Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, May 25, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty (Final)

Hello dear readers,

The garden project took a long time to be completed.  Everything you see in it is made from scratch except Rosa's beautiful birds in the bath and Jodi's lovely little birdhouse (On the tallest fence post), a gift that inspired me to make more birdhouses.

The garden between Kitty's and Solly's houses.

The garden on Solly's lefthand side.

The garden on Kitty's righthand side.

Kitty:  I think the garden is a wee bit too small for us.

Solly:  At least we can admire the view and smell the heavenly perfume of the flowers.

Kitty:  Let's ask Baalatova if she can shrink us to fit Drora's bench.

 No way! There is plenty of room in my roof garden where you can come and play                                    Drora should better be careful or I shall shrink her if she miscalculates garden sizes again.
                    Meanwhile, enjoy the view from your windows.

      I wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  1. You have made a pretty little garden!

  2. Oh Drora,que maravilloso ha quedado el jardín, me encanta!!!

  3. A really gorgeous garden, I love it. It's perfect between the two houses.

  4. Bueno... lleva cuidado con las equivocaciones!!!
    Aunque a mi me parece que te ha quedado muy bien.

  5. Un espacio hermoso para disfrutar tanto Solly como Kitty.
    Me encanta el diseño y seguro que lo aprovecharán muy bien !!!!
    Felíz fín de semana.

  6. Would you like to guess what I really disliked about this post of yours? Huh... any ideas?! - Yes, my dear, you guessed right... it's the word "Final" in your headline! *deepsigh*

    But I loved all the rest, it's such a wonderful project and once more I really admire the idea with the beautiful birdhouses on the posts. It looks so lovely... and so does the whole garden. Small, but full of wonderful ideas, inspiration and beautiful flowers. What I liked the most was seeing it together with the houses.

    And a word of comfort for the two rascals who wished for a bigger garden: Don't be too sad about your garden being only a small garden. Take my word: A small garden means less work... and more time for admiring the flowers and the songs of the birds. And if Baalatova still refuses to shrink you or to make your bench bigger... well... take out your chairs and you'll sit comfy in (or in front of) this little garden paradise. But don't forget to bring one, two cups of tasty coffee and one, two, three, four pieces of yummy cake! ;O)


  7. Dear Drora, the garden is simply enchanting! I love the fence with the birdhouses on every post! And the view of each house wall is just charming! Too bad the bench is a small one.... but they can certainly tip-toe through and see the flowers anyway! I love the way the garden is between the houses so they can both share the space! It is a wonderful inspiring creation! And even more special that you made it all from scratch! :)

  8. Es el complemento ideal para esas lindas casitas.
    Están geniales.
    Un saludo

  9. Such a beautiful garden. At least they'll have a nice view from their windows!

  10. Hola Drora! Acogedor espacio para compartir con ambas casitas. Preciosos detalles! Abrazos!

  11. Oh Drora! I am beaming with delight! The cottages and connecting garden for Kitty and Solly couldn't be more enchanting! Every inch screams joyfulness, from the loft bed to the lively wallpapers to the unifying and jovial paint color to the charming and well appointed garden with your amazing handmade flowers. You created something wonderful here, and it has been so much fun to see it go from your infectious imagination to life! I hope you will have the opportunity to share the project with many people - I know it will make them smile and feel a little happier being in the world!