Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Purchases and gifts

Hello dear readers,

Achinoam, a member of our miniaturists group in Israel, is leaving the country to live in Barcelona, Spain.  This sweet young person is selling most of her miniatures stock at cost price.  Sarit, my friend
and I went to buy what we needed we found some, not much.  When we got there it was almost the end of the sale.

I was looking for tiny animals and found a couple of very cute white mice and three tiny bathroom toy ducks.

An antique telephone.

And this was the best of all.

It even includes a stand.

Doesn't the case look a little like a coffin?  (Halloween still in the air)

I have a special request for my dear blog friends in Barcelona.  Please, if any of you can get in
touch with Achinoam when she comes to Barcelona.  She may need friends and helpful information such as where to buy craft material, miniature shops and miniatures fairs.  I leave her website and email here bellow.


Thank you.

My grandson brought me candies from Japan which look like tiny dolls.

In fact they are not dolls (sadly).  They are two plain white candy balls.  The painting of the wrapping is what makes them look like dolls.

A warm welcome to my new followers and blessings to you all.


  1. ,Drora

    .The two white mousies are a great find
    ?Will they be living with Baalatova or somebody else

    .Jemima says you have great taste
    .She is referring to your choice of yellow rubber ducks

    .The mini guitar is pretty spectacular
    ?Does any of your dolls play the guitar

    !Bon apétit with the Japanese candies

    ,Kind regards

  2. !Beautiful gifts especially the guitar
    .All the little things are sweet, the mice are so cute

  3. Hi Drora!! Your new miniatures are nice additions to your miniature collection, especially the guitar, enjoy! Love the Japanese candies, very nice way of wrapping, they look so cute in there ;)!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. I like so much the guitar, you have made a good bargain... An embrace

  5. Estupendas compras, Drora! Y qué graciosos esos dulces japoneses; al verlos he pensado que eran muñecas de verdad, Jaaaaa! Le deseo lo mejor a tu amiga en Barcelona. Yo participo en un foro llamado "Tus Miniaturas" Dile que es un buen lugar para contactar con otras personas apasionadas por las minis y hay varias compañeras de Barcelona. Te dejo el enlace: http://www.tusminiaturas.com/ Un abrazo

  6. Unas compras muy bonitas. Preciosa la guitarra. Espero que a tu amigo le vaya muy bien en Barcelona.

  7. Que buenas y bonitas compras Drora! como te ha dicho Zulueta,el grupo de "tus miniaturas" es un buen sitio para conocer gente e intercambiar ideas para tu amiga.
    que graciosos los dulces!!

  8. I love the Japanese sweets. Great Halloween story in your previous post.

  9. Beautiful purchases, especially the guitar.

  10. What beautiful finds at your friend's sale... I suppose these treasures were waiting for you to catch them. The mice will be perfect for Baalatova's home... eh... wait a minute... would be perfect for the witch cats... eh... better give them another home! *LOL* The guitar is fascinating, who knows what kind of serenade someone will play now. And the candy dolls are cute, how lovely of your grandson - and so friendly for the hips because they are too cute in their package to destroy them. ;O)


  11. Good deal, congratulations! Have a nice day!