Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, March 17, 2023

A garden for Solly and Kitty

Hello dear readers,

Finally, I found time to start a small garden.  It will be a slow project as I want this garden to be filled with colorful flowers, and making tiny paper flowers is a time-consuming job.

The first thing I made was a birdbath.  There were waiting to be used, these two beautiful tiny birds made by Rosa Maria that were gifted to me a few months ago.  Nothing is glued together yet.

I made a fence from recycled bamboo cocktail forks.  Will be painted when I'll decide on a suitable color. 

I hope to be able to show progress in my next post.

For a change, the Israel post behaved nicely and a new parcel from dear Rosa arrived on time, making me super happy. Everything Rosa makes is exquisite. I was overwhelmed seeing this lovely composition. I put a match in front of it so you can note how tiny the little angel is.


And Rosa, being the generous lady she is, added three more gorgeous handmade treasures.


I wish you all my dear readers and friends a lovely weekend with blessings.


  1. Hi Drora! I have no idea why, but a few times my comments on your blog page have disappeared. I see them post immediately after I push the Publish button, then the next time I visit they are gone. I hope it does not look to you as though I have stopped commenting, and I hope at least that you are receiving an email with the comments as I do with my blog. ūü§ó

    The birdbath is such a wonderful centerpiece for Solly and Kitty's shared garden. I bet they are so pleased at the idea of watching the birds come by for a daily splash and a drink. Rosa Maria's birds are impossibly tiny and I don't know how she can make such tiny things so perfectly!

    Rosa's gifts are also so very thoughtful and lovely - I am so happy that your trust in the postal service has been a little restored! The dirt path you have painted in the garden looks wonderful, and I am excited to see the garden come alive with your creative contributions! Hugs!

    1. Hi Jodi,
      After reading this comment I looked up another comments section on my blog and found your comments on two previous posts with a third comment a shorter one, dated the same as this one. I cannot imagine why they strayed over to this section which I very seldom open. Thank you for all your
      your wonderful encouraging and very generous comments. A big hug!

    2. Hooray! I am so glad the comments were there! I want to be sure you know how much I love seeing your creativity and reading your posts - you are such an inspiration, Drora! Hugs! ūüíó

  2. Que maravilla con un nuevo proyecto y que sea un jardín, te quedará genial con las flores tan preciosas que haces. Me alegro mucho que puedas utilizar mis pájaros y que también te haya llegado el resto, vamos a poner una nota positiva a correos.
    Que pases un buen fin de semana querida Drora, besos

  3. Ese jardin quedar√° precioso con el colorido de las flores.
    De momento se ve fant√°stico lo que vas haciendo para el.
    El regalo de Rosa, maravilloso. Que voy a decir yo que la tengo cerca y disfruto de su generosidad y la visión de sus obras.
    Un saludo

  4. Gorgeous birdbath and beautiful gifts.

  5. Preciosos los regalos.
    La fuente te ha quedado encantadora.

  6. I've just asked Fluby to pin me... your local mail service did a good job??? Now it's clear - miracle DO happen!!! *LOL*

    But without joking - it's lovely to know that Rosa's wonderful gifts arrived at your place... and for a change in a timely manner. I can only agree, this angel arrangement is awesome. And what a good thing that you had already received those tiny birds, what a great way to use them in this beautiful birdbath your building for Solly's and Kitty's garden. And yes, the best thing is that you've started to build their garden, well, from tomorrow on it will be spring so it must be the season... ;O)


  7. Aw Drora, the birdbath is precious! It's going to be so lovely in the garden. I can't wait to see how it comes to life. =)

  8. Beautiful gifts from Rosa. The garden is a great idea and the birdbath is amazing.

  9. Es un proyecto precioso, estoy deseando verlo terminado.
    Enhorabuena por esos bonitos regalos de Rosa María.

  10. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts. I got an idea for a birdfeeder now! Thank you for sharing

  11. Dear Drora, the gifts are lovely! It is so nice when the post is prompt! I love the garden you are making! It is such a great idea to have it shared by both the houses. The little bird bath is perfect! (I love to use shells in minis and this is a beautiful shell!)