Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, November 25, 2016

Country on Fire

Hello dear readers,

We are going through a very bad time here in Israel.  The combination of dry climate and strong dry winds made it possible for fires to pop up everywhere, from north to south of the country.  Some of the fires due to neglect and many caused on purpose as acts of terrorism.

We are sitting and watching TV and listening to the radio waiting for the news and hoping for the fires to die out.  In my beautiful hometown Haifa, 13 entire neighborhoods were evacuated.  Houses burned down and left a great number of families homeless.  Hundreds of firefighters and lots of firefighting planes are working the last 3 days and nights.  We are very grateful for the help of neighboring countries who sent firefighting planes.

My grand daughter and family were evacuated from their village on the way to Jerusalem.  The village is situated close to a forest which was on fire with  smoke all over the place.  They stayed at
my daughter's home.  Luckily no harm was caused there.

The meeting with our group is scheduled for 7 December.  We are going to have  a flower workshop and I am looking forward for the pleasure and fun of reuniting with the girls.  Meantime, on top of preparing Christmas and Hanukkah gifts I was busy creating a swap for each member of our group. I'll know exactly how many will attend only a day before the meeting and hope these ten pieces will be enough.
It's a little boring to make the same items over and over but this way I can make sure that I don't offer the same gift again.

It's not hard to guess who ate the original balls, it was I.  I ate all 10 but not all at once. Just saved the

 I wish you all a lovely weekend and blessings.


  1. Lamento el fuego, Drora! Este verano también aquí lo hemos sentido cerca y es horrible; :( Es un poco aburrido hacer muchas veces la misma mini pero estoy segura de que tus amigos van a celebrar que lo hagas :) Esos bombones han quedado genial! Un abrazo

  2. Es muy triste que el fuego arrase en un momento todo lo que tienes. Los bombones han quedado estupendos.

  3. I am so sorry your country is having such a difficult time! The amazing thing is we have had the exact same problem here in the US! We will get through this and hopefully start a new year in a much better way.
    Have fun at your meeting! The candy looks wonderful!

  4. Stay safe Drora. I hope the fires die out soon and that there is no one hurt.x

  5. I am sorry to learn about the fires and I hope you stay safe Drora! It is a terrible thing!
    Your mini chocolates look delicious! I would eat them too!

  6. Just saw it on the news. Praying for your safety. I hope this ends soon. Hugs, Véronique

  7. Just saw it on the news. Praying for your safety. I hope this ends soon. Hugs, Véronique

  8. ,Dear Drora

    I'm so sorry to hear about the fires near Haifa
    and that some of them were even started on
    I have just read in the newspaper that supposedly
    .hospitals might need to be evacuated
    .I do hope this won't be necessary after all
    Drora, I am wishing for your family to stay safe
    ♥ .and for the situation to improve soon

    How busy you must have been with those little
    !Ferrero Rocher boxes
    With the expertise you have now acquired in making
    Ferrero chocolates, I bet the SCMCB (Santa Claus's
    Magical Christmas Bakery) will be knocking on your
    door ANY day now to recruit you as a their new
    (: !head confectioner

    ♥ ,Love and hugs from Germany

  9. Que triste la noticia de los incendios,siempre ocurre lo mismo,sobre todo esos incendios provocados por la mano humana! Creo que no se da un buen castigo para que no vuelva a ocurrir! Espero que tu nieta y familia estén bien y puedan volver pronto a su hogar.
    Los regalitos para navidad y Jánuca te han quedado preciosos,espero que no tengas que hacer muchos más,aunque siempre es una buena disculpa,para comerte unos bombones!!!

  10. Dear Drora, I am so glad that you and,your family are ok. I saw the fires on the news last night and thought of you. The swap items you made are beautiful, I must look up the tutorial you made on how to make them. We are off to a Christmas market today. Wish you a blessed weekend. Stay safe, Pam in Norway xx

  11. Israel arde y mi corazón llora de tristeza.
    Soy española y amo a Israel
    Shabat Shalom

  12. lamento mucho los incendios...cuídate!

  13. What your country is going through is terrifying, I was glad to read that you are safe.
    Great miniatures!

  14. how horrible, I lived through the really bad Oakland fire when I lived in California..half the city burned down..my prayers for those poor people.

  15. Siento mucho la situación por la que estáis pasando, ojala pronto consigan extinguir todos los focos del fuego. Como puede haber gente que no ame la naturaleza y destruya de ese modo arboles que tardaron años en crecer, animalillos que viven allí y además en zonas cercanas a viviendas donde dejan a mucha gente sin hogar o con este medio destruido.

  16. Dear Drora, I heard it on the news about the fires, oh dear, it must have been very frightening. I'm glad to learn that you and your family are safe! I hope the fires die out soon and that there is no one hurt.
    Stay safe. Hugs, Ilona

  17. Dear Drora, good to know that you and your family are ok. I'm sorry for the fires, I hope they die very soon. Take care, hugs, Melli

  18. Siento mucho esos incendios y espero que pronto se extingan y las personas puedan volver a sus hogares. Geniales esas cajas de bombones aunque sea aburrido.
    Un abrazo

  19. Me alegro saber que todas su familia está bien, son pavorosos esos incendios, a ver si pronto logran controlarlos. Besos:-)

  20. Hola Drora cuanto lamento que este pasandoo tu pais por esos
    momentos en que se atenta contra la naturaleza y los pueblos
    que viven ahi....Que bueno que tu familia este a salvo
    como quiero tambien que a los demas no les ocurra nada......Que se apague el fuego y que todos puedan reencontrarse....un fuerte abrazo.....desde Argentina ......yo soy de Ecuador...
    Me gustaron tus bombones...

  21. Mi dispiace per il problema che sta affrontando il tuo paese, il fuoco è una brutta cosa, distrugge tutto, bellissimi i Ferrero rocher gli adoro , sono un'amante della cioccolata a presto
    baci francesca

  22. Esperando que ya este todo el fuego extinguido y vuelve la tranquilidad a los hogares ..y asi estar tranquila para hacer minis tan bonitas.Bsss

  23. The terrible fires were also a topic in German news... and as always it breaks my heart to learn what "human beings" are capable of. Let's hope the firefighters will win this battle very soon. It's good news that your family didn't suffer from any damage although being near and involved. Regarding these bad news for your country it's some comfort that life still goes on in a way. Great to hear you will have a meeting with your fellow miniaturists very soon (Funny note aside - on Dec. 7th I have an appointment with my dentist! *blarg* Just for a check... but it's a visit at a dentist's - I would prefer for sure to visit other miniaturists! *LOL*) Your Rocher packages look lovely, the ladies will be very happy with them.


  24. Drora I am so glad to hear that you and your family are ok. It is terrible what people do to each other it must be so scary. I pray that it will be peaceful soon. Your chocolates are wonderful they look so real. Have a great time at your group

    Take care warm Hugs

  25. Please accept my condolences! Let all be alive and well! The fire scared and let trouble soon expire. Be courageous!
    Gifts great! I am sure that everyone will enjoy! Good time for a meeting!

  26. I'm glad that yoiu and your family are safe. These fires are terrible. Beautiful gifts for your group.

  27. O Drora this is so sad and sorry for your country and all the people, I hope that the fire should stop quickly. I find your chocolates very nice

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  29. Oh my gosh! That is so scary. Hopefully the chocolates provided you with some comfort! :)

  30. Q horror x dios bueno quiero felicitar a carmen x el soteo

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