Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, March 18, 2016

How to make a seashell decorated miniature box

Hello dear readers,

My seashells decorated boxes are a big hit with miniatures' as well as with non-miniatures' collectors. Recently I had to make four of them for very special friends.  I became bored creating the same design again and again, so I'm trying to make some variation and thought I'd take you along, step by step while I do it.  After all the shells are free, a gift from nature, and the wood is easy to to find at craft shops so why not give it a try.

Materials required for the box:

One large wooden craft stick  (20/2.5 cm) or a 2 mm thick balsa sheet
One long narrow craft stick (18/0.7 cm)
wood cutting tools
tacky glue
Black, brown or any other color of your choice, acrylic paint

Cut two 2/2.5 cm pieces from the large stick, one for the box top and one for the box's bottom.
Cut one  2.00/1.5 piece          -     "      -          for the underside of the box top
Cut two 0.7/2.5 pieces from the narrow stick for the sides of the box.
Cut two 1.5/2.5           -      "     -

Glue together all the parts.  (See photo bellow)  Glue the sides on top of the bottom part.

Paint with the color of your choice and now we are ready for the decoration.

I painted the box black all over and used seashells.  I also spread some tiny no-hole gold colored
beads on top.

I am not so sure about the tiny gold beads.  It looks better in real life than in the photo.

Hope you'll be able to use this tutorial and do some variations of your own to show me.

I wish you a lovely weekend and blessings..


  1. I'm lucky, because I have two of these boxes, my dear friend. Wonderful boxes.

  2. ,Hello Drora

    .Wow. These boxes are really lovely. And so tiny
    .The gold beads look a little bit like sand
    ?Was that the effect you had in mind

    Maybe if you used some blue or white ones
    .they would look like water bubbles

    ,Have a nice weekend

  3. son lindísimas esas cajas tuyas

  4. They are charming! And I owe one!!! :) I am sure your friends will simply love them. :) Hugs

  5. Just like Faby, I'm als a lucky owner of one of your sea shell boxes, Drora. Thank you so much for the great tutorial :D!! I think the golden beads look sophisticated, a sort of fine golden sea sand grains ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Hi Drora! I really like your boxes, and I think, the gold beads look very well, bit like sand. Hugs! Magda

  7. I am also one of the lucky ones :) I love your little seashell boxes. I really like the gold beads it looks like sand. Thank you very much Drora for sharing your wonderful tutorial.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Tus cajas son preciosas, gracias por el tutorial.

  9. I think it's very beautiful and golden beads looks very good with shells!
    Those shells must be very tiny, you are lucky you could find such :)

  10. Muy bien explicado el tutorial Drora,esas cajas son preciosas,gracias!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for a really fun tutorial Drora! I feel very excited about it and looking forward to trying one. Yours are really beautiful. The tiny gold pearls are very pretty I think. Blessings, Pam in Norway

  12. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial... and isn't if fun to read in all the comments how many people already are happy and proud owners of one of these treasures made by you?! Well, I am too... eh... maybe I should better say Gertie is - and I can tell you: Anyone ever trying to remove her shell box from her table will be conjured into a toad and thrown in a stork's nest... *LOL* The gold beads look very nice even in the photos (although this kind of stuff indeed does look better in reality, I can tell tales about this too), it reminds of sand in a way. But maybe it would be an idea to use a coat of real sand for the box's lid... and I also liked Nina's idea with the blue and the bubbles.


  13. Lovely work as always Drora, I do love the time and attention you put into these gorgeous little boxes, a wee bitty gift of the sea and a keepsake for little wonders!

  14. Your boxes are fantastic. Thank you for the tutorial!

  15. Quedan realmente bonitas Drora. Yo tengo el mar muy lejos pero estoy pensando en sustituir las conchas quizá por otra cosa... Gracias por el tuto

  16. Son preciosas. Me recuerdan a mi niñez. Yo tenía una maravillosa caja con conchas donde guardaba mis tesoreos

  17. Muchas gracias por tu explicación. Te quedan unas cajas preciosas. Me gustan mucho esas pequeñas conchas.
    Un abrazo

  18. Привет Drora!
    Я являюсь счастливым обладателем вашей прекрасной коробки! Дизайн вашей новой коробки великолепен. Сокровище на морском дне!
    Спасибо, что показали ваш урок!

  19. Thank you Drora for sharing such a cute idea for a nautical scene!! I'm definitely going to try it soon! Big Hug darling!

  20. Muchas gracias por compartir tus ideas y proyectos, la naturaleza nos da unas preciosas conchas para hacerlas en todos los tamaños.
    Un abrazo

  21. Que cajitas tan preciosas, desde luego en una miniatura quedaran divinas :D

  22. Hello Drora,
    Thank you for the tutorial. The boxes are gorgeous and such a great item to display in a miniature setting.
    Big hug

  23. Hi Drora! Thank you for the tutorial. Tough I don't need to make a new box be cause I have one.:) Thanks for you! <3 Your beautiful box is now in Rauha's bedroom. -Happy easter time to you Drora! Hugs,piikko

  24. Preciosas cajitas,gracias por la explicación,besitos

  25. Dora, what Beautiful work I love the design. A great timeless keepsake to store miniatures in.

  26. Ohh la cajita me encanta algunas conchas tengo intentare hacerla siguiendo tu tutorial , muchas gracias muy bonita.Besoss