Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, March 13, 2015

Seashells and flowers

Hello dear readers

I am still here.  The weather was too nice to stay home and craft.  Among other outdoor activities, I went "fishing"  for for shells again.  I needed the tiny shells that can be easily found inside the water see my tutorial how to collect them (Here).

Finally, after several days of pure laziness, I started crafting again.  Simply couldn't resist making some flowers to "plant" in my new glazed and fired flower pots.

The town squares are blooming with colorful pansies.  I had to try making some , as well as
daisies geraniums and one strawberry plant.  Very soon the strawberries season will be over.

The stand is made by the same method as the shoe rack.  I painted it brown to make my flower pots
stand out.

Remember my Fantasy house?  A new tenant has come to live in it.  No, it's not Balatova, the ageless
witch.  Poor Balatova had an accident.  On her return from the last witches convention, she fell off
her broom and broke a leg.  The Skellies are very worried and hope she'll be well and back before Easter.

I'll let you meet the beautiful new tenant very soon.  Meantime you can just guess who it is.  There
we be a prize for the  right guess.

A warm welcome to my new follower Kristinka.  Thank you for following.

Have a wonderful weekend with my blessings.


  1. Replies
    1. Wonderful flowers. I love making flowers too. Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Melli

  2. Your mirrors are very pretty. Your colorful flowers are so cheerful and make me look forward to spring. I cannot think who the new resident will be...I will just have to wait. a :-)

  3. Drora I just love your shell pieces! The mirrors and the little box look just like the real thing! You found very nice shells too. The flowers look beautiful and make me forget about all the snow outside! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Oh they are beautiful Drora, both the tiny shell makes and the flowers! Love so much the tiny mirror, excuisite. Blessed weekend, Pam xx

  5. What a lovely litle shells you have found Drora

    You have made also lovely little plants

    Have a nice weekend


  6. Hi Drora! Your new miniatures with the tiny shells are wonderful and as being a big fan of flowers I love your flowers too :D!! So colorful, they have a touch of the coming spring :D!!
    I can not think who the new resident will be, I have no clue.....I'm sorry :)!
    Wishing you a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Дрора, привет
    Как прекрасно, когда "рыбалка" рядом и можно собрать такие маленькие ракушки.
    Цветы очень нравятся!

  8. ,Dear Drora
    .What a beautiful flowers and nice mirrors
    Hugs Dorien

  9. Beautiful mirrors, great flowers and stand! I am not good at guessing so I wouldn't guess anyway but can't wait to see who is going to live there! Hugs

  10. Dear Drora,
    beautiful miniatures ..!!!
    Mini Hugs,

  11. Дорогая Drora !
    Ваши новые миниатюры прекрасны! Я люблю ваши зеркала и цветы! Герань смотрится очень реально!
    Я сожалею, но не знаю, кто ваш новый арендатор домика с привидениями. Наверное, привидение доброе и веселое! :) :) :)

  12. I love your little shell boxes the one I received is so delicate and perfect. I wish we had little shells about ..not just sticks and snow!

    I am glad you are getting to enjoy the nice weather, we are so close to spring the birds are lettign us know its coming but not SOON ENOUGH!

    Your flower skills have become so amazing over the last year I think you might condiser doing a small patio or garden scene with them about, I would love to see it!

  13. Beautiful colours with your flowers and you made great new minis with your shells.

  14. veo que sigues muy atareada con las minis y me alegro , me encantan tus trabajos con las diminutas conchas que recojes,espero que Balatova se recupere pronto



  15. Se nota que llega la primavera y tus preciosas plantas hacen que se vea más bonita!!!

  16. dear Drora, your mirrors are so beautiful and I love your flowers they remind me off Spring.
    Have a great weekend Hugs Mieke

  17. Dear, what have you done??? You caused a nervous breakdown over here for some flutterybeary with writing about strawberry season being almost over"! *LOL* But without kidding - wonderful work, looking at beautiful flowers is always good but even better after a long, dark, cold winter I guess... And it's great to see you working on miniatures after some lazy days, but you probably needed some time after all the troubles and sorrows. As always it's fun to see you work with tiny shells and it's so exciting to hear about the new resident... although I feel sorry for that poor witch. Hmm... who could it be... maybe a companion like a black cat or an owl...whatever it is, I'm sure it will be awesome.


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  19. Quise decir magnífico trabajo :)

  20. Maybe the new resident is a beautiful rag-doll kitty. I love all your lovely work with the shells and the plants.

  21. I'm very lucky to have two of your beautiful box with shells. Your colorful flowers are very beautiful.

  22. The pottery came out lovely Drora. They look great with flowers planted in them.

  23. Que bonitas plantas, y los espejos están geniales

  24. I always love your shell work and these are beautiful. Your flowers are gorgeous and they are perfect for your beautiful pots. I am thinking maybe a beautiful fairy for your fantasy house :)) I hope Balatova recovers very soon.
    Hugs Maria

  25. Las plantas están preciosas. Los elementos hechos con las conchas muy bonitos, además de lo divertido que ha tenido que ser recogerlos.

  26. our work with the shells is just gorgeous !! Also wonderful plants, congratulations!

  27. Hello Drora,
    You made some beautiful pieces. Your flowers are just lovely. I can't wait to meet the new tenant and I hope Balatova is all right.
    Big hug,

  28. Great to hear from you, Drora! I'm glad you've been having such lovely weather. Your flowers are gorgeous. I absolutely love your new pansies--great job! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new character. xo Jennifer

  29. Da gusto ver tus plantas, anuncian la primavera. Los espejos son muy simpáticos y es muy entretenido recoger conchas tan pequeñas. UN beso.

  30. ¡Haces unas plantas preciosas!. Un saludo, Eva

  31. Hi Drora! I always love your flowers and shell works. They are all very pretty also this time. -About the tenant..hmm who she will be? Can't wait!!! :)

  32. sus trabajos con las conchas siempre me parecen preciosos, y esas flores lucirán en cualquier sitio tal como son preciosas
    un abrazo

  33. Hi Drora!
    So beautiful new mirrors with seashells and wonderful flowers!
    Love them all! Hugs