Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Gifts from Spain

 Hello dear friends,

It's amazing how time flies away so fast. It's almost the end of November and this is probably going to be my one and only post this month. It's not because I've been lazy, on the contrary, I'm kept fully occupied at the Day Center three days a week now and find it worth my while. 

Last week a parcel received from a most generous person in Blogland, Ricardo, arrived just in time for our Hannukka holidays which start the day after tomorrow, on Sunday, 28 November.  Surprisingly among the wonderful contents are Hannukka items made especially for me. I'm overwhelmed with emotion imagining how thoughtful and considerate Ricardo was in taking the time to investigate our traditions and make something out of the way just for me.

Dear Ricardo. it was a very sad day for me when I heard that Montserrat Caballe passed away.  I loved listening to her amazing voice.  She was one of the greatest opera singers in the world and I'm pleased to see that Montserrat is commemorated with stamps in her memory.

When it comes to shrinking books and packages Ricardo is the specialist.  

Hannukkah items, especially made for me.  The original box must have held 44 candles to last all eight nights of this holiday.

Thank you, dear Ricardo, for your wonderful gifts and, above all for including me as your friend.

The ladies at the Day Center prefer knitting instead of creating miniatures.  I now fully realize how blessed I am to have a good sight and steady hands which enable me to continue crafting at my age.  It's something that I took for granted before.  The two days I volunteered for turned out to be three but believe me I am very happy to be there.  The new favorite neck warmers we made are all sold out.  

My youngest, 3 years old, adorable great-grandchild is happy with the new bunny neckwarmer that I made for her.

We still have one hour for miniature every Tuesday.  I showed how to make planters from egg-carton.  The planters turned out fairly good for beginners.  Next Tuesday I'll show them how to make the plants.

I wish you all a lovely weekend to enjoy and blessings. 


  1. Wat een prachtige cadeaus heb je ontvangen. Fijn dat alle sjaals en mutsen zijn verkocht. Je hebt mooie dingen gebreid. Fijne dag Xandra

  2. Felicidades por esos bonitos regalos de Ricardo.
    Los calentadores son muy bonitos y tu bisnieto muy guapo. Se le vé felíz con él.
    Ese nuevo proyecto se vé genial !!!!

  3. Beautiful gifts from Ricardo.
    The knitting items are so cute.
    Have fun with the new project.

  4. Felicidades por esos bonitos regalos Drora, que los disfrutes!
    Los gorros y calentadores de cuello quedaron preciosos! Tu nieto está precioso con su zorrito al cuello,que guapo es!

  5. Happy Hannukka Drora! The gifts are so thoughtful and lovely! Your Great Granddaughter is so cute in her scarf! I am glad you have the Day Center to enjoy.

  6. Happy Hannukka!
    Gorgeous little gifts, perfect for you and oh wow those hats and neck warmers are so cool.

  7. Los regalos son muy bonitos así como los trabajos que habéis hecho en el Centro de Día.
    Tu nieta tiene unos ojos preciosos

  8. Felicidades.
    Maravillosos regalos los que has recibido y que se convierten en bonitos recuerdos y tesoros.
    Los conjuntos para el frio son fantásticos.
    Un saludo

  9. Hanukkah is quite early this year - I hope you will be able to spend plenty of precious time with your family... including your darling great-grandchild with her perfectly cute scarf. Congrats on receiving such wonderful and thoughtful gifts from Ricardo, yes, he's such a wonderful person. And your gifts also managed to make me smile because I have a good idea from where he got the template for the marzipan box. It's so good to know you're well and being busy with the wonderful volunteer work you do. And although your old friends prefer knitting I bet they will always be impressed to learn what's able in doing miniatures.

    Happy Hanukkah and best wishes

  10. Great gifts!!! I love the scarves.

  11. The neck warmers are so well made! Your grand daughter is adorable! Children are such a blessing!!! Oh I can totally relate to what you say about having good eyesight even in old age. I am starting to have a hard time doing small crafting! It's very frustrating but as long as I can see, I will keep going. Have a wonderful month of December!!!! Much Love

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