Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Winner of my 8th blog anniversary giveaway.

Hello dear readers,

8 years ago, On the 27th of November 2010, I started this blog. I wanted to do so long before that time but was not sure about my English. Posting in Hebrew was useless since very few people here in Israel were interested in dollhouse miniatures. My readers were kind and forgiving about my English, which I hope, is getting a little better with practice. A giveaway is my way of returning something to my readers in gratitude for following this blog.
I didn't know at that time what it means to be a miniaturist. Since then I met, learned and admired your talents and became a follower of most of my readers' blogs. I can only humbly raise my hat to you and feel honored to have you as my friends and followers.  What we all have in common, is the way we love miniatures and all that's involved with them, be it a dollhouse, a room-box or a little display, a show, etc.  The imagination knows no bounds.

List of participants in the draw:

1. Sheila  2.  Pilar.  2.  May.  4.  Sionchi.  5.  Genevieve.  6.  Lauren.  7.  Tatiana.  8.  Marian.
9.  Rosa Maria.  10/  Carmen.  11.  Isabel.   12.  Maria.  13.  Alexandra.  14.  Fabiola.
15.  Elena.  16.  Birgit.  17.  Veronique.  18.  Donna.  19.  Giac.  10.  Judy.  21.  Eloisa.
22.  Teresa.  23.  Paloma.

As always, the Random number generator picked up the winner.

Maria!  Dear Maria, I'll mail your prize early this week with the hope that it'll reach you before Christmas!

I'd really have loved for all of you to win, which of course is impossible. Thank you for your kind comments and for taking part in this draw. Let's look forward to other chances with new giveaways.

Here is another tutorial for instant cookies.  Just made a batch.  I had at hand a white sheet of 1mm craft foam from which I punched out circles and star shapes.  Made a water diluted mixture of light brown, yellow and white acrylic paint in a little plastic container and dropped the shapes inside.
I let them absorb the paint for a few minutes then dried them on a plastic surface. When dry I put a dot of red nail polish in the middle of the star shapes. A flower punch would have been nicer but the foam was too thick for my average flower punches.

On the sidebar of this blog is a Spanish Advent Calendar organized by Matxalen.
There will be a tutorial each day, some in English as well as Spanish.  In any case, the photos speak for themselves.  As I remember from recent years all the tutorials were awesome.  Do yourselves a favor and don't miss it. Today's tutorial is fantastic, by a very talented miniatures artist Mara.

Have a wonderful crafty week with blessings!


  1. Is it me Drora ? wow I am sooo happy I love your miniatures and these will be perfect for my toy shop. Today has been a hard day for me so winning these precious items has put a smile on my face and in my heart. Thank you so much and specially for being such a wonderful friend for all these years I am wishing us both many more years of friendship.
    Warm Hugs Maria

  2. Congratulations to the winner Mara. Thank you Drora for these appetizing cupcakes and the accompanying tutorial.

  3. Felicidades a Maria por ser la agraciada y gracias a ti por tu generosidad.
    Un abrazo

  4. felicidades a la ganadora y a ti por tanto tiempo en el blog

  5. Felicidades a la ganadora y felicidades Drora por estos años en tu compañía.Besos:-)

  6. Congratulations dear Drora on your eight year old blog! I think i've been your follower from the very beginning. Your posts are
    always a big joy. I've been blogging rarely lately but my dear blog friends as You are always close to my heart!♥ Congratulation to Maria on her win! The prize realy went to the right person! HUGS, piikko

  7. ¡Felicidades por estos ochos años de miniaturas.Me ha encantado disfrutar de una buena parte de ellos

  8. Congratulations to the winner, Maria, enjoy your wonderful prize!!
    Dear Drora, whilst reading your text about miniatures and bloggers, I did feel the same: it's so great to be among like minded and very talented people. Worldwide we share something special :.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  9. I think never did the generator pick a better winner - your fantastic gifts are just perfect for Maria's recent project. Congrats to her for being the lucky one - and a big thanks to you, not only for the chance but even more for your lovely words. Btw I still wish my English was as good as yours! *sigh* And thank you for another version of your easy-instant-cookie tutorial, the stars with the "jam" dots look great.


  10. Congrats to Maria, the lucky winner.
    Your cookies are delicious! Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Vaya! No he tenido suerte :(... De todos modos, me alegro por María y te doy las gracias, Drora, por el sorteo y por tu blog que tan buenos momentos me da. Un abrazo

  12. Muchas felicidades a Maria, se lleva unas minis preciosas !!!

  13. Congratulatios to Maria and thank you very much Drora for your generous giveaway. You are right, Miniature Blogland is an amazing place with amazing people! And thank you for another great tutorial. I wish you the best December ever

  14. Congratulations to Maria!!!

  15. Hello Drora,
    Congratulations to Maria. Those cookies look real enough to eat.
    Big hug

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