Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שישי, 27 באוקטובר 2017

Pipe cleaners kittens and puppies

Hello dear friends

To battle against the evil forces of Baalatova's enemy and bring back her precious wand, more cats are needed.  I tried in vain to find some miniature cats locally so decided to try making my own from pipe cleaners.  Also had to experiment for  teaching the elderly people, (some of them younger than I am), at the recuperation center.

Certainly, the next results will be better but here are my firsts.

The little one on the right has whiskers which can't be seen clearly in the photo.

And here come the puppies

I learned how to make these from tutorials on youtube.  For the kittens I used 1.5 pipe cleaners each.  For the puppies I used only one pipe cleaner.  The pipe cleaners length is 30 cm.
The eyes and nose are tiny Fimo balls.

I would like to bring back Baalatova's wand for the coming Halloween but dear friends, there is a
problem, a BIG one.  Didn't keep my promise to build her the second floor and she is quite mad at me.  Now if she gets her magic wand back who knows what she'll do to me.  H E L P !!!

Pumpkin curving art by Angel Boraliev https://www.facebook.com/atelierabcarving/

Happy Halloween and blessings

21 תגובות:

  1. Those kitties are fantastic! I want to try now...Thank you!

  2. Aww, how cute these cats are, Drora, and they even have kittens! They are wonderfully well made! I hope you know what you're doing for bringing back Baalatova's wand, so take care, dear friend ;O!!
    I loved seeing this last picture with the carving, it's a work of art, so beautiful!!
    Have a nice weekend and blessings to you too,

  3. Seriously adorable. But yes, I'd be worried about what Baalatova will do if she gets her wand back.

  4. Los gatitos han quedado preciosos y muy variados.Espero que todo salga bien. Muy bonita la calabaza.

  5. I tried making animals from pipecleaners. it is a lot harder than it looks. Great job! I though Baalatova turned you into a pumpkin at first glance!

  6. Your kittens and pups are adorable. I am sure they will be a great help finding the wand Though maybe you better wait till it looks like you are starting on her upper room ;)
    Hugs Maria

  7. Your kittens and puppies are really cute.

  8. Los pequeños gatos negros te han quedado muy simpáticos!!

  9. Your kittens look like they were fun to do Drora! And I like your puppies too. :D

  10. Loa gatitos están muy graciosos ..y estas trabajando muchas cosas bonitas para la escena . La calabaza es una maravilla .Bsss

  11. Your cats don't look like a first try at all, they are so cute and pretty with their green eyes - and they have a lot of personality. I think you should not worry to much about Baalatova, I am convinced she will appreciate the reasons why you couldn't keep your promise - and she will even more appreciate that you've organized an army of cat helpers to search her wand. But if she should ever threaten you with a toad spell my witches and wizards are here for an antidote. ;O) Wonderful work with the pipe cleaner, I am sure your "students" will love to make them. And thanks for this picture - what a wonderful sculpt.


  12. Kittens and puppies look amazing. The black kittens are perfect for a witch with their green eyes so bright.
    The sculpt is wonderful.

  13. Jaaaa!!! Tienes que hacer ese segundo piso para Baalatova antes de que recupere su varita mágica, jaaaaa!!! Esos gatitos son adorables! Un beso

  14. Drora, as you know I am a litlle bit... kind of cat lady. So
    !I must say that i really adore these little cuties of yours
    Hugs, piikko

  15. Your cats and dogs are amazing. They don't look like they are made from pipe cleaners. I have to go check out these
    youtube videos. I hope Baalatova will not be too made at you -maybe you need to find another witch who can put a spell on the wand such that it can't be used on you. But maybe she will just wish for another floor on her house!

  16. Hello Drora,
    I would make the new floor before I give her a new wand...it could be dangerous. Happy Halloween!
    Big hug

  17. !!Oh the black kittens are too cute

    ,Please don't give her back her
    ...it sounds too risky