Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Inspirations for the florist

Hello dear readers,

First of all, I am lucky and happy to let you know that Alexandra's giveaway prize has arrived whole and safe.  I already have plans for a barbeque scene with these wonderful items.  The vegetables in the bowl, as well as the meat pieces, are fantastical life-size looking.

Thank you, dear Alex, for your generous prize.


Sometimes I have to improvise for materials.  I don't know how many of you, dear readers, remember the little cottage I made from a cheap wooden cash-box. (Photo below.)

Here is one of those cash-boxes.  They cost about  US$0.60 which is quite cheap for the wood I get after taking them apart in the microwave oven.

You will agree with me that a florist needs a sink table for flower arrangements.  My inspiration comes from the very creative Jodi who creates beautiful sink units.  The bottom of the box makes a perfect table top for a sink unit, saving me a lot of work. The ceramic bowl is made by my daughter Nilly.
(I have to search my stash for more of these bowls.)


This beautiful miniature florist shop (From Pinterest) inspired me to make a few wooden crates for my project. They will be great for displaying the plant pots.

The crates are a flexible way for displaying the flowers pots and accessories.  I have not yet decided which color to paint them.  All suggestions are welcome.

I wish you a lovely weekend with blessings.


  1. Felicidades por el regalo de Alexandra
    Me gustan las cajas y lo bien que combinan con las plantas.
    Un abrazo

  2. precioso regalo de Alexandra y la inspiración de pinterest queda genial.feliz fin de semana:-9

  3. Muy bonito el regalo .Está muy bien la idea de utilizar las cajas como expositores de las plantas.Siempre hay imágenes en Pinteret que llaman la atención

  4. Hi Drora! Congratulations on your adorable prize. I know you will build a great backdrop for it. All cheery and happy! I'm in love with your gorgeous flowers.

  5. .
    Wonderful gift! Great idea to make a sink

  6. Congratulations on winning this wonderful prize, Drora, enjoy it!
    Making the sink top from a birdhouse is a great idea, the same is for making crates for showing your flowers and plants, they look wonderful!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. felicidades por el regalo de Alex y por tu preparación de la primavera...

  8. Hi Drora! Your little cash box is a great source for materials! The sink you are making looks lovely already! The crates are a Wonderful idea! I think you should just make them look "weathered" like wood left out in the rain... a grayish brown like the ones in the inspiration picture. Otherwise, a brilliant blue would not look bad with anything!

  9. Hi Drora! ongraatulations on your won. The prize is wonderful. You also made a great work with the plain cash box. The flower shop looks so pretty! I enjoy to see flowers and all summer things. Especially now when we are still in a middle of the cold winter.I wish you'll have a lovely sunday evening and becoming week! Hugs, piikko

  10. Veo un monton de flores y accesorios para la nueva tienda -floristería. Que cosas tan bonitas que variedad de plantas ,espero ver el resultado final . Y felicidades por el regalo que recibiste de Alex .Bsss

  11. Felicidades por ese fantástico regalo.
    Las flores y plantas están preciosas y quedan muy bien en las cajas.

  12. Cela sonne comme un air de printemps!! ces fleurs sont ravissantes!

  13. Congrats on your wonderful price from Alex - it was quick to arrive at your place and I'm looking forward to see you have a BBQ... ;O) Your method to build your sind is simply brilliant, I admire your mini-eye recognizing possibilities even in a wooden cash box. The crates are a wonderful idea for displaying the flower arrangements in your shop, it's very popular for shops like these. About the colour - I would suggest no bright colour because this might compete with your flowers who should be the ones to bring the colour in. Maybe a shabby white or natural wood color with a little aging? Well, you will find the perfect solution for sure.


  14. Wonderful ideas for the shop! The crates will be adorable! I almost sent you the mermaid sink after our emails, but I think I like your bowl for the flower shop better!

  15. Esas cajas son perfectas para las flores! Y es muy ingeniosa tu forma de conseguir madere a buen precio, jaaaaa! tomo nota :) Estoy deseando ver qué haces con la barbacoa. Un beso

  16. Dear Drora, I am very happy that the bbq arrived well and that you liked it. I cannot wait to see your flower shop, the flowers you have been making are wonderful and the crates idea is terrific! I am sure it will be a beautiful shop

  17. Seguro que queda una escena estupenda. Y enhorabuena por esa maravillosa barbacoa.

  18. El regalo de Alex es precioso, que lo disfrutes mucho... y esas plantas ahhh, que bonitas, me encantan las flores y plantas, hacen que cualquier estancia luzca de maravilla... un beso.

  19. Congratulations on your beautiful prize. I really like the idea with the crates.


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  21. What a beautiful barbecue, nice idea with the wooden crates for your beautiful plants, the little house I find cute, here in Holland we have a lot of bird houses in that style, if you want a couple

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