Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Hello dear readers,

First of all, I want you to know how much your compassionate comments about my husband's condition meant to me.  THANK YOU!

Having less free time between visits to the homecare where my husband is hospitalized and house chores but still with the need to do something creative, I made some hookahs.  Learned that hookahs are far more harmful than cigarettes but witches love them.  Baalatova openly hinted that it's time that I make one for her.....

These were made with beads and jewelry findings.  All the beads are cheap plastic ones, originally intended to be thrown away.

I also made new egg-carton planters for my favorite geraniums.

A precious birthday gifts parcel arrived from overseas.  It deserves a separate post.  As soon as I take them I'll show you the photos.

Wishing you all a pleasant rest of the week with blessings.


  1. No dejes nunca de hacer cositas, Drora; en tiempos complicados, esas pequeñas minis nos dan un bienestar que casi es imposible encontrar en otro sitio. Me encantan esas pipas! Y veo que las macetas y las flores ya no tienen secretos para ti :) Un abrazo

  2. The hookahs are wonderful, Drora!You turn head scratchers into wonderful and useful things! Love the planter and geraniums, too!

  3. Meter nuestra cabeza en nuevos proyectos nos sirve de terapia para descongestionar y asimilar a veces los problemas que tenemos en nuestro vivir diario.
    Suerte con todo.
    Un abrazo

  4. Preciosas flores y preciosas pipas. Espero que tu marido mejore y que las miniaturas te sirvan para expansionare un poco de estos momentos difíciles. Besos:-)

  5. Happy Birthday! Your hookahs look wonderful. Lovely colors. And I always adore your flowers.

  6. Dedicar el poco tiempo que te queda en crear miniaturas,es una terapia maravillosa,que nos evade un poco de los problemas cotidianos,te entiendo cuando dices que : necesitas crear.
    Las pipas de agua te han quedado muy bonitas,Baalatova no puede tener queja de ellas!!
    Tus nuevas macetas y plantas,se ve, maravillosas!!!

  7. VOS fleurs sont toujours aussi ravissantes!!
    Melleurs santé à votre mari et bon courage à vous deux.

  8. The hookahs are great. I think they are beautiful objects and yours are fantastic. I love your planters and geraniums as well. All your flowers are wonderful. Keep making minis, it´s good for you and for us to admire your beautiful work.

  9. Baalatova счастливая волшебница! Вы сделали ей такие прекрасные кальяны.
    Она будет наслаждаться каждый день!
    Ваши герани очень красивые!

  10. Wonderful new miniatures!

  11. Your hookahs are great. Love when we can create something so pretty from stuff that was destined for the bin! And of course the geraniums are so pretty. I especially like the white one with pink centres.

  12. Your Hookahs are fantastic, Drora, and I'm glad to read that you still have some time to make miniatures. It gives your some relaxment and time for yourself, which is also needed in this stressful time for you and your family ;).
    Your geraniums look lovely in their new pots!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  13. Hello Drora I am very sorry to hear of your husband's illness but glad that he is recovering well. I haven't been able to get on my blog for a while. Had to get my son to fix it :) Your hookahs are beautiful and your geraniums and new pots are wonderful as always.
    Big Hug Maria

  14. I'm glad you listened well to Baalatova's hints about the hookah… and I have no doubt that she is over the moon with your fantastic pieces. Unbelievable that you made it from thingies that were already dedicated to hit the road to the bin. As always your plants are a feast to the eye, your geraniums are beautiful.


  15. Las pipas te han quedado preciosas y de las macetas no te puedo decir mas que da alegría verlas.

  16. Precioso todo Drora, me encantan las pipas y las flores.
    Suerte que tenemos las miniaturas para evadirnos de los problemas.

  17. I love your hookahs and you planters and flowers too.
    I hope all will be well with your husband soon.

  18. Que bonitas las flores, son fantasticas

  19. These hookahs are lovely. Although their use is not healthy, everything is possible in the miniature world. Best wishes

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