Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bird of paradise flowers and pansies

Hello dear readers,

The day after tomorrow, Saturday, is a very holy day in our religion.  It is the Day of Atonement
(Yom Kippur). The very religious spend the whole day praying and asking forgiveness from the All Mighty and fellow men.  No working, no eating, no drinking, no driving, no smoking. No TV, no newspapers and no radio except for one emergency channel. Only emergency or police cars are on the roads.  A very somber day for the adults.

On the contrary, children are having the best time of their lives.  They are able to take their bicycles and other devices on wheels out on the empty roads.  I  love to watch them enjoying themselves shouting and laughing happily.

This week I experimented creating bird of paradise flowers. The reason is I saw the real life ones, took a photo and ended up with 7 minis.  Hope you like them.

I didn't use punches for these flowers and if anyone is interested,  I'll show you how easy they are to make.

My two lonely pansies got company.  I think I made over two dozens.  They are very popular with my friends and family.  I "planted" them in tiny clay pots which I made and fired at my daughter's kiln.

A warm welcome to my new followers.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.


  1. Me encantan las flores del paraíso, pero esos pensamientos son absolutamente adorables! Te has convertido en una fran florista, Drora! :) Feliz sábado

  2. Lovely interpretation to the Birds of Paradise! How lucky you are to have them growing near you! It is good to have a time to reflect on how we have behaved in our thoughts and actions. It makes us better people! If only we had a clear conscious so we could all enjoy a day of freedom with the kiddos! :O)

  3. The flowers look just lovely. And I hope you and your husband are able to spend a quiet day of contemplation together for Yom Kippur.

  4. Wonderful flowers, dear Drora, you've got good inspiration after seeing to see them in RL!
    Wishing you and your husband a lovely day and weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Wonderful flowers!!!
    Have a peaceful weekend!

  6. Hello Drora,
    Your birds of paradise are lovely. Very well done! I alos like your pansies very much. Your flowers are real works of art.
    גמר חתימה טובה

  7. Son unas flores preciosas y dices que son faciles de hacer? hummmm, no se si yo seria capaz, pero quedan tan vistosas que dan ganas de aprender, jeje. Los pensamientos en esas macetitas de barro se ven preciosos.

  8. Love your flowers Drora. Your birds of paradasie look very real. I love them in real life and yours are as beautiful

  9. Son todas preciosas, me encantan !!!!!! y en especial los pensamientos, me gusta mucho el color.

  10. Has hecho un trabajo magnífico. Un bonito colorido.

  11. Maravillosas esas aves del paraíso y los pensamientos en contraste de color,me encantan!!

  12. Enjoy this special holiday which promises plenty of tranquility to concentrate on miniatures... ;O) You have been very busy and your flowers blow me away, this flower shop will turn out awesome. The pansies are so lovely and being the proud owner of one bird-of-paradise-plant coming from your talented hands I can honestly say your plants are beautiful.


  13. Wow! Your flowers are amazing and so real. Great work, my dear friend.

  14. Oh, how beautiful flowers! I'd love to know how yoy made the bird flower! -Drora, it was great to hear how spent your day. It's great to learn things like this. -Have a lovely week! Hugs, piikko