachorritos, les van a encantar !!!!

  14. .I am sure the puppies and kitties will be a great hit Wonderful idea.
    Hugs Maria