Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, September 21, 2012

September 2012 giveaway list of participants

Hello dear friends,

Here is a list of participants for my September giveaway draw in the order of comments.  There is still time to make a comment and join in until tomorrow Europe noon time.

1. blake. 2. Debbie - mini thoughts. 3. Paky, 4. Ciria. 5. Tatania. 6. Xandra. 7. Doortje. 8. Rosa Margarita. 9.Birgit. 10 Jennifer. 11. Ambre. 12. Maria Ireland. 13. Contar. 14. Mins. 15 Susso. 16 Maribel - miniaturas Isabel. 17. Carmen - mi pequena evasion. 18. Mari - Mcddiss. 19. Cris Cola. 20. Anda. 21.Ewa. 22. Patrizia. 23. Wyrna, 24. Rosa. 25. Penny. 26 Eva - Casita de Regaliz. 27. Irina. 28. Jazzi. 29. Julia - el mundo de Yuli.
30. De. 31. Melanie. 32. Sanne. 33. Saara. 34. Teviro. 35. Eloisa. 36. Ana. 37. Pilar. 38. Maria Blanca.
39. Francesca. 40. Fabiola. 41. Karin. 42. Mely. 43. Ilona. 44. Liliam. 45. Ascension. 46. Malu. 47. Maria Jesus - Majelo. 48. Annette. 49. Rosella. 50. Mariana Belmonte. 51. Indy Poppy. 52. Amamon. 53. Kathi.
54. Petra. 55. Mariana (Sylvanian families). 56.Kyle. 57. Mary - M's minis and more. 58. Begona.
59. Mafalda. 60. Pepita - El rincon de las miniaturas. 61. Maria - Ciudad en miniatura.

A big thank you to Caterina,leminisdicockerina.blogspot.it for her project - Holiday Swap 2012 .
Monika, puppenstubennostalgie.blogspot.co.il sent me lovely African oriented safari miniautres.
Thank you Monika.

Here is what I sent Jazzi, jazziminis.blogspot.com.au

If you are interested to see all the beautiful, inspiring swaps go to Caterina's blog, link given above.

A very warm welcome to my new followers.  You are, of course welcome to participate in tomorrow's giveaway.


Ruth - miniaturemavendiaries.blogspot.co.il 


I wish all my friends a wonderful weekend and blessings.


  1. Suspense is rising... Congrats on your gifts from Monika and I'm sure Jazzi was very happy with yours! I've already admired all those fantastic miniatures on Caterina's blog - what a fun swap!


  2. Дорогая Дрора!
    Подарки получать всегда очень приятно

  3. My fingers are crossed!!
    These gifts are wonderful.
    Kiss Faby

  4. Dear Drora, I didn't find my name from the list. Kvaakkk, my comment has disappeared somewhere! Any way I have been announcing your giveaway almost from the beginning and Of course I would love to join your giveaway! Hugs, piikko

  5. Dear Piikko, please don't worry. I'll add your name to the list. Hugs,

  6. Beautiful miniatures! Lucky you Drora!Have a nice weekend! Hugs

  7. Suerte a todas y para mi más.
    Preciosos regalos.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  8. Hi Drora! I'm excited to see who the lucky winner will be! The Holiday Swap looks like it was a lot of fun--beautiful gifts all around--your work is gorgeous, as usual. xo Jennifer

  9. Yo si estoy en la lista. Número 8!!!
    Grandiosas miniaturas se han intercambiado en ese "swap"
    Ser seguidora de tu blog es para mí un premio!!!
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  10. Hi Drora
    Your gift to Jazzi was beautiful! She was a very lucky swap partner to have you as her partner :D
    Your African gifts are gorgeous too. I just love the little rhino, he is super cute!
    Hope this note finds you well, oh & great job on the repair of Alibaba :)
    Hugs, my friend x

  11. ¡¡Preciosos regalos Drora!!


    Un abrazo.


  12. To see the nice things from the swap is a great pleasure. Have fun with your minis. Now you have even a map of Africa. How cool is this.
    Hugs from Craftland

  13. A ver quien tiene la suerte de su lado para llevarse el regalo. Suerte a todas.