Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, March 14, 2016

Unexpected finds

Hello all,

Stuff for creating miniatures can be found where you least expect them to be.  The other day I was
looking for a new frying pan at a home appliances store and look what I found.

A silicone mold for pralines.  Perfect for fimo miniature cakes.  The price: about US$3.00.

Another silicone mold, a little bigger than the first, for cookies.  This one will be good for
cold porcelain or ceramic miniature cakes.  These two air-drying clays loose about 30% of their volume when dry and need larger molds.  The price about US$4.00.

Two bamboo placemates good for wooden floors at the price of US$2.40 each.  (lots of easy to
cut wooden strips in them.)

I was putting order in a long forgotten chest when I found this beautiful hand painted miniature
of a traditional ox-driven wagon in Costa-Rica. My husband received it, years ago,while working on a short project in this lovely country.

Here it is again with a match on top of the wheel for size.

A picture of a 1:1 cart full of coffee bags. (From the internet)

More information here.

I wish you all wonderful sunny spring days.  Blessings


  1. Hola Drora! Yo también tengo ganas de ver el sol de la primavera, pero lo cierto es que en este momento aquí está nevando!!!! Me encantan tus compras, qué alegría da encontrar tesoros inesperados, verdad? Jaaaa! El carro es sencillamente precioso. Un beso

  2. Que hermosura de carrito! y que grata sorpresa es encontrar cosas tan bonitas que teníamos olvidadas. Los moldes son estupendos para la repostería en miniatura. Muy buena compra!

  3. Las compras perfectas para hacer minis nuevas. Ya enseñaras las tartas que hagas. Y el carro... que maravilla. Es una preciosidad.

  4. I love it when I stumble on something great like these! Thanks1

  5. That bamboo mat is really good for a lot of wooden projects. :) And the molds I saw them over here too but somehow never thought about using them in 1/12 scale. Hope to see new cakes soon! Hugs

  6. You've made some fantastic finds... I foresee many, many pieces of cake for a nice and cozy Kaffeeklatsch! ;O) And how great you've found this beautiful cart again - what a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing the information about the real ones - the one in your picture is stunning.


  7. Great molds I would not have thought of using these for cakes. I love the gorgeous cart.I am very glad that your weather has improved. Have a great week.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Has encontrado cosas bastante útiles para hacer miniaturas. Me encanta el carrito

  9. Has encontrado unos tesoros preciosos Drora,es verdad que nunca sabes dónde aparecerán! El carro es una preciosidad!!!!
    Yo también espero ese sol de primavera!!!

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  11. ,Hello Drora

    .The praline/cake molds look very nice
    .I especially like the look of those placemats
    !They must make excellent wooden floors
    .Would love to see where you end up putting them
    .What an impressive wagon. So colourful

    ,Have a great day

  12. Those place mats and silicone molds are great finds, Drora, I bet that we will see new floors and more new cakes soon ;)!
    I agree with Birgit : it's great that you've found this beautiful cart again. Thanks for sharing the information, the real one in your picture is a treasure!
    I hope you'll have sunny spring days too, just like we have had now for since about 5 days :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Hello Drora,
    Those are all amazing finds. I can't wait to see the cakes you'll make...and the cart is fantastic!
    Big hug

  14. Замечательная повозка! Мне нравится ручная роспись!
    Очень симпатичные силиконовые запчасти!
    Желаю теплой и солнечной недели!

  15. This is wonderful drora you found such nice things especially the cake molds

  16. Hola Drora, yo también tengo esos moldes pendientes de estrenar, a ver si me animo. El carro es precioso, seguro que harás algo bonito con él.

  17. El carrito es una preciosidad. Que bien encontrar esas cositas para las miniaturas :D

  18. What fabulous finds Drora! that cart is really lovely and I m sure you have fabulous plans for those little cakes!

  19. Your finds are perfect for minis. The cart is fantastic.

  20. Hola Drora!! Me encantan!! Estos moldes son estupendos para hacer miniaturas!! Seguro que con ellos unos de pasteles maravillosos. El carro es precioso!! Un gran abrazo!!

  21. Esos moldes ideales, ya los conozco.
    El carrito te ha quedado precioso.
    Un abrazo