Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, June 17, 2011

One NS stores

I visited the one shekel store nearby and found these little cuties at one shekel each (about 30 cents of a US Dollar. The are really key rings but if you take off the ring they are a good dollhouse size.  The water tanks are lanterns working on batteries.  I always wonder how they sell them so cheap.
Magnets and key rings are a good source to look for minis.


  1. Oh Drora, these little cuties are marvellous, i like them so much.
    I wish you have a nice weekend.
    kisses, Julia.

  2. Son preciosas estas minis, los tanques de agua son perfectos, me gustan mucho. Yo tambien intento
    buscar en los llaveros miniaturas pero no es facil

  3. They are cute
    I love the water tanks

  4. Those mini water tanks are adorable, Drora! Thanks for the great tip. I'll have to check out some local "dollar stores" for treasures!

  5. Que buenas compras Drora, .
    Los pequeños muñecos son adorables, y los garrafones de agua!
    Muchos besos

  6. They are cheap because they are made in China produced by the hundreds of thousands :). But the work is still very detailed. I love them. They may be a dime a dozen now but one day, they will be colector's items! I agree with you tht keychains and magnets are great source of minis.

    I have seen your swap items in the previous posts ad the gifts are all very pretty!

  7. .These are such great finds
    .If only my dollar stores had such fun things

  8. מיכלי המים המינרליים ממש מדליקים! איפה מצאת את זה? הסטודיו לתפיר מתקדם בכוון יפיפה! אני קצת תקועה כי כרגע העבודה תופסת כל חלקה טובה.....
    שבוע טוב

  9. Drora me encantan las compras que has hecho, geniales.
    besitos ascension