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Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to make birds of paradise flowers

Hello dear readers,

It's not difficult to create a mini Bird of Paradise flower.  You don't need special tools. Most of the materials are probably at hand.  So let me show my dear friend Pirkko and all of you how it's done.

For the flower head  I used a piece of heavy grocery paper bag, painted on both sides in green acrylic paint.  For the petals, I painted a plain computer strip of paper with navy blue and orange colors.
I didn't have at hand an orange marker. Instead I used a yellow marker and when dry I covered the yellow with a rose  marker (on both sides). This way I got the perfect orange that was needed.

A Bird of Paradise is a large flower, it's stem is thicker than the usual.  I achieved a thicker diameter by covering a piece of wire with green florist tape.  The metal wire is laid in the middle of the sticky tape and the tape is twisted around it.  A split in half tape makes a thinner stem.

These are the tools I used.

Fold about one centimeter of the green painted paper and with the nail scissors cut out, on the fold  a 1.5 cm long  leaf shape, as shown in the photos below.

Cut out narrow half-moons, on the fold, from the 2 cm wide strip of colored office paper.  6 pieces in orange and 2 pieces in navy blue.

Assemble the petals with a tiny drop of tacky glue.  Glue the stem to the middle of the leaf shaped flower head.

Glue the assembled petals to the top half of the leaf shape.

Fold the leaf shape up and and bend the stem down.  Ta dam you have a Bird of Paradise flower!

I wonder if my English is clear enough.  Please feel free to ask any questions if not.
I know the photos are not the best but I believe they explain what has to be done.  After you make one flower and see how easy it is you will want to make more.

A pleasant end of the week and blessings to all of you.


  1. Great and simple instructions. Thank you for that.
    LG Alexandra

  2. Hello Drora,
    thank you for the great tutorial. Everything was clear and the pictures are very helpful.
    Big hug

  3. Привет Drora!
    Я прочитала все ваши посты, которые пропустила! Вы такая молодец! Вы сделали так много прекрасных цветов!
    Я надеюсь, что у вас все благополучно! Обнимаю

  4. very beautiful, thank you for these explanations

  5. With your simple steps I might just be able to manage this! Thank you!

  6. The process is wonderfully explained and illustrated, Drora! I wonder if one could use painted masking tape for the stem and leaf assembly? Might have a go at these for the cottage!

  7. Well Done Drora! I think your Bird of Paradise flowers look Really Good! You have not only explained it well but you have also made it look like Easy Peasy Fun to do! :D

  8. Has explicado el proceso con total claridad y no parece demasiado difícil... Gracias por compartir, Drora! Un abrazo

  9. Preciosas Drora! Muchas gracias por el tutorial!!!

  10. Thank you Drora for the wonderful tutorial. Your flowers are amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Hugs, Melli

  12. Thank you so much for this tutorial dear Drora! ♥ I must try this as soon as posssible. Your tutorial is very clear but let see how I'll succeed. :) -Have a lovely weekend
    Hugs, hugs, hugs

  13. My favorite was the "Ta Dam"-part... ;O) But your explanation and photos were so good that maybe one day I might have my own "Ta Dam"-moment... thank you so much for this well made and explained tutorial for creating these lovely flowers.


  14. Thanks for this great tutorial.