Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ilona's gift

Ilona, my dear friend of many talents, sent me a most exquisite, delicate, tiny, color pencils' drawing she made of a tiny king fisher.  You will probably find it odd that most of my late posts are about beautiful birds.
It's just that I love the feathered creatures and  simply admire the ability of a tiny one, less than 8 grms, to cross oceans and thousands of miles to escape winter.

Some months ago, I showed on my blog a photo of a collage by a Colombian painter.  Ilona asked me if I'd like a miniature of the collage. We began corresponding  by emails, (not a very easy task for both of us corresponding in English, a foreign language) Ilona, upon learning that we have a collection of Latin American paintings and being the generous lady that she is, offered to reduce and print on fabric any painting that I want.   To make a long story short, Ilona reduced 14 of my favorite paintings from the original measurements to 1:12.  A great accomplishment! Ilona printed them on fabric and mailed them to me together with the beautiful king fisher. THANK YOU ILONA!

My new project now is making a miniature gallery.  I am already making frames, very simple ones, as it's impossible to find frame material here in Israel.  I already made three and I'll show you more as I go along.

This is to show the mini on the original.  The colors match perfectly.

The only abstract painting we own.  It's also an expensive one, by a Peruvian well known painter, Alberto Davila.  I fell in love with the colors and the miniature is a perfect match. If you look hard, you'll see it on the bottom of the rather large painting.

I didn't realize before how hard it is to make frames for tiny pictures, even plain ones.  I hope to be able to make more to show you within a few days.

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Blessings to all


  1. Hi Drora, congratulation on this beautiful drawing that Ilona send you :)
    Ilona is such a talented lady, enjoy your present !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  2. Wow the drawing from Ilona is gorgeous. I love all the mini paintings she did for you. She is a very talented lovely lady. Your frames look great. Enjoy your gifts :)
    Hugs Maria

  3. preciosos cuadros, felicidades por los regalos de Ilona.


  4. The miniatures are perfect. The colours are wonderful. Congratulation to this wonderful treasures.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. This is so absolutely Ilona - the most darling lady, so full of skills and talents and totally generous. What a wonderful thing to own miniature versions of your beloved paintings - and whatsmore, miniatures made by a dear friend. And I really love the painting of the kingfisher.


  6. ¡Que lindos cuadros, Drora!

    Los que has hecho, copia de los tuyos originales, son fantásticos porque coinciden perfectamente en colorido y dimensiones en escala.

    El regalito del ave, es precioso y además muy acertado a tu gusto.

  7. Gefeliciteerd Drora met deze prachtige schilderijen. Ze zijn erg mooi
    Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie op mijn patch-to-patch blog

  8. It is a simply beautiful drawing, what a lovely gift. Your paintings are wonderful too, full size and in miniature too

  9. Congratulations on your wonderful gifts from Ilona, Drora! We are very fortunate to have her in our midst. She is so very talented, and you are very lucky to have such a good friend in her. The paintings are fantastic!!! xo Jennifer

  10. Hi, Drora
    So beautiful gifts you received from Ilona
    Very beautiful and well made the paintings
    She is very talented and generous friend too
    Have a wonderful week

  11. Hallo Drora

    Wat een prachtige kunst heeft Ilona voor je gemaakt

    Prachtig om te zien je eigen mini galerie

    De ijsvogel is ook erg mooi

    Ilona is een echte kunstenaar

    Groeten Xandra

  12. An Art Gallery? What a nice idea, Drora! And your paintings will suit to it well! Ilona did a great job with making smaller these colorful paintings! Love the bird! Hugs

  13. que bonitos regalos , y los marcos estan quedando muy bien



  14. Good morning Drora! You've already been very busy with making these frames ;)! It is a lot of work but now you have your own art gallery! You've done a good job making the frames, because it is not easy: you can see every mistake in cutting the wood. Enjoy your art treassures!!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  15. , son una delicia. Preciosos cuadros

  16. Los realitos son maravillosos, y el trabajo perfecto, el pajarito es un amor!! Besitos

  17. regalos unicos y preciosos felicidades ,besos

  18. Congratulations on the beautiful pictures you have received. You made some fine frames, they fit well. I look forward to seeing your gallery.

  19. The painting sent by Ilona is wonderful.
    I expect to see the result your new project. ;)

  20. Son una maravilla de cuadros, Llona es una artista, disfrutalos
    Besitoooos y feliz semana.

  21. Congrats for having got such beautiful Minipaintings! Hugs Kikka!

  22. Привет!
    Илона замечательный художник!
    Я рада, что Вы получили такой прекрасный подарок.

  23. Que cuadros mas lindos, el del pajarito es precioso.

  24. WOW!! The tiny kingfisher drawing is gorgeous and all the other pictures Ilona has printed in mini are amazing. Ilona's work is always divine
    I'm Looking forward to seeing all the pictures framed.
    Hugs Vicky xxx

  25. The miniatures are beautiful! I am looking forward to the opening of the gallery! :)
    Hugs ANDA

  26. The painting is fantastic. I like the other pictures and I'm looking forward to the opening of your gallery.
    Kiss Faby

  27. Unas pequeñas- grandes obras. Disfrútalas mucho,mucho

  28. Son unas verdaderas obras de arte, disfrutalas muchisimo.
    besitos ascension

  29. Those are Wonderful!

    Marisa :)