Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Carmen's giveaway win

Hello dear readers,

This sweet baby is Carmen's giveaway gift.  It arrived  at my door by our very friendly post lady.
Carmen also hooked the beautiful rug.  Carmen is one of the most generous bloggers who crafts and gives away frequently, beautiful miniatures that she creates.  This is the second time I was lucky to win and
cherish some of Carmen's creations.

Thank you dear Carmen. I am very happy with your lovely gifts.

Between alarm sirens and short stays in a sheltered area,  I am still cleaning and fixing the pieces
destined for the exposition.  Next Sunday is the time to take them over to the Museum.  By the
way, this mini-art show will replace the present exposition of antique dolls which was a great

This stall was built by me.  I used real leather for the handbags and belts and some raffia for the straw bags.

I am sure I showed you before this little 1/48" scale dollhouse in a tea box.  It goes to
the exposition.  Except for the bathroom and a few pieces in the dinning room, I made
everything, using craft sticks, beads, nail decoration and matches. The wallpaper is from
the internet.

There are two more pieces to be finished, a fruit stand and an antique stand.

I have to pack everything carefully.  I already collected some carton crates for that purpose.

I hope that by my next post there will be a cease fire and peace, for who knows how long, for both parts.

Blessings to all


  1. Blessings to you Drora and prayers for peace. Your miniatures are so beautiful, something wonderful always in the making by your talented hands. Pam xx

  2. Your 1:48 scale house made in a tea box it's absolutely gorgeous!! Wow Drora, what a masterpiece!! The stall with all the leather bags is really cute and the baby you got as a present from Carmen is a darling! Congratulations for that and I hope with all my heart that in your next post there will be no more sirens and chaos.......Hugs!

  3. Felicidades Drora por el regalo de Carmen, el bebé y su manta son hermosos. Te deseo suerte en la exposición, has hecho unas cosas muy bonitas y también deseo un alto al fuego y si puede ser la paz por el bien de todos. Un beso

  4. Espero que la paz llegue pronto. Es muy triste ver cada día en las noticias las muerte de tanta gente inocente.
    Se que el bebé es precioso porque a mi también me llegó uno. Me gusta mucho tu tienda de bolsos y siempre alucino con las cosas a escala 1/48

  5. Congrats on your cute win, Drora! Your dollshouse and bag stal are lovely! Hugs

  6. suerte y ésito con la exposición ...

  7. Hello Drora,
    The exposition will be terrific. Your pictures are fantastic. I love that stall...the purses are terrific. Have fun getting ready. You are in my thoughts and I pray you will stay safe.
    Big hug,

  8. Que preciosidad de casita en escala 1:48, me parece algo casi imposible de hacer y te ha quedado lindísima.
    Te mucho cuidado con esos tesoros en el viaje a la exposición, sería una pena que algo se estropeara.
    Mucha suerte y bendiciones también para ti

  9. The baby is so cute, congratulations! And your bags are wonderful! Hannah

  10. Поздравляю!!! Малыш замечательный!
    Кармен очень щедрая леди!
    Мне нравится ваш ларек с сумками! Смотрится идеально!
    Ваши работы на шоу вызовут всеобщий восторг! Вы будете иметь большой успех!
    Мне нравится ваш маленький дом! Я мечтаю построить такой же!!! Тем более, что у меня есть драгоценная ванная комната, которую вы мне подарили!

  11. Muchas felicidades por el regalo, el bebe es una monada,. Mucha suerte en la exposicion, es una maravilla las cositas que llevas.

  12. Congratulations on winning this gorgeous baby, Drora, enjoy it! I love the stall with the handbags and the belts, great work :D! Your teeny tiny dollhouse is a real treasure, I hope the exhibition will attract lots of visitors ;)!
    I really do hope that there will be a cease fire and peace, Drora, take care for your family and you both!
    Blessings and hugs, Ilona

  13. I also have the sweet baby made by Carmen.
    Your stall is fantastic; I like the bags. And the little house is gorgeous.
    I hope there will be peace soon in your country. Take care.

  14. We all hope that there will be a cease fire real soon... those of us living in peace should be so thankful, I can hardly imagine how it is when the sirens cling and you have to run for shelter (not to speak of the other side - they don't even have shelter). But it's good to hear you're safe and preparting the exhibition. The tiny dollhouse is so much fun to look at, so many details to be discovered and all your stalls are fascinating. Congrats on winning one of Carmen's beautiful babies!


  15. Drora, I am praying for peace. Stay strong my friend & hopefully there will be cease fire soon. I love Carmen's creations and that baby is so adorable. Did you name her yet? Beautiful work and I am glad you are able to stay creative and calm through this. Hugs, Lisa

  16. Drora, Oh what a cute baby you've won, it's beautiful, even the blanket.
    I wish you good luck with the exhibition, very nice.
    And your tea box 1:48, good work, amazing so small.
    My prayers for Israel, may soon be quiet and peaceful.

  17. I pray for you and your family that there will be peace soon. Congratulations on your adorable baby from Carmen's talented hands. Your handbag stall is fantastic. I love the little house it is amazing with all those beautiful details.
    Hugs Maria

  18. I hope you and your family will be safe in this terrible time. I am also proud and hopeful for you folks as you are not shut in and have the bravery to contiune living life in such a strong manner and planning events.

    Your miniatures are always so wonderful but i must say you have such a touch for 1:48th scale the house is amazingly detailed and wonderfuly crafted

    All my best wishes to you and yours!
    hugs ~J

  19. I just love seeing all the pieces you're preparing for the exhibition. Each one is a tiny masterpiece. I adore the 1:48 house in a teabox. That tiny dollhouse in the children's room is amazing! Your mini leather purses are really cute. Congratulations on your mini baby from Carmen. I'm sending good thoughts your way for peace and a successful exhibition. xo Jennifer

  20. muchas felicidades por ese regalo de Carmen ,
    esos puestos de mercado y la casita en la caja de te , son preciosos, seguro que gustaran mucho en la exposicion



  21. Your shop fronts are really wonderful amazing work. I'm sure all your miniatures will have a great success at the exhibition. I deeply hope that things will get better in your part of the world.

  22. Dearest Drora, came by to make sure you are alright and am really happy to see that you have been so creative and productive. Wow, you are exhibiting ? Congratz my dear :). I wish I can visit your exposition. Be sure to post loads of pics ok?

  23. House in the tea box! I love it! <3 And as Sans...I also wish a lot of photos from the exposition. - Hugs, piikko

  24. I'm sure you'll have a great success, these works are adorable, I love the house inside the box of tea, I love it!

  25. It sounds like you are well organised with getting all your wonderful miniatures ready for the display. My thoughts are with you and I hope peace will come and you remain safe.