Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 30, 2017

Magic wand returned to owner

Hello dear readers,

Here are the recorded events of how Lea, the young leopardess, with the help of the cats, found and retrieved Baalatova's precious magic wand.

Lea climbing up the tree where the wand is well hidden and guarded by two fercous black snakes.

At last, the camouflaged wand is seen.

After a tiring fight with the snakes, the wand was found and retrieved.

Baalatova is extremely happy and grateful to get her magic wand back.


It's wonderful to be able again to make your and my wishes come true.

Are you going to make Drora pay for not building you your second floor?

Drora who?...  Who needs her to build me a second floor?  With the lift of my wand and a few secret words of magic I can make myself a grand palace. 

Skelly:  What about our wishes to become ghosts?

Look,  I'm lifting the wand but before I say the secret words of magic, please don't forget that you will  be ghosts for Halloween night only.  Tomorrow you turn back to skeletons.

The Skellies are extremely happy. 

They feel free and light and start to float away.


Hey, come back!  Now that I'm without my broom crutches I  feel free and light.  I am going to join you and we shall all have fun together!

And all three, drift away ......

It was both silly and fun to concoct this tale.  I wish you all an enjoyable Halloween.

Tomorrow I'll be here again with the list of participants in my giveaway draw. 



  1. yay! Magic wand successfully retrieved! Hope you have a great Halloween.

  2. Glad to read that the wand is successfully retrieved, I loved reading the story, Drora! I wish you a great Halloween!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Bien ha recuperado su varita y tú has tenido suerte !!!

  4. But you don't want to tell me that this is the end of this story??? What's that what you say? Oh, then I can calm down... it this was only the end of one chapter of this wonderful story I am full of relief. And of course I'm very thankful - thanks for telling (and showing) us this lovely story. How nice that the Skellies' wish came true... and what fun that Baalatova joined them for some Halloween fun. Thanks to the cats everything's fine for now... except for the "Drora who"... tssss... Baalatova should be more grateful.


  5. Jaaaa! Te has librado del enfado de Baalatova, jaaaaa! Me da pena que los fantasmas tengan que volver a ser esqueletos :), se ven tan felices... Quizá mañana la que salte de alegría sea yo, jaaaa! Un beso

  6. I'm glad Baalatova got her magic wand back just in time for Halloween. I love the ghosts.

  7. Hello Drora,
    This was the first post I read this morning and it really made me happy. The ghosts are fantastic. Happy Halloween my friend.
    Big hug

  8. О! Дорогая Drora! Такая хорошая история! Вы сделали так много интересного! Веселого хеллоуина!

  9. Que bien que haya podido recuperar su varita mágica. Me encantan esos fantasmas.

  10. Menos mal que he leido tu post,me alegro tanto de que por fin haya recuperado su varita!!!

  11. .Nice ending to this story
    .And I'm really happy Baalatova didn't curse you
    !That would have been awful

    ,Hugs from Riverside
    Nina & Jemima & Fudge