Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preparing Christmas gifts

This year's Christmas list has grown large.  I have 10 gifts to send to online friends. Also Hannukka gifts for friends here.  I have to think of new miniatures that I haven't made before.

Made some Xmas cacti and one trial plant.

Also made these little felt dolls from a tutorial by Wendy Craig.  For the body of some dolls I used pompons instead of rounds of felt.

All the reduced paintings are framed and ready to go to the gallery.  The gallery will have to wait until
after Christmas and Hannukka.  I have little time and a lot of work  preparing gifts.
There is also a giveaway to think about.  Shortly it will be two years I am here. Celebration time.

A big welcome to new followers and thank you for taking the time to visit and join in.
Daydreamer, SulamitaTaina
Idske de Jong - Cannot locate your blog.  If you have one, please let me know.
Maureen - There is a beautiful modern chalenge giveaway in Maureen's interesting and quite new blog.
                  Go visit, I'm sure you'll love it.

Hugs and blessings to all


  1. Que maravillas en su blog,la felicito,por el trabajo bien hecho.Bss apretaos!!!!!!

  2. Hi Drora, Your Christmas cactus are gorgeous! All of your plants are gorgeous! You're so talented and always showing new miniatures--that makes your blog so fun! Cute doll idea too. Yes, I've had to put aside some projects, like you with your gallery, because it is a very busy time of year. Take care, and keep the stress low. :-) xo Jennifer

  3. Whoever will get some of these will be very happy, no doubt. Great work. And your pictures all together look so good and promising!


  4. Drora your cactus are fantastic. I still haven't gotten round to trying plants yet :D. I love your little dolls. I also will have to leave my next project for a while with lots to do and time flying faster every day :D Have fun making your gifts.
    A Big Hug my friend

  5. Cuantas cosas hiciste Drora, los muñequitos de fieltro son fantásticos, me encantan! Un beso.

  6. You have done a great job on both the plants and the dolls, I'm sure who ever gets them will cherish them. Your art collection is lovely, looking forward to seeing them in the gallery.
    A Big Mini Hug

  7. Hola Drora!
    Tus pequeños payasos son muy lindos
    Infortunadamente Wendy Craig No puede leerse su blog, ya que es privado.
    Tus pinturas y cactus son precioso

  8. Isn't it Christmas time the best? Everyone is busy making gifts! What a joy! The paintings look amazing! I wish I could paint too... Mini hugs, Natlia

  9. So busy you are. Remember also to socialize and enjoy time up to Christmas and Hannukka.
    Exciting things to get done. I look forward to seeing your gallery, you have really made ​​many and great pictures.

  10. Hello Drora, your gallery looks beautiful

    What a great collection you have now

    What an effort to make as many thumbnails

    I wish you much fun with it

    Kind regards Xandra

  11. Que cantidad de minis! me gustan mucho las plantitas

  12. Your Xmass cactus are amazing. I love the little dolls. You've a beautiful paintings collection, perfect for your gallery. I'm curious to see it.
    Bye Faby

  13. You've made some fantastic gifts Drora, it's all looking wonderful and the paintings are all amazing. Your gallery is going to look fantastic. Hugs Vicky xx

  14. en esta epoca del año todos andamos pensando ya en la navidad y los regalos , esos cactus estan muy bien y los muñecos son una monada , los cuadros quedan de maravilla y seguro que podran esperar a despues de navidad



  15. Hi Drora,you made lovely gifts ,it's all looking beautiful and the little dolls are soooo cute :)
    Your gallery is going to look great ,with all those fantastic framed paintings, you did a great job my friend !!1

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  16. los cactus son preciosos recuerdo que en casa de mama siempre teníamos varias de esas plantas y daban flores preciosas,
    los demás regalos tendrán mucho éxito sin duda sus dueños estarán contentos de revivirlos.
    un abrazo
    אַ האַלדזן

  17. Hola Droras, qué regalitos más preciosos. La galería va a ser una preciosidad. Ah! Me encanta la Navidad. Besos

  18. You have prepared beautiful gifts, Drora! Your collection of pictures is stunning!
    Thanks for the tutorial link.

  19. Your cacti are so cute,Drora, and those little dolls are adorable! Also, your paintings are just amazing. You work so hard and produce such beauties! I tried to get on Wendy Craig's site but you need an invitation. So, not knowing what to do, I just let it go.

  20. Que preciosidad de regalos. Ya estás aquí la navidad!!!
    Muchos besos

  21. All lovely, Drora and it is difficult to think of something new. I'm sure your friends will be very pleased.

  22. Que bien te han quedado olas plantas y los muñecos son una monada. Los cuadros quedan inmejorables, la galería va a ser expectacular, estoy deseando verla, un beso.

  23. Estoy deseando ver esa galería de arte terminada.
    Las plantas y los muñequitos son estupendos.
    Besos, Narán

  24. Que bonito todo y la exposición de cuadros es espectacular. Los payasos muy simpáticos. Besos.

  25. Son unos regalos preciosos. Las plantitas son fantásticas y los muñequitos una delicia. Con tanto trabajo es lógico que la galería deba esperar a que pase la Navidad. Esperamos verla. Un beso.

  26. Va ha quedar muy bonita la galería una vez terminada, hay una gran cantidad de cuadros.
    Los regalos son muy bonitos.


  27. Hola Drora, la galeria va a quedar genial con esos maravillosos cuadros.
    Cuantas minis para navidad, los payasos son muy simpaticos.

  28. Oh, this looks soooo great!! I am a bit envy as I am not sure if I find a bit of time for Christmas gifts this yer at all...;) But I will try hard.lol! Hugs

  29. Привет!
    Обожаю суету перед Рождеством!Много радости, хорошего настроения, подарков!
    Я люблю Вашу замечательную картинную галерею!

  30. Love all your little things! I think your gallery will be fantastic. Hugs from Lil

  31. Drora, you are very busy. Your work is gorgeous.
    Hugs from Craftland

  32. And it has been 2 years since we first met :):). You are a sweetie to make so many gifts! Can't wait to see your gallery, Drora :)

  33. Que preciosa colección de cuadritos Drora, estoy deseando verlos en su lu lugar. Los cactus son monísimos igual que los pequeños muñequitos, esta todo genial. Besitos y feliz fin de semana

  34. Querida Drora has estado muy ocupada haciendo cosas preciosas, son muy afortunadas las personas que van a recibir esos regalos ,besos Ana (mucuy) acamarah.50@gmail.com

  35. Adoro tu coleccion de cuadros,las plantas estan preciosas,pero los muñecos...me encantan,nunca los habia visto,un beso.Rosa.

  36. The dolls are so very sweet! Hugs Sanne

  37. Olá Drora, as plantas são lindas, os bonecos maravilhosos, mas a coleção de quadros é fantástica! Parabéns obrigada por comentar em meu blog. Um beijo em teu coração.

  38. Ваши картины просто шедевр!!!! мне очень нравятся)) Hugs

  39. Hallo drora,wil je mij je adres sturen voor het pakje van de kerstswap.mijn email adres is:
    groetjes doortje en bedankt.

  40. Carissima Drora grazie per i tuoi commenti e complimenti per tutti i tuoi ultimi lavori.
    Spero che tu stia bene viste le ultime notizie che ascoltiamo dal telegiornale.Un bacio

  41. Que bonitas plantas,la coleccion de cuadros es genial.
    Que fantasticos muñequitos son preciosos.
    besitos ascension

  42. Hello Drora!
    Merry Christmas! They are going to love the cacti. They look great! Love the little dolls. Wendy's blog is private. Am sure everyone would like to learn how to make these. So cute. Very nice paintings - will look so good in your gallery!
    Many hugs and kisses, conny