Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Handmade toys

Hello dear readers,

Last week I hoped to finish the toy shop quickly but didn't count on how time-consuming making tiny toys can be.  Here are some examples:

The rocking horse is composed of two laser-cut wooden pieces painted on one side only, gifted to me by my dear friend Maria  I glued them together, made a curved basis out of a wooden coffee stirrer, painted it red and glued on the horse.

This is how I curved the stirrer.  I dipped it in hot water and slowly bent it inside a glass holding it firmly with clothespins.  Kept it overnight and took it out dry and curved.

The two little horses were punched out of a white 2mm thick foam sheet.  Glued two together to make a horse, cut away the curved part under the legs, painted and glued it to a red painted piece of a coffee stirrer.

Made these tiny giraffes on wheels from tiny beads.

Made these tiny clowns from a tutorial here. I used smaller sized punches for the felt and made a little Fimo ball for the head.  The hair is pinched felt. They are almost half size from the one in the tutorial.

The stroller is from recycled pieces of craft wood.  I made a tutorial back in 2015, here.

The little train is made from leftover pieces of craft sticks.  Wheels from Fimo.

Please accept my apology for not linking you well to the amazing doll artist Julianne Lepine.here you can see her at work. I hope this time comes out right.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday with blessings.


  1. Wow Drora! You have made such a wonderful variety of tiny and amazingly detailed toys! I can imagine how long it took to make each of the separate moving parts to these pieces, and how incredible they are going to look in the toy store's window! Just fabulous!

  2. Yes, the making of these tiny toys is very time consuming, but wow, dear Drora, you've made so many detailed and wonderful toys for your shop!! Thank you for sharing the links and the tutorials about the making of the animals, the clowns (so cute to see), the stroller is adorable and the train is super cute!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. that these toys are cute! so small it's a real feat, bravo Drora!
    the tutorial of the stroller is ingenious, thanks for sharing.

  4. Un trabajo fantásticos, todos ellos son adorables,harán fantástico en tu tienda.Eltutorial de la silla genial.Besos:-)

  5. Dora son encantadores todos los juguetes que has hecho!!!!

  6. They came out of cute! Thanks for the tutorial for bending the coffee stirrers.

  7. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!
    I think that your collection of pull-toys are Sooooo Clever and the rocking horse, clowns, pushcart and trains are INGENIOUS!
    I 'll be the first in line when the doors to your Toy Store are open to the public! :D

  8. Que bonitos juguetes has hecho Drora!!! esa juguetería va a quedar fantástica,estoy segura!!

  9. Ohhhhh!!! ♥ Me encantan tus juguetes diminutos!!! Han quedado preciosos! Y gracias por los enlaces y las explicaciones, seguro que me animo a intentar hacer alguno. Un beso

  10. love your toys. Thank you Drora for the wonderful tutorials. Your wonderful project has made me want to get back to minis. So I am redoing a toy shop :))I am hoping to take some pictures soon. Thank you for all the inspiration.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Va a quedar una escena encantadora con esos lindos juguetes.
    Un abrazo

  12. No doubt these were time consuming - but worth any time! You've made wonderful toys and it's hard to believe that these are "just" scratch or thingies being at hand. Great work - and thanks for showing and explaining everything so well.


  13. Wow! Such pretty little toys! Your toyshop is going to be the destination for all the mini kids.

  14. Me encantan !!!!.
    Son todos preciosos

  15. Hi Drora. Your craftiness always amaze me. You have done beautiful toys for your shop and they are so tiny that I can´t believe they can be made. Fantastic job

  16. Amazing work; those clowns are so cool! Thank you for sharing!

  17. I'm really excited about your lovely toys.
    Especially how you bent the wood. Great work.

    Hugs Alexandra

  18. Te han quedado fantásticos Drora!!!, estoy segura que la escena será una maravilla viendo esos preciosos juguetes.
    Un beso, Carolina

  19. Oh, Drora, what a cute toys you've made! There will be a louds of customers in your toy shop!
    I wish you lovely week! Hugs,piikko

  20. ,Hello Drora

    !What amazing little toys you made
    .Jemima loves the tiny giraffes as they remind her of her trip to Africa
    .She thinks the stroller would fit her best friend Quackie
    .Now she has an idea what to ask Santa for

    ,Kind regards