Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, May 13, 2019


Hello dear readers,
This is my first post for May.  The last part of April was mostly holidays
spent with family and guests. and of course the daily visits
to the nursing home to see my husband.

All the projects I was working on are packed away to make my home clean
and tidy, ready to receive guests.
The projects will stay packed until I finish my experiments with ceramics.
Somewhere on Pinterest, I saw tiny ceramic houses which I loved.
Nilly, my daughter, gave me a large
block of clay and here are some results before glazing and firing.
At this stage, all the items are very fragile, white colored and clay dusty.

Leafy vases

candle holders

fruit and cake stands

The whole lot

A previous lot was left to be fired in Nilly's kiln,  I am waiting excitedly for the results.
Clay shrinks considerable,  everything you see here will be smaller after firing.

There's still a lot of clay left.  I hope my next batch will be better than this but already the
items look nice to me.

Have wonderful creative work with blessings.


  1. Que trabajadora has estado y todo ha quedado genial.
    Espero verlo terminado después de la cocción.
    Un saludo

  2. Wow Drora! These are all fantastic pieces and I too am excited to see how they come out after the oven! The medium does not matter, you are talented with so many materials across the board! I hope you are having so much creative fun with the clay and can't wait for you to share more experimenting and the results!

  3. Oooh, Drora, these are gorgeous and so tiny!! I LOVE your tiny houses, vases and candle holders and fruit and cakestands!! I can imagine that you will be curious to see how the next batch will look like....me too ;O!!
    Oh, please, show them to us too next time you write a blog!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. I love your little houses! They're perfect! I'm just amazed that this is your first attempt. I would never have guessed, everything looks so good.

  5. Difficult to believe it's your first attempt. Great work!

  6. Isn’t working with clay just lovely! Your first attempts are great! Be careful with the clay dust, though, it’s very bad for your lungs. Would love to see how you paint them! Idske

  7. You certainly found a nice way to while away your time until you can get your other miniatures out. What a beautiful first attempt .

  8. Tiene todo un bonito aspecto. . Después del horneado tendrás un divertido trabajo de pintado

  9. Que bonitas cerámicas y eso que son las primeras Drora!! después del horneado tendrás un divertido trabajo de pintura!

  10. Drora they are lovely!! I love them too. I m sure you will do a terrific job finishing them, they look great already

  11. esperando ver como las acabas...buen trabajo!

  12. You've worked tiny miracles! I'm in awe with your tiny ceramics, seems to me you and the clay have waited for each other. I'm very curious to see how this will look after being burnt and I keep my fingers crossed that the heat won't cause any unexpected effects. Of course the shrinking is something that needs to be experienced, but I have no doubt that you'll manage this easily. Your little models look awesome, every group of them… although I like St. Drora Avenue the most! ;O)


  13. Una preciosidad tan pequeños, la cerámica es muy difícil en estos tamaños.Seguro que la experiencia ha sido muy gratificante y veremos de nuevo más trabajos. Te deseo que la cocción sea satisfactoria y salgan todas las piezas muy bien cocidas.Besos:-)

  14. Very Nicely done Drora!!! I can see that perhaps a china shop for your village on the wall, is the next project on your "To Do " list!


  15. Besos , Un gran trabajo, esas casitas tan chiquitinas son muy bonitas

  16. Ya me gustan muchísimo ahora, cuando estén pintadas estarán genial !!!

  17. Wow Drora your clay items are awesome. I love the tiny houses. I think you have found another talent in clay :) I am looking forward to seeing how these are after firing and what masterpieces you think of next.
    Hugs Maria

  18. Your new items are fantastic!
    I'm curious to see the result after firing...Fingers crossed!

  19. Qué bonito todo!!!! No tengo paciencia para ver cómo quedará cuando lo pintes y esmaltes. Los jarrones son divinos pero a mí me han enamorado esas casitas diminutas, son adorables! ♥

  20. I'm speechless - they're great! It's exciting to see how they will change once they're burnt.

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