Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little progress with the sewing room

I built the shelf unit, using a wooden box, more or less, with nice proportions. I am a very poor carpenter and have to be practical, since furniture pieces are very scarce here.  The pieces of material had to be collected too. People who do patchwork find it easier to have at hand good pieces. A good mirror must be added and I am  going to look for one next.  It slowly comes along.

I am going to make a little box for a friend here who collects real size teapots.  I made new miniature teapots from beads and also one from a tutorial by the talented Christel, the penguin one. I hope my friend will like them.

I am making another 1:48" mini box for another friend.  Once more an outdoor scene with a tired gardener taking a rest.  (He used to be part of a Peruvian dancing pair and still wears traditional clothes.) Again I hope my friend will like it.  At least it won't take up much space at her home.

Again I am using this opportunity to welcome new friends:

Pilar Segmentino
Leo Furtado
Ana Camara

I am very happy to know you and when it's possible I follow your blogs. If I do not, it is because I couldn't find them and you only have to let me know.


  1. Genial, el mueble, las teteras y la caja para tu amigo. Haces unos trabajos muy hermosos. Besos

  2. Drora! Progresos en el cuarto de costura... escena de teteras... otra pequeña escena con un mini jardinero, eres una mujer talentosa y creativa!
    Casi hemos puesto mensaje al mismo tiempo... viste mi blog?

  3. Las teteras son una preciosidad y el cuarto de costura promete.

    Besos, Narán

  4. La escena de tu amigo esta encantadora.Tu estanteria esta fantastica ocn los telares ya preparados para empezar a coser con ellos.
    Espero que puedas terminarla pronto. Besos

  5. The shelf unit is beautiful. I cant wait to see the sewing room. :)You are very creative. I adore the little teapots. Your friend will be overjoyed to have them. Hugs xxxx

  6. Es genial tu trabajo. El estante para el cuarto de costura con las telas es precioso; me encanta.Besos.

  7. !Drora, you always make the most creative things
    (= .I'm sure your friends will love their gifts

  8. I think the fact that we don''t ready make furniture makes us more creative, Drora :). Your shelf turn out very nicely. And it is from a box? Marvellous! I am a poor carpenter myself and find myself bashing ready make stuff with the right proportions so that I don't have to worry about them :)

  9. Maravillosos trabajos, la estantería quedo preciosa.

  10. Preciosa estantería, es una escena lindísima y la tetera una monada.
    Muchos besos...Julia.

  11. Drora, your sewing room is fantastic! I love the fabric rolls on the shelf! Your teapots are totally adorable. Did you use fimo or another clay to make the handles and spouts? Your friend will be so lucky to receive your miniature scene. I always enjoy your comments on my blog--you are so positive and friendly!

  12. Drora, vas a hacer una genial escena de costura, has hecho unas preciosas minis para ella.
    Seguro que a tu amigo le encanta esa pequeñisima escena, te ha quedado fantastica.
    Me estas haciendo la competencia con las teteras jejejejejejejejejeje
    Te han quedado geniales, de que las has hecho?, me encantan enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  13. Your work is lovely-For many days I almost do not look blogs. But it's a shame, because I lose precious work. I like your little teapots. They're so cute. Hugs from Barcelona

  14. You making a sewing room, wonderful! I like the shelf nice to see with all the furniture.And the 1:48 box, great job!O your friend will like this box.

  15. O, sorry I mean the nice fabric in the shelf looking good.

  16. Son unas minis preciosas. Y el mueble del cuarto de costura está genial. Enhorabuena.