Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snowman teapot

I hate to, and never before, have mentioned our political situation in this part of the world, but it seems we are at war again. 5 days of rockets from Gaza on civilian cities. A young mother and two civilians were killed, a baby and her brother injured on the first day.   The Israeli air force is trying to stop them, a difficult task as the terrorists hide behind innocent civilians and hospitals.  They shoot their rockets from school yards and mosques.

Each time the alarm sirens are on we have to stay in sheltered rooms.  It's not so bad here, where I live,
but it's not easy in the towns near Gaza.

I use this opportunity to thank all my online friends who were concerned and sent me emails. I am so grateful to you all.

Since I have to stay home most of the time, I am working on my Christmas gifts.  Remember the bead necklace I showed in an earlier post?  I had another brain wave and made this cute snowman teapot
I used the white beads from the same necklace to make it.

Blessings to all


  1. Siento mucho vuestra situación, y anhelo el dia en que todo el mundo viva en paz, muchos ánimos.

  2. Hola Drora, lamento mucho la situación de inseguridad que viven. Es desastroso.
    Espero pronto termine y que no deje más tristeza y desolación.
    El muñeco de nieve es fantástico.
    Muchos besos

  3. Stay safe Drora! Such situation is never easy for common people. I am sorry you have to go through this all. The pots are charming! Hugs

  4. Dear Drora, I did not realized you live in Israel,it is a terrible thing this war and I really hope you are safe !
    I send to you all my thoughts and prayers and hope this aweful war will be over soon.
    You are sooo positive by working on your Christmas gifts, please stay at home and be safe.

    Big warm hugs Mieke xxx

  5. I was thinking of you since the first time I heard these terrible news - but I've seen your comments on my and other blogs and this was a sign for me that you're fine, according to the circumstances. I hope things won't go any further, but this is only hoping without true belief. - Your snowman teapot is lovely, a clever idea.


  6. Dear Drora, the war is a terrible thing. I hope it will end soon. I'm glad you're okay.
    Your new teapots are fantastic!
    Kiss and a big hug to you and your family.

  7. Drora I am so glad that you are safe. All wars are terrible things I hope this ends soon. Take care of yourself and family and stay safe. Your teapots are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Dear Dora really sad what happened now, I pray for you and your family and Isreal.You have made beautiful things, I look forward to your project for the paintings they sure are very pretty also your pretty teapot,take care of yourself

  9. I'm very sorry that you have to go through this Drora. It sounds very frightening and upsetting.Take Care. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Mini Hugs,

  10. Drora,espero que esta situación se solucione pronto,ánimo amiga,las teteras te han quedado preciosas,muchos besos desde España

  11. Hi Drora, I hope things calm down soon. Can't be easy living with war on your doorstep. Glad you're OK and making miniatures. Nothing like miniatures for a distraction from horrible things happening around you and the ones you love. Love your snowman teapot! My blog is idskesminis.blogspot.co.uk. Idske

  12. ello Drora, I am so glad to read your family and you're safe, I've thought of you after I heard the news these last days. Your snowmen are great, love to see them. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, dear friend.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  13. Sorry to hear that you have such bad problems in your life! Hope that you are O.K. We are reading about the problems in your area in the newspapers here and everybody hopes that it will work out well and that it end soon. Your snowmans are really cute

  14. Dear Drora, I'm glad that you and your family are safe and well. I am so saddened by all the difficulties in your part of the world. I am thinking of you and hope that you will soon be safe to go out.
    I love your snowmen teapots, what an amazing idea!! sending lots of love your way and a hug too

  15. Hola Drora..Siento mucho la situación por la que estás pasando y espero que se solucione preonto, besos Ana (mucuy)

  16. Querida Drora!!
    Las noticias que llegan a España, de tu país son terribles,he pensado mucho en tí,espero que se arregle pronto,es una pena cada cierto tiempo tener que escuchar que hay conflicto en Israel.
    Con mis mejores deseos,un beso desde España.MªLuisa

  17. Olá Drora, toda essa situação é muito triste, sinto muito, o pior é que sempre quem mais sofre, em todas as guerras , de todos os lados , são sempre os cívis....gente que só quer trabalhar, cuidar da sua família... é muito triste, ainda ontem comentava sobre ti com meu marido, e disse que nunca tinhas feito menção sobre o conflito.... infelizmente... querida, protejá-se e fique bem. Um grande abraço do Brasil e muitos beijos em teu coração.

  18. Esqueci de dizer, teus bules ficaram lindos!! És muito ciativa e talentosa, mais uma vez cuide-se muito. Te quero bem. Um beijo em teu coração.

  19. Knowing where you live, you were in my thoughts as soon as the news broke to us all. Please stay safe . I hope and pray this horrible situation will end soon. Take care, sweety!

  20. Дорогая Дрора!
    Это очень страшно!. Пусть Бог хранит Вас и Вашу семью.
    Вы замечательный человек, что находите в себе силы делать такие прекрасные миниатюры!
    Берегите себя

  21. Your little teapot is super cute. I'm so sorry to hear about
    the problems in your country
    Stay safe. Thinking of your IndyPoppy

  22. Hi Drora!
    I´ve been thinking a lot of you the last days when we heard the terrible news about Israel in the news. I hope so much that this war ends soon and people can live their lifes in peace. I am glad to hear that you are safe! Making teapots by using beads is a very clever idea and your snowmen are so cute :-) Now you will also need some cups, won´t you!!?
    Hugs, Sandra

  23. Dear Drora, i´m sorry the situation we are living, much encouragement. The doll is very cute. A big hug ,,

  24. Me he acordado mucho de ti estos días, espero que se pueda solucionar pronto esta situación.
    El muñequito de navidad es muy bonito.


  25. Muito triste a situação que você está vivendo. Esperemos que essas pessoas percebam que tudo isso só leva a dor e sofrimento de inocentes. Mantenha-se em segurança e continue fazendo peças lindas como as que nos mostra hoje. Um grande abraço,

  26. Hi Drora, Thinking of you! I hope you stay safe. <3 the little teapot! He's so cute!!!

  27. Dear Drora, I thought of you as I was listening to the news and I wondered if you were out of harm's way as those rockets came down. I'm so glad to hear that you are safe. But still, it must be so scary to live through something like this. When will it end? I'm keeping you in my prayers. Your little tea pot is adorable! You're so brave to just carry on like this!

  28. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us, Drora. As I mentioned to you once before, I don't follow the news, so I wouldn't know about this if you didn't tell me. I'm so sorry you and your countrymen have to go through this difficult time. My thoughts are with you. You've managed to come up with a fantastic creative idea with the snowman teapots--very cute! xo Jennifer

  29. Last night I talk to my husband about the situation with you. It is so hard to understand and cope with the situation with you. You have so many years lived under difficult and unpredictable conditions, difficult to understand that it may not be possible to get the conflict resolved and get some peace on people's lives. I think of you Drora and hope the best for you and your family.


  30. Hello Drora,

    What a terrible news every time

    I wish you much strength and hope that peace will soon be

    You teapots of the beads are fun become

    Strength and sweet greetings


  31. Oh dear, I have been watching this on the news and it is terrible, all those innocent people being killed and what for, please stay safe, my heart and prayers got out to you and everyone around you xx

  32. Dear Drora. I have known that you live in Israel, but not so perfectly where in there. Please Take care, please be in a safe place.
    Your snowman looks wonderful
    Thank you for your sweet words in my blogs. :) !
    Blessings and strength to you and your family.

  33. siento mucho leer que volveis a estar en guerra ,,ni siquiera puedo imaginar como debe ser la situacion, aunque me alegro que tu estes lejos del conflicto , el muñeco de nieve-tetera te ha quedado muy mono



  34. es lamentable la situación lo siento muchisimo espero que usted y su familia no se encuentren en sitios peligrosos
    me encantan esas teteras en forma de muñecos de nieve
    un gran abrazo y todo nuestro apoyo

  35. I am so sorry to hear what's going on. Take care, my friend, and let's hope for the best

  36. OH Drora, no había caído en la cuente de que vives en Israel lamento tanto la situación que os está tocando vivir!, debe ser durísimo vivir una guerra y generalmente son inútiles, te mando todo mi cariño y mis mejores deseos, cuidate mucho amiga.

  37. Drora, please stay safe.
    I did see a headline about rockets, but I honestly did not want to read the details.
    You and your family are in my prayers.

    Not to belittle the situation, but those snowman teapots are adorable.
    You come up with some very creative ideas.

  38. Dear Drora, I was thinking of you today as I watched the troubles on TV. I feel for you and hope you will stay safe, it's such a worry for you, something I can't imagine. I'm so happy for you that you can lose yourself in your hobby and have a little relief as you made your sweet snowman. My hopes and prayers are for you. Gill x

  39. Hi Drora! so sweet teapot! the snowman is funny idea. Hugs Magda

  40. Sigo las noticias por televisión y también sigo tu blog, por eso suponía que estabas bien. Cuanto me alegro, pero mantente siempre en sitio seguro porque las guerras no respetan nada. Es increíble que el ser humano aún no comprenda que las guerras no llevan a nada, solo a destrucción y muerte. Sigue haciendo esas minis tan bonitas y olvidar por unos momentos esa terrible situación. Por tus post en el blog sabemos que estás bien. No dejes de actualizarlo. Un beso muy grande.

  41. Mi dispiace leggere queste triste notizie, purtroppo nel mondo non cambia niente, della gente è morta e chissà quanta altra ne morirà inutilmente per delle stupide guerre.
    Immagino come ti starai sentendo.
    Complimenti per le mini, le teiere sono deliziose in entrambe le versioni.
    Ti abbraccio forte forte,

  42. Sigo las noticias,tanto en televison como en tu blog,no hay nada que decir de las guerras,son inutiles,me encanta la tetera de navidad,un beso.Rosa.

    1. Hola Drora, no sabes cuanto lamento la situación que vive tu país, por esas malditas guerras inútiles que solo sirven a los poderosos. Te deseo lo mejor y un gran abrazo.

  43. Espero que esteis toda tu familia bien.
    Cuando veo las noticias siempre me acuerdo de ti.
    Esto tiene que acabar de una vez.
    Enhorabuena por esas preciosas teteras.
    besitos ascension

  44. Lamento muchísimo la situación que está viviendo tu pais Drora, las guerras nunca han sevido para nada, solo para matar a gente inocente, y se te parte el alma cuando escuchas las noticias, desde España te mando todo mi cariño y deseo de corazón que termine cuanto antes. Un abrazo amiga.

  45. Perdona, pero con esta triste noticia no te he dicho que las teteras son una monada, que imaginación tienes tan buena!!! Besitos

  46. Drora, your happy looking snow men are so cute!♥
    A lots of hugs to you. I wish peace to the whole world! piikko

  47. I hope you will be safe, it is on the news all the time here in Norway, about the war in your country. Feel sorry for all who have to see a war.
    Your teapots are cute.

  48. Hi, Drora
    Thank you so much for the kind comment you leave me in my blog
    I hope you are well and I wish everything will be ok soon in your country
    I really love these cute snowman teapots
    ...I'll pray for the peace
    Have a good weekend
    Hugs, Mariana

  49. Drora,espero que toda la gente que tu quieres os encontreís bien,tiene que ser terrible pasar por una situación como la que atraviesa tu pais,sobre todo cuando nadie tiene en cuenta a la población civil.En una guerra solo hay perdedores,con la muerte no gana nadie,solo sufrimiento.Espero de corazón que todo acabe pronto!!!
    Muchos besos!!!!

  50. Siento mucho lo que te esta tocando vivir.Espero que sigais bien tu y toda tu familia.
    La teteras estan preciosas.Besitos.

  51. Drora love,

    Let us pray that the ceasefire is respected. It's so awful. I hope you are well.
    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Hugs and kisses from Craftland