Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Jaffa Museum

Hello dear readers

Yesterday my daughter helped me take the miniatures over to the museum.
In my last post I wrote that the mini-art exposition is to replace the dolls but when
we arrived some of the dolls were still there as most of their owners from all over the country
couldn't come to collect them because of the fights in Gasa and the rockets alarms.
We were amazed to discover what a stunning exposition of dolls.  These were not
antiques as I mistakenly thought and wrote.  All were artistically hand made and very beautiful.

The mini-art exposition, due to circumstances, will be postponed and the opening take place
on August 8.  I had to leave everything packed in storage there.

Nilly took a few photos with her Iphone  We didn't take a camera along believing the place
will be empty.

The building itself is very old and the show rooms are stunning.

 I chose to show you these very cute and humorous works.  These are not dollhouse size miniatures.
 I really regret it that we didn't go to see this exposition when it was going on.

A warm welcome to my new follower Angelina .  Thank you for following.   Dear Angelina, please contact me at my email address drorahed@gmail.com.

We are praying and wishing for peace and cease fire on both sides stop the killings on both sides.

Blessings to all


  1. I hope that soon know peace. Beautiful photos. Hugs.

  2. It looks like a lovely space to present your work Drora.:) I do hope somekind of truce is still possible and that's at least what I wish for all of you. :) Hugs

  3. I hope peace is with you and your family soon. What a beautiful place to show your wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the dolls. My heart aches that we humans have not learned to have peace. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Be safe

  5. Hello Drora,
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. the venue is beautiful and the dolls you showed us are terrific. I am praying very hard that both sides make peace.
    big hug,

  6. Dear Drora, what a pity that you did discover too late, that the dolls exhibition was so beautiful. But I thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of these humorous characters :D!
    Following the news on the tv I so hope peace will come soon for all of you and in both countries. I'll pray for you all and for peace.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. The museum is a beautiful place to display your art. I hope things are resolved and people become safe once again . Hugs and thoughts upon you and yours ~J

  8. What a beautiful museum for your work to be displayed. I am praying for peace and wishing you and your loved ones safety. Hugs, Lisa

  9. Muy bonita la estructura de las sal de exposiones. La exposición actual prece divertida y original. Espero que pronto termine esa locura.

  10. me encanta la sala aquí en sevilla tenemos algo parecido las atarazanas un antiguo astillero en seco con ese tipo de techos,me alegra saber que siguen bien y que los acontecimientos de su pais no le están afectando personalmente es verdaderamente preocupante
    un gran abrazo

  11. I really like this museum space. It is fashioned like a cave and has a cosy yet mysterious feel. I can imagine turning the corner with anticipation. The dolls are wonderful and I am glad you shared them with us.

    Drora I have sent you a parcel.of some flowering teas. Do let me know if you have received them. :)

  12. Drora, thank you for the museum tour! Show rooms really are stunning and dolls very adorable. :)
    I am also following news...so sad. :( I wish peace for both countries and to the whole world. Hugs, piikko

  13. Es una bonita exposición de muñecas, espero que pueda mostrar sus trabajos y que pronto se establezca la paz entre los dos paises. Gracias por compartir las maravillosas fotos con todos.
    Besitos Isabel

  14. I am very sad what is happening in your country, I hope that peace will return presto.Un big hug

  15. Wishing peace for you Drora and for all who face fear, sending a warm hug.

  16. It is so terrible to see what's going on in your country at the time.
    I wish you and your family a lot of strength that everything to survive.
    I can only hope that there is peace soon, because the world could be so beautiful.
    I think of you


  17. Me uno a tus deseos de paz.

  18. el lugar parece fantástico, ojalá tu exposición ya se pueda ver en paz

  19. Hi Drora!
    I think most of the world would like to see the killing stop, hopefully one day soon life can return to normal for you.
    It looks like an amazing building an the dolls are all the more interesting for being one of a kind.
    Kind regards, Brian.

  20. This is an amazing place for an exhibition. Your miniatures will be perfect there. The doll exhibition seemed very interesting.
    Let's hope and pray peace will come soon.

  21. thank you for sharing photos of the dolls I think they are wonderful too bad they aren't in 1:12 scale I hope peace comes to your part of the world soon


  22. Oh dear, I'm so sorry about what happens in your area. The world is a harsh place nowadays.

  23. I hope for peace. Stay safe dear Drora X

  24. Hola Drora!! Que lugar tan bonito, espero que la exposición vaya fantásticamente bien, ya nos contarás. Y deseo que se acabe de una vez esa guerra absurda, por que siempre acaban pagando los mismos, los infelices. Un beso

  25. I love the style of that museum! It looks like a magical place to go exploring, and the dolls you shared have so much style too! I am really looking forward to your show of miniatures at the museum. I'm already so proud of you! xo Jennifer

  26. This museum is a wonderful place to exhibit beautiful items... your stunning piece will look fantastic in this "showroom". What a pity you missed the dolls exhibition - but at least you've been able to have a look at some of them, although the background why you've been able to do so is a very sad one. I think we all are hoping for peace soon for both sides in your area, my prayers for you and your family.


  27. Дорогая Drora!
    Очень красивый музей! Хочется скорее увидеть ваши работы в этом музее!
    Так хочется, что бы в наших странах был мир! Ну почему?????
    Очень больно....
    Желаю вам и вашей семье благополучия. Пусть будет все хорошо!

  28. Cara Drora, il museo è stupendo! Grazie per averci regalato alcune foto.Mi dispiace che tu non sia potuta andare a visitare la mostra.Vi auguro che la pace avvenga molto presto. Un forte abbraccio.Manu

  29. What an interesting display space. I hope we get to see photos of your exhibits when they are eventually set up.