Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Home for a Gnome

Hello dear readers, I have been working on the second slice of wood. This one also has a tree but without a house on top. Instead the house is a nutshell surrounded be a garden and a home for a gnome.
The Tree - branches are grape stems glued on a cherry-tomatoe's can which makes the trunk. It is then covered with air-dry clay and painted brown.
The pond - A small piece of acetate glued on a piece of blue and white painted paper. Tiny little stones are glued all around the acetate ("to prevent the water from overflowing").
Almost finished. Only a few tiny details are missing.
Complete with final details - a bluebird on top of the tree and ducks on the pond.
I wish you a lovely Sunday tomorrow with blessings.


  1. Oh Drora! Such amazingly tiny perfection! The tree structure is a wonder in both conception and the patience/dexterity to accomplish! The tiny bluebird makes my heart sing! What a magnificent place to rest! The detail you've included in the landscaping is also a marvel - the tiny stones and a pond! This gnome is truly one lucky little fellow to have been gifted such a home, and made by a master craftswoman! Incredible!

  2. Drora ese gnomo tiene que estar encantado con la preciosa casa llena de flores que le has preparado y ese diminuto árbol que le dará sombra, todo es tan bonito y pequeño!!

  3. This must be the happiest gnome ever - being the owner of the most beautiful home for a gnome ever! Wonderful, wonderful work... and so many stunning details to discover like for example the birdies... in this "size". And it made me smile that you did not forget to include some flood protection. ;O)


  4. Has creado un diorama encantador, muy bien estudiada toda la vegetación, setas , flores , pájaros ... agua ¡ que más puede pedir tu gnomo!. Buena semana, besos

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and sweet!

  6. Ese Gnomo esta tan encantado con su nueva composición que quizás haga una fiesta.
    Ha quedado fantástica.
    Un saludo

  7. Es una escena encantadora. El árbol ha quedado precioso dando sombra a esa diminuta casita

  8. So sweet! Love the pond and the tree!

  9. Me encantan tus casitas de gnomo, y esta es preciosa !!!!!

  10. This is minuscule! I would never be able to do anything that small. Fantastic job!

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  12. This tiny creation is so beautiful.