Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Barbecue in the Patio

Dear readers,

It's over a month since my last post.  Much has happened meantime.  My computer decided to finally give-up after many attempts to bring it back to life.  On top of it and right in the middle of the hottest time in summer here in Israel, the main air conditioner stopped cooling.  If this was not enough, the TV net started to make trouble. For a technician from the supplier to come and check the net I had to wait 3 weeks.  I decided to change suppliers and it took only 3 days and a better deal. The young technician who came to install the new TV net, was very kind and restored the air-conditioner.
Now I have a working TV net, a new internet line, a working air-conditioning and a NEW COMPUTER!!

The flower shop is almost finished, except for a "glass" front and ceiling.  A friend bought me a large poster frame from IKEA.  I intend to use the perplex from this frame as glass. The only delay is that I don't know when my friend will have time to come and visit and I am unable to take the time and go to her.

This is why I started to make the Patio barbecue scene.  Here are a few photos of what was done already.

Hanging plants.  I created the plants and the ceramic pots. The wall is only for demonstration.

It was time consuming but worth the efforts.  Some of the pots will hang on the shop's walls.

From a paper covered wire I made the hangings part for the pots. It's barely possible to see it when installed on the wall and can be moved easily if necessary.

Created these two "straw" chairs from burlop . (Tutorial here)

Added a table and a stool.

This is only the beginning.  I intend to use many of the gifts and swaps with friends for this project.

Enjoy lovely summer days with blessings!


  1. I actually love the flowerpots on the wall. It reminds me of vertical gardens people have in apartments if they don't have a lot of floor space. Can't wait to see more. And I'm so glad your AC got fixed and everything else is working now too!

  2. Oh Drora! It seems when something decides to stop working it throws a party and invites a bunch of other things! Fortunately, it seems life has an order to things, and often the "problems" turn into "opportunities" as they did with you! I am so happy that you now have cool air, better TV, better internet, a new handy friend, and a computer that you
    can use without the worry!
    The rock demonstration wall is so neat, and the plants and way you've made them hang is awesome!! I wonder if you could incorporate it into the exterior of the barbecue scene or flower shop. The scene you're creating for the barbecue with it's lovely handmade furniture is going to be absolutely wonderful!I have not clicked into the tutorial yet, but I am super curious!
    I hope you can meet up with your friend and get the "glass" soon - I am so excited to see the flower shop!

  3. Happy that you AC-DC and other appliances got fixed. Always very frustrating when something we rely on stops working.
    I love the hanging plants and although the wall is only for demonstration, I like it very much.

  4. Es estupendo que los problemas se hayan solucionado bien y rápido. Las primeras imágenes que nos enseñas del patio son muy bonitas

  5. You came through your computer troubles in grand style Drora! Glad to hear that everything is up and running as it should be again. Your patio scene is Adorable and an ideal project for this time of year . It is super hot over here in Western Canada too!

  6. Your patio is already looking very nice. I'm glad you've managed to get everything fixed in the end.

  7. Un peu de verdure fait beaucoup de bien par ces temps de sécheresse, le !!!!
    I!!!!mobilier est tout simplement superbe

  8. Glad to hear you got everything working again :) I love your flowers and your pots. Great idea for the hanging pots. An idea I might borrow ;D
    Wonderful job I also love your wall.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Uf! Cuando he empezado a leer se me caía el mundo encima imaginando el desastre, jaaaa! Me alegro de que todo se haya arreglado pronto y bien :) Estoy deseando ver tu floristería, las macetas colgantes son una gran idea para la pared pero sobretodo me han encantado las sillas ♥ Gracias por compartir el tutorial! Un beso

  10. ,Hello Drora

    .That's a lovely wall with plants
    .The stool is so beautiful

    .I am glad to read you got your air cond
    .and internet line back and a new computer
    .That must have been a tough month

    .I suppose it's very hot where you are, too
    .We are currently having the hottest week so far

    !Have a great weekend and greetings from Jemima P


  11. Hooray for the nice technician to bring your systems back to work. Isn't it strange that there's always a series with this kind of trouble… and of course it's for sure that air conditioners refuse to work while there's a heatwave. It's so good to hear your technical problems are solved and fixed now and it's even better to see you working on new fantastic miniatures. I love your hanging plants, they were worth any effort. And your pieces of furniture are stunning. I'm already curious to see the patio… and what will be on the bbq. For me a sausage please (A Nürnberger would be great… *smile*)


  12. Beautiful work! The hanging plants are amazing and the pieces of furniture are perfect for a patio.

  13. Oh Drora I love everything I see. You are making a fantastic scene