Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Toy shop facade completed

Hello dear readers,

At last the toy shop facade is finished. I added a very cute, glasses-wearing bunny lade doll, a gift from my dear friend Maria

I forgot to take a photo of the bunny lade before putting on the acetate on the windows. You can see her besides Tatiana's tiny wooden Ballerina on the right side of the top shelf. Made them rose colored card boxes.

Right side window display.

Left side window display.

The completed facade.

Two hanging on the wall.

I had a lot of fun making these tiny pull-toys.  Wish other tiny animal beads were manufactured, they'd make a cute Noah's Ark toy.

Tomorrow,  I.m taking a day off. (My daughter  Galia will be taking care of her father at the nursing home.) Sarit, Goldie and I will meet and work together. It's my turn to teach how to make a primus oven. A few months ago, I created one which they liked.

Have a lovely, creative rest of the week with blessings.


  1. This facade is beautiful and the toys are exciting and very realistic, yours and the beautiful gifts of Tatiana and Maria.
    Great success Drora!

  2. I think that you should do SECOND toyshop becasue this one turned out So Well and the toys in the window are All ADORABLE!

  3. Oh so sweet! I love all the little toys and the dolls are so cute! The stores look wonderful on the wall. You could have an entire Main Street of shops.

  4. Te ha quedado precioso el escaparate, los juguetes don muy lindos.Buenas noches:-9

  5. Los juguetes quedan preciosos en el escaparate.

  6. All your toys are adorable. They make your toy shop look inviting. I want to visit and I am 49!! Your facades are very original and they perfect to bring alive any wall. God job

  7. Wow, Drora, the dolls and the toys are so adorable, and well made! I love seeing the window shop facades hang at the wall, filled in with gifts from dear friends, so lovely!!
    Enjoy your day with friends whilst making miniatures, you deserve it!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  8. Really sweet and delightful!!!

  9. Hi Drora! How sweet your toys look like and the stores on the wall are good-looking! Have a nice day! Kristiina

  10. Your toy shop looks amazing!
    Enjoy your day with miniaturist friend.

  11. It's turned out so wonderful, Drora! I just Love those dolls!
    I'm so happy that you're having a "play day", and I can't wait to see the oven!

  12. Es una fachada preciosa, llena de pequeñas maravillas !!!!

  13. Todas tus fachadas son muy bonitas, Drora; me encanta como se ven colgadas en la pared ♥ Cual será la próxima? Yo ya estoy deseando verla :) Disfruta mucho de tu día libre! Un beso

  14. De nuevo una preciosa fachada! es una juguetería encantadora!

  15. Your toy shop is so cute Drora. You have given me so many ideas for mine Thank you :) I hope you had a lovely day off.
    Hugs Maria

  16. Que bonito ,he mirado todas las entradas de juguetes tan encantadores que has realizado y muchas gracias por las ideas y tuto del caballito en precioso.Abrazos y salud Teresa

  17. Bei regali, e il tuo mini negozio di giocattoli è fantastico , brava Drora , un abbraccio

  18. Sorry, I need to be honest now and although I don't like criticizing I need to say this right away: I really dislike that this wonderful project is already finished!!! *LOL* And without any more bad jokes… I always love your little shop facades but this toy shop was an extra dose of fun. I really like the toys you've made and it's so lovely that those wonderful gifts from Maria and Tatiana got places of honor now. And it was an inspiration for me because I'm also in the toy-making mood at the moment. Do you remember the two new booths for the BiWuBeary Christmas Market? I'll only get one of them finished for this year but this will be a... well… make a sophisticated guess! ;O) I'm wishing you loads of fun with your fellow miniaturist ladies - I know by now they will love your project.

  19. Love this one too! And also how you made the toys! Thank you for sharing your good ideas!

  20. Fantástica escena y unos juguetes maravillosso.
    Un abrazo

  21. ,Hello Drora

    .I like your toy display
    .The store facade with red bricks is absolutely gorgeous
    .I am sure that all the children will want to go there

    .Have a pleasant start of november

    ,Regards from Riverside