Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, January 11, 2013

1:48" cottage - continued

Very slow progress.  It was a hectic week. Bad stormy, cold and rainy weather.  Stayed inside most of the time, entertaining family and guests.  Today I worked, making doors and windows, as well as some stairs
for the entrance.

Also managed to wallpaper the interior.

Needs floors. I just put the pieces of furniture in for demonstation.

Tomorrow I shall finish the interior (Hopefully).

Here are some photos from the snow which fell yesterday in Jerusalem.  This happens only once in
a few years.

                                            Santa came late.

And a warm welcome to new followers.  I am very grateful that you are interested in
my blog.

Jane Sorgets
Helena - Couldn't locate your blog.  If you have one please let me know.

I wish all my friends a wonderful weekend.  Blessings


  1. The snow pictures are wonderful. What a treat to have snow in January.

  2. Lovely Pictures Drora and you are brave to take on 144 scale Aiii

  3. I am in love with the photos of Jerusalem in snow! Thank you so much for sharing them, Drora! Over here we have a lot of snow today too!:) Your cottage is looking more and more fantastic! Hugs

  4. It's so nice how your house project continues - and it was really fun to see the pictures of a snowy Jerusalem. We got a lot of snow today, too, and what was even worse, the streets were covered with blank ice, you could have skated on them.


  5. Drora your house looks fantastic. The wallpaper is lovely. Wonderful pictures of the snow everyone looks like they are having fun :)) No snow here "yet" just plenty of rain :( Have a great weekend.
    Hugs Maria

  6. .I like the photos of Jerusalem in snow! In Finland is a lot of snow now. Also in Nukkelan kylä :) Greetings Marja- Leena http://nukkelantalot.blogspot.fi

  7. Interesting because I never even knew that it snowed in Jerusalem!Your little house is looking good and I look forward to seeing what you will do with it. You have a lot of courage to undertake working with such a small scale.

  8. Hello Drora,
    Excellent work, as usual! I think getting such accurate detail is amazing in such small scale. I can't wait to see the floor. Enjoy the snow!
    Big hug,

  9. Wow! What fantastic photos of snow in Jerusalem! Thank you for sharing these. Your little house is coming along nicely. xo Jennifer

  10. This will be a cute little house, it looks beautiful allready, like the way you did the roof. * marlies

  11. Dear Drora
    Wonderful cottage! Its high time i'll go toward building a house of my own.
    and now something in Hebrew: את צילמת בכיפת הסלע? זה מדהים.
    אני טיילתי ברמת הגולן כפי שתוכלי לראות בפייסבוק שלי.
    להתראות וכל טוב

  12. So cute dollhouse Drora, I love it! And so beautiful pictures of snow in your city! Have a great weekend! hugs

  13. Que bonita se ve ya la cabaña!!! seguro que la terminarás pronto,te va a quedar preciosa!!1
    Que bonita la nieve en Jerusalen ya veo que disfrutasteis como niños!!!!

  14. .
    Votre petite maison est superbe quant on sait qu'il est difficile te travailler si petit.Les Belle journée à vous Dora!!
    . Isabelle PS J'ai bien peur que mon message soit toit emmélé!!!!!!!paysages enneigés sont toujours magiques. Sensation d' apaisement et de sérénité

  15. Nice progress on a house, Drora! We also are having a snow storm here, winter is cold this year! Mini hugs and stay warm! The benefit of the bad weather is that it allows to spend more time on the hobby, true? Natalia

  16. Hello Drora,

    What a cute little house you are making

    Beautiful pictures you have made ​​of the snow in Jerusalem

    Although I hate snow it's good to make pictures

    I wish you a pleasant Saturday

    Greetings Xandra

  17. Exciting mini project you have time in. It is very exciting to follow such a small project.
    You live in a very beautiful place Drora. Very interesting pictures you show us. Thanks for sharing.

  18. La cabaña cada vez se ve mas bonita, estoy deseando verla terminada, va a ser toda una gozada contemplarla. Me encanta ver paisajes con nieve, me resulta muy exótica porque en mi ciudad no nieva así desde hace 59 años. Un beso.

  19. Esa cabaña va avanzando, va a quedar preciosa.

    La nieve es muy bien recibida sobretodo en los sitios donde no la vemos a menudo. Bellas fotos.

    Besos Narán

  20. It is looking great! I am now working on half scale, but may have to resort to quarter scale. Seems that there are more things available in quarter scale!

  21. la casita te está quedando preciosa, eres valiente al atreverte con esa escala tan pequeña,las fotos me han encantado también, es hermoso Jerusalen nevado

  22. Your little house looks fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  23. Que casita tan bonita,no se si sera a escala 1/48 porque tengo una sin hacer,asi que estare pendiente de tus progresos,besos Auxi.

  24. Дорогая Дрора!
    Большое спасибо, что поделились такими замечательными фотографиями Иерусалима. Я увидела Стену Плача и Купол Скалы!
    Так много снега! Это удивительно! Дети счастливы играть со снегом!!
    Строить домик в малом масштабе это трудно! Ваш домик получается очень красивый!

  25. Hi Drora, your little
    cottage is allready looking very sweet :)
    I love the pictures from the snow in Jerusalem, thank you for sharing !!
    Have a great sunday.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  26. Love to see photos from your home country!

  27. Estoy deseando ver los avances de tu mini casita. En cuanto al reportaje de fotos me ha encantado, esta genial todo nevado

  28. I have always enjoyed being here , Drora and what makes your posts really special are the things you mentioned about happening in your life, the art you love , and things you find interesting . :). keep doing that Drora. Those winter pictures are gorgeous!