Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gifts from Jennifer - Hallow

Among things that are nearly impossible to find here in Israel are skeletons.  I once mentioned it to my dear friend Jennifer , who keeps pampering me all the time,  and this most generous, lovely person sent me a parcel containing Skelly, as well as 4 bats, 3 very original pumpkins made of raffia and a set of fireplace spades. They arrived just in time to make a mini scene.

THANK YOU JENNIFER. I love the miniatures and I love your cute card.

Skelly is courting Skella.  He says: I'm tired of resting in peace for ages.  Skella agrees and sighs. Skella says:  It's so romantic here! Just look at the lovely bats and pumpkins! Skelly says:
I miss the black cat,  I hope Drora finds it before the night is through.

The four pumpkins on the window sill are my experiment with cold porcelain clay which I prepared myself for the first time from an online recipe. The other skeleton, is a gift from my graddaughter Tali.  She brought me six on a string.  I don't think I'll find use for so many skeletons. I can always add them to swaps if someone is interested.

I don't know about the others, but I keep having difficulties in following blogs.  My readers list is often unavailable.

A happy Sunday to all with my blessings.


  1. Привет
    Какая милая сцена! Это свидание или деловая встреча?
    Замечательная сцена, замечательные подарки!
    Дженнифер хороший друг!
    Мои объятья

  2. How sweet of Jennifer that she has sent you the miniatures. You`r Halloween sene is beautiful and creepy :)

    Have a nice day and greetings,


  3. Ya tienes todo lo necesario para celebrar hallowen, jejeje

  4. What a great package you've got Drora! Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy them! Hugs

  5. Very nice! It is nice to share our extra pieces with friends. If there is anything you are looking for that you can't get - email me. I have a few things stashed away that I am not using. Maybe there is something you could use. My trash could be your treasure

  6. Hi Drora, what a lovely scary scene you made, I never before see two skeletons in love.....:)
    Jennifer is such a sweet and generous lady and the mini`s she send you are sooo thoughtful !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  7. son unos regalos geniales y si escena a quedado super bien
    un abrazo
    אַ האַלדזן

  8. Oh wow, Jennifer's gifts are amazing!! and I love your little skeleton scene :) Jennifer is such a wonderful and special friend to have
    Hugs ♥ Vicky

  9. que regalos tan chulos , y que generosa Jenny por su parte , veo que ya les has encontrado un sitio rapidamente , buen trabajo



  10. And they call it skelly loooooove... did I just hear violins? What a wonderful heartwarming scene - and so kind of Jennifer to send these goodies to you (but I think Kind is her second name... and the third one Generous)- thank you for this fun scene and bringing us in the Halloween mood! Greetings

  11. Your Halloween scene is amazing!
    Bye Faby

  12. Una escena romántica, aunque sea como, corresponde a Halloween un poco macabra.


  13. Wow, Drora! You created such a sweet scene with a few simple pieces! I love your skeleton love story--you are so creative! Your blog is so fun! xo Jennifer

  14. Un regalo y una escena muy apropiada para estas fechas. Un saludo, Eva

  15. Congratulations on your lovely gift from Jennifer, she's a very thoughtful. You have made a fine - creepy scene.

  16. You can't find skeletons in Israel? Oh my, if you need more, just let me know. Our S$2 store has many :)

  17. Que geniales regalos de esta época, Jennifer es muy generosa, pero te lo mereces.
    La escena a quedado genial.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  18. Unos regalitos muy apropiados para la fiesta de hallow, te han quedado fenomenal en la escenita que has hecho para ellos. Besitos

  19. Cute scene Drora.
    My reading list keeps disappearing all of the time

  20. Te ha quedado una escena muy bonita y apropiada para la fecha que se acerca, aunque a mí los esqueletos me gustan poco. A pesar de ello, está muy graciosa. También yo tengo problemas ultimamente para ver los blogs que se actualizan. Un beso.

  21. Enhorabuena por los regalos y esa fantastica escena de Halloween que has hecho, esta genial.
    besitos ascension

  22. what a cute scene, I only got a set of 4 at the dollar store and the next time I went back they were all sold out :(

    Happy Halloween
    marisa :)

  23. simpática escena de Halloween
    me gusta mucho.


  24. Jenni es una amiga generosa
    Y tu has hecho una bella composición!
    Muchos besos

  25. Che bellezza...brava....Baci Rosy

  26. te ha quedado una mini escena preciosa, resultan incluso tiernos los dos esqueletos, las calabazas te han salido muy reales y los regalos muy adecuados a las fechas, felicidades.

  27. Hello Drora, I am so glad Jennifer send you some skeletons just in time. But take care they don't fall in love too much, otherwise you have next year a baby skeleton :D!! Your scene is just lovely and also a bit scary, love it. Warm hugs, Ilona

  28. The world of miniatures is a wonderful world,you and your friends a so talented to create everything!ª

  29. yo tambien tengo problemas con el reader, muchos problemas....

  30. ¡Hola Drora!

    Has creado una escena, terroríficamente divertida con los regalos de Jennifer.


    Un abrazo.

  31. Hi, Drora
    I really love your Skelly and the little love story you did with him! hahaha
    Jennifer is really a sweet, kind and generous friend
    Hugs, Mariana

  32. Really lovely setting Drora and very nice gifts from Jennifer xx