Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

4 December 2019 giveaway

Hello dear readers,

As promised my surprise giveaway is no secret anymore and is revealed here. (see the first photo.)  It was done yesterday night while making a step by step tutorial for the Spanish Advent Calendar which our dear Matxalen organizes year by year. 24 days of some fantastic tutorials by different and very talented miniaturists including humble me. My chosen day was 3.  Just poke this number on the calendar below.  On day 2, Ana contributed a marvelous, step by step tutorial, which is just perfect as an accessory for mine.

List of participants, according to the comments entry:

1.  Fabiola,  2.  JCH,  3.  Black Kitty,  4.  Elena,  5.  Sheila.  6.  Anna Scott.  7.  Pilar.
8.  Ilona,  9.  Genevieve.  10.  Xandra.  11.  Eloisa.  12.  Marian.  13.  Elizabeth.
14.  Carmen.  15.  Alexandra.  16. Teresa.  17. Birgit.  18.  Isabel.  19  Nina.  20.  Ana.
21.  Josefa.

There will be a choice of other minis if the winner will want to change or make the sunshade and chair on their own.  (For example nutshell scenes,  seashells items,  flowers, and plants.) It will be up to the winner to decide.

And, there is still time to join this list until tomorrow evening.

Happy 3rd advent day!


  1. Gracias Drora, es un precioso regalo. Esperaremos el resultado con ilusión

  2. Gracias Drora por este fantástico tutorial:-)

  3. Un precioso regalo. Voy a ver el tutorial del calendario para ver como lo has realizado.
    Un saludo

  4. As one would expect of you this giveaway turns out to be a very generous one. Good luck to everybody!


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