Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Furniture for the florist

Hello dear readers,

Family circumstances kept me away from working on miniatures.  I tried, however, not to miss visiting your blogs to see what wonderful new things you are creating.

I am now busy being a "Full-time mini carpenter".  My right-arm muscles hurt a little after spending a while with the saw but I'm satisfied with the results, especially as every little piece is made from scratch and there was no need to search for materials.

After receiving great advice from many of you, I decided to give up my favorite blue color.  I have not yet decided if it would be plain white or shabby white.  But here, just for demonstrations, are pieces of furniture before painting.

Shelves unit.  I used tongue depressors for the shelves, a child's room wooden plate for the back, and four large craft sticks for the sides, top and bottom.

From 1/4" wood dowels, I made legs and skirting for the table. I still have to make the Fawcett unit.

It was necessary to make a new chair because it is impossible to paint over the blue chair.  This has to be done before starting weaving the seat.

Made a few more crates.  The crates indoor will be white.  The crates outdoor will be weathered wood color, just as Betsy suggested.

It feels as if there is some progress.

I wish you all The best and blessings.


  1. Unos muebles geniales y las plantas lucen preciosas en la estantería.

  2. I really like your bookshelf! I'd never guess at the materials from looking. And your table is lovely. White crates with weathered wood. Sounds fresh and pretty.

  3. good work.I like furniture and crates handy

  4. Ha shechos unos muebles geniales, tus plantas se ven fantásticas.Besos:-)

  5. La estantería ha quedado muy bien. El color favorece el contraste con las macetas. Muy bonitos el resto de accesorios

  6. Wow, Drora, you've done a lot of work, the bookshelf and the rest of your mini furniture is wonderful work! Weathered crates for the outside sounds wonderful, so I think Betsy is right.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Great furniture! You've been busy.

  8. The little carpenter in you does wonderful work and deserves a raise! I love all of the pieces together, and though I loved the blue style, am looking forward to seeing the color and finish scheme you decide on. Hope the family issues have settled down and that you are able to relax and enjoy your creative process!

  9. Buen trabajo, estoy deseando ver el resultado finalya pintaditos.
    Un abrazo

  10. I love your crates. They are so adorable. The shelves look great and the sink looks like it's coming along too. :)

  11. wow great work dear i love table & chair,keep posting..
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  12. Estupendos muebles en los que lucirán muy bien tus preciosas plantas!!

  13. Beautiful work Drora, I hope your family matters will be ok! A big hug

  14. Everything looks great Drora, you are doing an awesome job. I think your flower shop is going to be fantastic with all the wonderful things you are making

  15. Everything is perfect for the florist shop. I'm curious to see the shop finished.

  16. Hello Drora,
    That is a lot of progress. everything you have made looks lovely and well built...you should have been a real life carpenter.
    Big hug

  17. I really hope your family circumstances are solved and fine in the meantime and that your arms recovered from mini-carpeting. But the results are stunning and I can only say you've made in fact a lot of progress. It's so fascinating to see how you're building these fantastic pieces of furniture from scratch - and it's fun to see them with your fabulous miniatures in them. They're building the perfect frame for your beautiful flowers and vases allowing them to shine.


  18. !WOW this look great Drora, amazing good work, I love it

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