Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carpet beaters

Being bored, sometimes gets results.  I felt I had to take a break from making boxes and plants, so played around with wicker stuff.

They'll pass, I believe.

Now, I'd like to share with you a few photos a friend emailed to me, knowing my passion for beautiful, exotic birds.

Not only beautiful but good providers and protectors for their offsprings.

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I wish you a wonderful weekend with my blessings


  1. Hi Drora, you've made my day!!!! I love nature very much as you know, so those pictures are a big present for me, thank you so much for sharing!! The carpet-beaters are very familiar over here in The Netherlands. I have also one in my garage: yours are similar, very good mini work :D!!
    Have a nice weekend too. Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Beautiful photos Drora! Pretty and brave birds.:) Nice work with beaters.:) Hugs

  3. Дорогая Дрора!
    Вы меня порадовали фотографиями с птицами.Природа удивительно щедрая на краски.
    Ваши миниатюры мне очень понравились

  4. Preciosas fotos Drora, los pararitos son muy bellos, tu trabajo es estupendo es tan auténtico como el grande!!! Besitos

  5. That photo of the duck running after the fox to save its offspring is just so touching! I had no idea they were so brave!

  6. Hello Drora,
    these pictures are just wonderful. My little five-year-old took over my laptop and was looking at them again and again. Hubby and me especially liked the fox and Canada goose photo. I think I would love to make a miniature scene out of them. Call me old fashioned but I do have one of these carpet beaters in my house and I really use it.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  7. Beautiful photos. The beaters are perfect. I have one in real life.
    Kiss Faby

  8. Drora your carpet beaters are wonderful. I love the pictures thank you for sharing. Nature is amazing :)
    Hugs Maria

  9. Great job on the carpet beaters - and thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. My favourite is the last one, now the fox knows it's never a good idea to mess with a goose...


  10. !Hola Drora, esos sacudidores de alfombras son muy hermosos
    La foto del pajarillo comiéndose un alacrán es impresionante.
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  11. Un trabajo esupendo y tus fotografías son una delicia

  12. Un trabajo estupendo y unas fotos maravillosas, feliz fin de semana:)

  13. Hola Drora. Los sacudidores de alfombras son auténticos. Mi madre tenía uno. Cuando ella lo usaba sacaba mucho polvo, cuando lo usaba yo, la alfombra no se movía. Me encanta la naturaleza como a tí. Son unas imágenes espectaculares. Un beso, Marta.

  14. Hola Drora, un trabajo genial son preciosos.
    Esas fotos son una belleza!!!.
    Feliz fin de semana Besitooos.

  15. Es perfecto Drora y esas imagenes son verdaderamente bonitas.
    Feliz domingo.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  16. Drora, those carpet beaters don't just pass, they're beautiful.
    Living in the U.S. I think it's a little funny that a Canadian goose is considered exotic. A bunch of them actually flew over my house tonight, getting ready to head south for the winter. It is neat to see one chase a fox though, I've only seen them chase people. XD

  17. Your lovely pictures made me smile! Beautiful colors! C Adorable carpet beaters reminded me my childhood when I used them to clean the rugs in winter with snow. We used to live in the North of Russia where you have only one month of summer, brrr, cold, :)))

  18. Soms is het dus goed om je te vervelen
    Wat een prachtig resultaat je mattenkloppers
    Veel plezier ermee

    Fijne zondag en groeten Xandra

  19. Hi Drora, your carpet beaters are just perfect ! I love the pictures, my favourite is the last one :)
    Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures !

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  20. A fun post, love the birds, because I love birds in general! Carpet beaters are cute! Hugs Sanne

  21. Your carpet beaters are fantasic. Thanks
    for sharing the great piectures of the birds

  22. Your carpet beaters are amazing Drora and I LOVE the photos your friend sent you, they are all beautiful and as I am a bird lover they touch my heart!! Hugs ♥ vicky

  23. que bien han quedado los batidores de alfombras. Las fotos son preciosas, hermosas aves .


  24. Incredibile, sono venuti proprio uguali!! Grazie per queste bellissime foto, adoro anche io questi animali, hanno dei colori che trovo meravigliosi!
    Un bacio e buona settimana,

  25. Hello, Drora
    the carpet beaters are very very nice
    and I love the birds pictures
    Have a nice Monday and a wonderful week
    Hugs, Mariana

  26. Nice job with the carpet beaters, Drora! Beautiful photos! Have a fantastic week, Drora. Hope you had a lovely new year with o xo Jennifer your family. n

  27. Oh dear, I love the birds pics you posted! Amazing colours!

  28. You pass with flying colours, drora! And like everyone, I really love the bird pictures!

  29. Tienes razón Drora, a veces, es muy productivo entretenerse con ocupaciones diferentes.

    Las fotos de aves, me han dejado sin palabras. Sublimes!!

    Un abrazo.


  30. Que fantasticos batidores de alfombras, me encantan.
    Gracias por regalarnos esas preciosas fotografias.
    besitos ascension

  31. These birds are abosolutely cute!!I love their colors!