יום ראשון, 19 במאי 2019

These came out of the kiln

Hello dear readers,

These are from the batch I left for Nilly to fire with her own work in her kiln. 
I made them during my visit to her studio.   Just played with the clay, created
a ball, stuck a short piece of a wooden skewer in its middle and moved the
ball around it to make an opening.  While the pieces were still wet,
I stuck on clay leaves which I market with a needle.  Pinched the opening of
one of the vases and it looks as if its borders are almost being torn out.

The pieces are not glazed or painted. I rather like them the way they are as if
carved out of stone.

They were still wet when I left and therefore not sanded.  My second batch
will look better because I made it at home with no hurry and sanded it after it
was dry.  Since I have no plans to give them away, they'll serve as examples for
my future work with clay.

Nilly and husband are flying to Europe tomorrow and will not be back before mid-June, so
the little houses and other items will have to wait until then.

I wish you all a wonderfully creative week ahead with blessings.

יום שני, 13 במאי 2019


Hello dear readers,
This is my first post for May.  The last part of April was mostly holidays
spent with family and guests. and of course the daily visits
to the nursing home to see my husband.

All the projects I was working on are packed away to make my home clean
and tidy, ready to receive guests.
The projects will stay packed until I finish my experiments with ceramics.
Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw tiny ceramic houses which I loved.
Nilly, my daughter, gave me a large
block of clay and here are some results before glazing and firing.
At this stage, all the items are very fragile, white colored and clay dusty.

Leafy vases

candle holders

fruit and cake stands

The whole lot

A previous lot was left to be fired in Nilly's kiln,  I am waiting excitedly for the results.
Clay shrinks considerable,  everything you see here will be smaller after firing.

There's still a lot of clay left.  I hope my next batch will be better than this but already the
items look nice to me.

Have wonderful creative work with blessings.

יום שלישי, 16 באפריל 2019

A miniature carpet beater tutorial.

Hello and Happy Easter and Passover Holidays to all my dear readers.

This very simple and easy tutorial will be, dear readers and followers, a holidays
gift to you.

An original carpet beater is made from three wicker strips.  A miniature beater
looks better if it's done with two strips. But, if you are able to get
very thin strips you can do it with three, just follow the steps in the photos.

For demonstration only I'll be using two strands of bendable miniature
flower stems.

A.  Bend carefully the center of the length into a round loop.

B.  With the right end of the strips enter the top loop and make another round circle.

C.  Do the same with the left end and make an opposite loop.  Now you
      have three loops with one end coming from under a loop and the second
      from over a loop.

D.   Twist the two ends together leaving an oval opening.  (this is the point to
        bind the ends of wicker with raffia).

E.   Twist until you reach a length of 2.5"  (10cm) and bind again with raffia.)


Wicker strips
a strand of raffia
Cutter of scissors

1.  Cut two 30 cm (12") lengths from the wicker twines and
     soak them in hot water for about 15 minutes until they are completely     bendable. It is very important to keep them wet
     and pliable all the time.

2.  Bend the two strips together as seen in the A to E demonstrations.
You can see the end results when done with wicker strips.

Happy beating dollies!

יום שני, 15 באפריל 2019

Giveaway winner

Hello dear reads

This is a list of participants for my giveaway, in order of comments:

1.  Carmen.  2.  Sheila.  3.  Isabel.  4.  Marian.  5.  Pilar.  6.  De.  7  Blanca.
8.  Megan.  9.  Fabiola.  10.  Susanna.  11.  Alexandra.  12.  Karen.
13.  Rosa Maria.  14.  Ayla.  15.  Paloma.  16.  Birgit.  17.  Teresa.
18.  Eloisa.  19.  Arantxa.

Congratulations De! Please send your address to drorahed@gmail.com.

Happy Easter and Passover to all.  Blessings!

יום חמישי, 11 באפריל 2019

Spring cleaning

Dear readers,

As the weather allows it, people, including myself, are busy giving their home a thorough cleaning, preparing for the holidays. It reminds me that I still keep an almost antique, before vacuum cleaners, cleaning accessory, a carpet beater.  It's quite a pretty wicker thing which at its time caused many quarrels between neighbors. Imagine the wrath of one housewife after laboring hard to finish cleaning her home when the neighbors above beat their rugs and carpets and the dust enters right into her clean apartment.

I was asked to show the ladies at the nursing home how I make a miniature carpet beater. Made
several for their Bingo.

These R/L one and the miniatures are made from wicker. 

For showing how it's done, I'll use thin plastic coated wires.

Happy cleaning and blessings 

יום ראשון, 31 במרץ 2019

Date of 444,444 giveaway draw

Dear readers,

I forgot to mention, the date of the draw for the 444,444 giveaway. It will be on 14 April.
I'll use the random number generator to pick up the winner.

Hugs and good wishes to all.

444,444 pageviews Giveaway

Dear readers,

You probably noticed that I changed my profile photo.  My photo, for an unknown reason, disappeared. With the help of my dear friend Birgit, I managed to install a
new photo. The reason you don't see my old face anymore is that I cannot find the
photo. rest assured that the mystery house looks far better than I do.

About three weeks ago, the number of 444,444 page-views appeared on my blog. This is
a good reason to celebrate the occasion by offering a giveaway.

You only have to be a follower of this blog and comment hereunder if you like what is
offered and want to participate in the draw.

Officially, it's spring but today is cold, dark and fulltime raining here.  Anyway, my
giveaway is about spring whenever it decides to be here.  Everything is hand
made by me except the bunny.


Have a wonderful, creative week to come with blessings.

יום ראשון, 24 במרץ 2019

Hello dear readers,

First of all, thanks for your get well wishes.  It helped, my fingers are already
much better.

While I'll be preparing something for my promised giveaway, I've made, with
the help of young Dana, a very simple "Honey, I shrunk the candies" tutorial
to share with you.

We cut the candy's cellophane wrapping into small pieces, put a little colored
seed bead inside and twisted both sides around it.

To make this long-legged candy bowl you need a goggle-eye blister and a
transparent push-pin.  Hold the push-pin metal part over candlelight and
with a player slide it out. Glue the two together.  If necessary, sand smoothly
the rim of the blister.

A warm welcome and thanks to my new followers!
Happy crafting and lovely spring to all with blessings.

יום שישי, 15 במרץ 2019

Hello dear readers,

The winters here in Israel are usually mild ones.  This year we are having days of
beautiful sunshine  and then a few days of unusually cold and rainy, in turns.
The rain and snow were welcome but personally, I'm not used to it and although my
home is airconditioned and I 'm wearing warm clothes and gloves when I go outdoors,
I got chilblains on all fingers and toes.  The result is that my fingers are swollen and
blue, making it difficult to work on miniatures.

But this doesn't mean  I forgot a giveaway to celebrate number 444,444 pageview
which happened 3 days ago.  By now the number has gone up although my blog
was silent for the past 3 weeks.  Shall let you know as soon as it's ready.

I wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.


יום ראשון, 17 בפברואר 2019


Hello dear readers,

Both chairs from the Chinese kit are out of scale.  I'll keep one outdoors but
the one inside has to fit the furniture which is 1/24".
I made one from matchsticks and carved toothpicks, using my tutorial here.
Reduced by half the measurements as it's a 1/12" tutorial.

I overcame the problem with uploading photos from my I-phone.  I send
them directly to my desktop and from there to the post.  It's working, hurray!


The side table's leg is made from plastic, wood and metal
beads. The top is a small wooden disk.




The gorgeous Tilda doll was a gift from a very talented blog friend -Amary


1/16", 1/24"  and 1/12" chairs.


The puppies-kittens mission is accomplished.  They are ready for the party next weekend.
Shani already has nice little boxes in which to pack them.



Have a wonderfully creative week with blessings!






יום רביעי, 13 בפברואר 2019

Happy St. Valentine Day

Hello dear readers,

The reason I am not posting lately is having trouble uploading photos to my
computer. Meanwhile, I have made some progress with the kit, finished the
kittens for Shani's birthday party, and crafted a small 1/24" chair.

With these old pictures from past posts, I wish you all a very
Happy St. Valentine Day.  Have fun!

יום חמישי, 31 בינואר 2019

Greetings from Solly

Hello dear readers

This is just to let you know that Solly is being well taken care of. He's on
best terms with Baalatova who lets him play in her garden and even bring
friends over.  Solly is the best listener.  He can listen for hours without
interruption to Baalatova's endless stories.

Solly with friends on his way to Baalatova's garden.

Haven't touched the kit this week.  I was looking forward to going on with the
project but came home each day late and tired.  Instead, I had to comply with
a dear little girl's wish. This beloved little girl happens to be my great-granddaughter,
Shani. (Dana's cousin)

About 9 12-years old girls are invited to Shani's birthday party. Shani wants a
gift for each and thinks they'd love a pipe-cleaner puppy and kitty.

With Solly's help and encouragement, I managed to finish the puppies. I hope to
have the kitties ready in time for the party.

A warm welcome to my new followers and thank you very much for your interest.
Wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.

יום חמישי, 24 בינואר 2019

The Chinese kit (Part 3)

Hello dear readers,

We are enjoying a few beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter.
This is how our beach looked this morning.

Finally, with a stronger grip glue,  I managed to overcome the difficulties
in assembling the last piece of furniture from this kit. Assembling this piece
took longer than all the others put together.

Also started to work on the accessories.

I had to improvise handles, the original jewelry finding for the handles was missing
Here is how I made them.

Picked out two links from a gold plated metal chain.

Inserted a tiny gold metal bead inside each.

Glued them on the drawers and doors of these pieces of tiny furniture.
Satisfactory results.

So far, the wooden pieces assembled look good and of surprisingly good quality.
These alone, are worth the price charged for the kit.

I intend to replace the out of scale plastic chair and cat.  Will see how and what
to make instead. tiny pipe-cleaner puppy?

Will keep these for future use.