Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chandeliers for the painting gallery

After a few days in bed with a bad case of flu, I am up and wobbly.  I have done no minis for a whole week.
Today I started to make chandeliers for the gallery but I'm really unhappy with the results.
I took photos so you can see the "before".

First experiment, the beads are too large. Will be dismantled.

Second experiment - a little better but still not satisfying.

I'll work on the second.  Hope to be able to show you a successful attempt within a few days.

Can you see the two dark wooden boxes with the lamp hanging between them. Before I fell sick, I was very lucky to find these boxes which are perfect for small vignettes. They are made in Chine and  landed here in very poor condition, so were sold quite cheaply. I bought 8 boxes which will be  paint  over and papered. With a little scene inside they'll be excellent future gifts.

A very warm welcome to new followers

Dominique -

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and blessings


  1. Hi Drora, I'm glad you're over the flu and hope you feel all better soon. Your second chandelier experiment looks wonderful--very elegant! Great find on the boxes. Blessings, dear friend! xo Jennifer

  2. Hi Drora, Glad you are feeling well enough to work on your minis. I love the second chandelier. If I could ask, what did you use for the bottom gold plate? Can't wait to see what you do with the boxes. Mini Hugs, Lisa

  3. Hi Drora, sorry to hear you've been battling the flu, I hope you are back on your feet very very soon. I think your second chandelier looks lovely. :) We're all perfectionists about our work aren't we? And your miniature work really shows it, such patience you have through the process. Glad you got a deal on the boxes, there's nothing quite like getting a great deal on minis, like I did with that lot of stoves I purchased last year that only needed some minor repairs (and legs for some, LOL) to bring them back to good shape. Have a great weekend, continue to feel better I hope. :D
    Many mini hugs,

  4. Que bonita lampara, eres unA ARTISTA.
    Por cierto te voy a dejar un correo en tu email.
    Millones de besos...Julia

  5. Pero si me parecen perfectos los dos modelos!!!

    ?Desarmaste el primer intento
    Las cajas son un gran hallazgo, seguramente veremos pronto 8 preciosas viñetas

  6. By the second attempt to be, it is very fine, it hangs well and has very good shape. I hope that you have recovered your flu. Treat yourself whit a lot of good vitamin c smoothies.

  7. Ciao Drora, l'influenza lascia il fisico debilitato ma ti auguro presto di ritornare in piena forma. Il lampadario è stato un buon lavoro artigianale, bravissima!E le scatole sono state un ottimo affare. Bacioni Manu

  8. Hello Drora, I hope your are feeling well again. I am looking forward to your next experiment with the chandelier; It looks very promising already.
    I often do a lot of experiments too before the result is what I had in mind. I learn a lot from my "failures":D

  9. Hello Drora,

    I hope you feel better soon

    What amazing that you make a chandelier

    Good luck with the third attempt :)

    Greetings Xandra

  10. Hello Drora rimettiti in fretta dall'influenza! sono bellissimi i candelabri!!!!!!!kiss!

  11. You are way too hard on yourself! The 1st attempt was already quite nice and the 2nd is even better!

  12. Hi Drora! I think it's beautiful...I am sure it was a lot of hard work to build a lamp! The 2nd attempt looks really nice, I am sure the 3rd will be amazing! You know what they say...3rd times a charm !

  13. espero que se encuentre mucho mejor, por aquí la gripe también esta en su apogeo y todos estamos sufriendo en mayor o menor medida sus rigores
    sus lamparas van por buen camino seguro que consigue algo especial
    un abrazo

  14. Oh Drora, siento mucho que estes enferma,pero el lado bueno es que tienes más tiempo para las minis,;), seguro que la siguiente lámpara te queda perfecta.

  15. Get well soon dear Drora! I think the first chandelier was actually really nice!The second looks good too.:) Can't wait for more.:)

  16. Дорогая Drora!
    Как Ваше здоровье? Очень надеюсь, что Вы уже хорошо себя чувствуете.
    Мне нравятся Ваши обе люстры. Они очень нарядные и красивые.
    Желаю здоровья Вам и Вашим родным.

  17. Hey Drora,
    I hope you are feel better. Your chandelier looks so beautyfull. So long time I want to make my own chandelier from a kit from "Bindels Ornamente"

    LG Alexandra

  18. !Добрый день. Выздоравливайте. Люстры смотрятся отлично

  19. Hope you will get better soon. I think your lamps are very beautiful lamps, especially the second .
    I still need more lamps so I will have to do more.
    The roomboxes will be terrific för your miniatures. Wish I could find someting like that one day. It is something that is very good to have a whole bunch of

    Hugs from Lil in Sweden

  20. Sorry to hear you had to struggle with the flu - I've been already wondering if something might be wrong with you. Get well soon! I share your opinion on your first chandelier attempt, the beads are a little bit too big. But I totally disagree with you when we're talking about your 2nd try - this looks beautiful. Very well done, I admire your skills and your patience. And congrats on finding those boxes, they're perfect for your purposes. Can't wait to see what scenes you're going to create!


  21. I hope you are ok, now.
    I like your chandeliers, especially the second.
    Your new boxes are perfect for mini scenes. I'm curious to see what scenes you will create.
    Kiss Faby

  22. I am sorry to hear that you have been ill. Wishing you a speedy recovery. The flue really knocks you doesn't it. Your first chandelier is lovely and your second is gorgeous. Great find with the boxes I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Take care my dear friend.
    Big Hugs Maria

  23. Espero que te encuentres mejor de la gripe y cada día vayas teniendo más fuerza hasta recuperarte del todo!!!
    Las lámparas veo que vas muy bien con ellas,la segunda te ha quedado muy bonita,sigue experimentando y creando nuevos modelos!!!
    Muy buena compra la de las cajas,son perfectas para pequeñas escenas!!!

  24. I hope you are feeling much better now?
    I admire the work you did on the chandeliers to me they look beautiful
    The boxes are perfect to make a small scene in

    Hugs Jollie

  25. Es una lámpara preciosa. Te ha quedado genial, felicidades.

  26. Espero que tu gripe se olvide de ti y vuelvas a las minis.
    Tu primer intento de lámpara no estaba tan mal como tu dices, desde luego el segundo está mejor y si sigues trabajando en ella te va a quedar perfecta.
    Las cajas, todo un hayazgo. Un beso.

  27. Dear Drora, I hope you feel better now. Thank you for you cindly comments. - You have made beautiful chandeliers. It is nice to see that you have succeeded in makeing them so well . I have planned for a long time making two chandeliers. The rooms of my dollhouse are so low, so I cannot buy finished lamps.Your work encourages me. Have a nice week. Hugs and blessing Kati

  28. Me alegro mucho de que hayas superado la gripe, cuídate mucho que no nos dejes sin ver esas maravillas que haces, como esa lámpara. Besos

  29. En cuanto vi la foto de la lámpara pinché para verla mejor. La segunda es preciosa, aunque digas que no estás del todo conforme, a mi me parece perfecta.
    Me alegra que te sientas mejor del catarro y que regresaras a la actividad de siempre.
    Realmente los productos chinos son baratos, aunque no siempre de buena calidad. Pero son especialmente aptos para miniaturas
    Harás un buen trabajo con ellos.

  30. Dear Drora
    your chandelier call for a tutorial- It's so cute! and the boxes,such a clever buy.
    I hope you're up and about-strong again!
    Best Regards

  31. The boxes were a great find Drora. I have been considering making lights and chandeliers too but have trouble finding crystals that I am happy with so will watch the development of yours with interest. You have made a great start. Hugs, )Sandie (SnippetsOfMyHalfscaleFairfieldJourney.blogspot.com.au

  32. I hope you feel much better really soon. Take care of yourself while you recover! Hugs Sandie http://SnippetsFromMyStudio.blogspot.com

  33. Dear Drora, I hope you are fine now? It seems everyone have had the flu, this is a nasty virus! I like the lamps, I am curious to see the second lamp! Take care of yourself.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  34. Querida Drora, espero que ya te encuentres muy bien, ahora hay que ponerse fuerte. Muy bonitas lámparas, la segunda mucho mejor. Muchisimos besos de recuperación

  35. Hola guapisima.espero que estés mejor,cuidate mucho esa gripe,las lamaparas son espectaculares,me encantan,un beso.Rosa.

  36. Oh- I am so sorry to hear you have had the flu. I hope you continue to feel better and feel stronger each day. I like both chandeliers- they are both very pretty♥

  37. Hola Drora
    Espero que te encuentres mejor.
    Que preciosas lamparas, se ven genial.
    besitos ascension

  38. Sorry you were so sick, Drora! Do they give flu shots in your country? It's a good thing to have because if you do get the flu, you won't be so sick. Hope you will be feeling stronger soon. Good luck with your chandelier. The boxes look like a great idea!!

  39. Drora I hope you feel better now. I think the chandeliers look great.

  40. Drora...very best get well wishes to you! The flu is quite debilitating, so it's very impressive that you were able to create these beautiful chandeliers while recuperating.Take good care:)

  41. Hope you are feeling better. :) Your chandeliers are beautiful!! Very nicely done.

  42. Maravillosa idea Drora , sus lamparas han quedado muy bonitas y originales.
    Besos y saludos

  43. a Drora! Por fin descifré dónde poner un comentario
    a tu magnífico blog
    Cuando te hiciste seguidora del mío y vi tus comentarios, no me lo podía creer. ¡Una artista como tú y desde tan lejos, comentando las minis que yo hago, fue todo un elogio.Intenté poner algo aquí, Pero, en mi ignorancia informática, no sabía cómo.¡Mil gracias! Me has enseñas muchísimo y me has animado más aún. Muchos besos.MN