Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A teapot shop - 3rd and last part

Hello dear readers,

Finally the hanging tea shop facade is finished.

The roof is made from 3 rows of ceramic tiles glued on a piece of card stock.
The lamp is made from a bead and findings.
The shop's sign is  printed in green and framed, as the windows, under acetate.
The wooden rectangle is what the box will stand on.

I named the shop "Choopchick", in Hebrew.  A nickname we use here for the little knob on top of every teapot's lid.   I'm not sure what the origin of this nickname is.

I also added triangles made of sturdy clay stones to the sides at the top of the box in preparation for the roof.  If you look carefully you'll see a hole in one of the stones, above and in the middle between the two windows.  I pierced the stone while the clay was still wet.  The lamp will be fixed to the hole.

A trial fix to see how the box will look with the roof on .

Finally, the lamp fixed, the roof painted and permanently glued on.  Also the part underneath painted and fixed.  Now the house stands firmly on its own as well as hangs on the wall.

A look at the box from the back.

From the side.

Hanging on the wall.

Not every one has access to a kiln and ceramic clay, but the stones can substituted with egg carton bricks or wooden strips, according to the imagination.

This one is the 23rd of my shops.  Some of them are over 10 years old and all have Hebrew names.  I made many more, as gifts to  close friends and beloved family members.  Except for going over with damp cloth once in a while they all look as good as new.

I wish you all happy creative days with blessings.


  1. Hello Drora,
    It is such a beautiful structure and I love the size...it makes it easy to display. The stonework and roof tile are very realistic. great work!
    Big hug

  2. Love your tile and the stonework is just gorgeous. Your colors go so well together. The teapots and lace curtains in the windows are the perfect finishing touch.

  3. Gran trabajo, ha quedado preciosa, además de ser muy original !!!!

  4. Me gusta! Me gusta mucho, Drora! Es un capricho, felicidades! Un beso ♥

  5. What a beautiful display and a lively addition wherever you may hang it! I love the way the tile roof and the base color perfectly balance and ground each other. The tiny light and detailing on the windows draw your eye right in, then sudedenly you see the precious teapots! A perfect treasure for the eyes, Drora! The fact that you have completed so many reveals that there is no end to your amazing creativity! :O)

  6. Somehow I'm a bit sad now... I'm not a fan of last parts of series I enjoyed very much! ;O) This teapot shop is for sure a fantastic project and it was so much fun to follow your well explained "how to". 23 of these lovely shop displays is really impressive - and you know this cries for a silver jubilee. Well, I would love to see No. 24 and 25... and then we would head towards 50, always having a goal in life... *grin*


  7. Beautiful You put a lot of work in it . Projects like these take a lot of patience. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.

  8. Dear Drora, I see that during my absence I've missed a fantastic project of your teapot shop, what a beautiful display. The teapots and the lamp give the whole a fantastic finishing. The fact that you have completed so many reveals, wow, it seems that there is no end to your creativity ;O. You put a lot of work in it, because projects like these take a lot of patience. I hope you are doing fine? Warm hugs, Ilona

  9. Your work is astoniscing!!Hugs from Italy

  10. Dear Drora! You made a wonderful store and it was very interesting to watch every step. It is very inspiring and gives new ideas. Thank you!
    About "Choopchick" I have some ideas. In Russian there is the word "Chubchik", which means "bangs". Sometimes it is used in the meaning of something sticking up. Maybe I'm right, I'm not sure.
    Good days! Hugs, Julia

  11. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website