Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Candy Shop Facade, almost finished

Hello dear readers,

It's only a small project but it takes time to make.  It is also an opportunity to show how to make a relatively easy shadow box which looks very pretty hanging on a wall and can serve as a nice gift.

Before gluing on the window frame,  The bricks received two layers of Mod Podge. Also, I added regular, white painted bamboo skewers to the square ones to make the frame larger.

With cover, unglued yet, just for demonstration.

The display on the shelves is already glued on. (looks ugly before covering.)

First, the bricks were glued to the sides.  You can see the cover being glued, held by clothespins.

While the glue was drying, I made egg carton "slates" for the roof.

The door, with a postbox and frame. The knob or handle is still to be done.

I hope to finish the project within the next few days.

Enjoy a beautiful Sunday with blessings!


  1. a nice step forward, Drora!
    nice continuation for this beautiful project

  2. This is looking fantastic! Can't wait to see it all put together in the end! Thanks for sharing

  3. Love how the window looks with the additional trim! Everything is so delicious and pretty! Your slate roof is wonderful and I can't wait to see your door attached to the shop. Have a lovely rest of your weekend.

  4. I love seeing your progress in putting together the window for the shadowbox, Dora, thank you for sharing!
    Have a nice Sunday. Hugs, Ilona

  5. Que bonita y muy original, la creación de una ventana como exposicion de piezas queda muy llamativa, es un buen regalo para cualquier ocasion, preciosa te ha quedado...besos

  6. Your shadowbox is beautiful. I love how the window looks with the red bricks. I cant wait to see the door added. Wonderful job Drora.
    Hugs Maria

  7. It's amazing how just an extra strip of wood can add so much interest to the window! Great idea! I love the tiny mail box on the door, too! The slate tiles will look lovely!

  8. Va a quedar genial! Es una idea estupenda, además para combinar diferentes tiendas... Lo has pensado? Quedarían genial en la pared! ♥ Un beso, Drora

  9. Preciosa esa fachada Drora,genial!!

  10. Ciao Drora, è un pò che non passo da queste parti, sono sempre super impegnata ultimamente, il muro mi piace tantissimo, e la vetrina dei dolci è stupenda... un bel lavoro complimenti

  11. You've made so much progress… and I really like the mailbox addition to the door. And now another round of waiting impatiently for more…


  12. VERY Neat and tidy little display Drora
    The brick facade gives your sweet shop the look of longevity and is a nice solid foil for the window display! - Well Done!

  13. Я люблю ваш дисплей! Спасибо, что поделились, как его делать. Я думаю, что воспользуюсь вашим уроком!

  14. Esta escena va tomando forma y se ve muy bien. Por lo que veo va llegando al final.
    Un abrazo